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A Single Sense of Reality
                   A Single Sense of a Reality.
                      ( Just a Personal Feel )
                  Growing up I never really paid much mind to
the aches and pains of the world. I mean time to time in my young life I have experienced and known loss and sorrow personally. I lost my grand father and uncle Chris before I was ten years old. My father was stationed all over the world and I couldn't always go with him and when I could I would loose friends in process. Things in the news though I could not really comprehend and / or find myself interested . 
                   As a preadolescent I slowly began noticing and seeing things slowly and differently. I wonder sometimes if paying attention to things outside my home was more to escape the the pains and loneliness  I was dealing with in my own life. My father a soldier in the Army was being stationed every where . Sometimes I just couldn't deal. So my sense of stability was a secondary form of growing. The hard part of this did teach me however humility, respect, honesty, loyalty and believe it or not charity. It taught me the differences between honor and understanding things that are bigger than me.I also learned about  strength courage community and patriotism . I see things most don't . I learn a kind of balance to the ever ending madness all around. Don't get me wrong I was still young and naive , growing up under the love and care from one parent or other. There were siblings  to help care for ,and I loved church. I valued my faith in God . God helped me tremendously from my own hormonal blues and the missing my dad .
                  It was around the time of my early teens I really started taking notice of the events going on in the world. I remember being terrorfied of the frogs that blanketed our back porch around  the year of 1987 I think. I was around thirteen. I remember the plagues the bible always spoke of. Around the same time I started taking worrisome and heartbreaking note of the local wild sea life . I lived on the base in Louisiana at the time and we often went to the golf. I saw on the news about the oil spills . I read a lot about how the fishermen were under a lot of heat because of the fishing nets killing whales sharks and dolphins. I witnessed this damage myself one day walking along the beach of the Gulf. There was a dolphin covered with flys because it had been dead for a while . As I approached closer to it I noticed the net and garbage he was all tangled in . I was so moved negatively and angry about this I decided to look into Green Peace. My thoughts just kept going over and over the panic and fear that beautiful creature must have felt being ripped from its family and the death it was going through, the pain. That was the real defining moment I started really looking into things out in the world.
              I even wrote president Ronald Reagan to tell him how much everything was so dreadful and made my silly suggestions to better things. I received a letter back signed by him. I felt important although I probably was just a spec in the vast of his issues with the world the country  the people.  I am not sure how much later it was but I also noticed all the stories on the news about the droughts in many African countries Where the cruel governments there led their people to starve and go thirsty and not have schooling health care to help children . I looked into ways I could help to contribute to the charities but I was a kid and couldn't do much. I was concerned with the farming communities at that time and I loved learning about the National Parks and forests from learning how they became protected .  Even then The media made sure to sensationalize and twist current events . Political gain was also  dehumanizing tool to only to them but to everyone. It seems as though time is only an education for chaos and trauma death and despair . It never leaves us only gets stronger and more creative intense and senseless. It creates mass hysteria killing the weak. Peoples fears often brings and boils anger, self delusions of twisted right and wrong . It shows the prejudices and selfish hate. Eventually all this poison will explode to the surface like a nuclear weapon and we will destroy everyone and everything we cherish in love including love hope family God morals and things that are good and right.
             All this being said, it feels as though the last twenty years have been just a festering and bleeding out of all of these things  that are leading up to the current events today.  Wars , human greed and power filled , godless irresponsible pity potty sense of entitlement rules of thumbs . The war of the worlds never ending it seem. Lets review , According to the bible man will bring upon their own destruction. The streets will run red with blood . Wars have always been here since the beginning of man .  Will we ever see and understand. We have led to the worlds environmental devastation polluting and killing everything in sight . The droughts in other continents like Africa , tsunamis like in japan and mexico and other islands  earthquakes forest fires flooding the extinction of animal species  soon to lead to our own. Mass murders Over populations super diseases and virus , tornadoes homelessness . These things seem to be an eternity of horrors. Hell on Earth. I have lived through the last forty five years of all this , and I have seen goodness and what seems the worst. 
                 I still through all of this never give up hope and faith. I still believe there is goodness in humans and I believe we can still learn from our mistakes and grow and heal. I believe we can evolve. I am like I mentioned forty five years of age and here I am still in this cycle of rage and destruction hoping for a sense of calm. I still pray for lost souls to find forgiveness charity and togetherness if they can not come to terms with believing in God. I look for people to take control of their own lives and not be fulled by others to continue hating and to stop taking care of their own lives and responsibilities.  I still desire for people to come together as a community and not a mob.  I wish for souls to find truth and compassion and honor and honesty and be able to do whats right . 
                 We are all in control of our own destiny. We cant even begin to expect respect and understand the big picture and the earths future and mans place in the universe unless man can learn it for themselves. There is consequences to every action and we are all connected in this great grand design . Every broken link in chain will leave a disconnect and only with harmony being restored with love will  real healing and beauty begin to bring us to the place we should be. I once heard a gentleman tell another person when has this country ever been great. I would reply, the greatness isn't silver and gold and control. The greatness our country has been is that as a country we have been a country together. It's not perfect but we have had few instances where we have war'ed with each other. It a country that when tragedy strikes we always come together to help one another while other would use this as an opportunity to end peace and prosperity . it is a country where you have the right to believe in a god that you chose or science. It's a country where we can come and go where ever we go . it's a country where we allowed with hard work and dedication can succeed in all that we do. It is a country where we have major medical and scientific discoveries . Its a country where a person is allowed to have a sense of their own talents and individualism. It is not without its growing pains and scars and mistakes but it is a country where we are allowed to come together to make change. This is a country that can be great again before we allow those who would take all that away. Waring with each other takes the attention away from our great possibilities and growth and allows those that would steal this from us.    
          If we want to heal and move forward , we need to stop complaining and do our individual parts. help your mother fathers brothers and sisters and neighbors lift each other up not tear them down, show charity and compassion and empathy. clean up the streets buy literally cleaning and turning in those hurting others by violent means save lives not take them. Make it a lifestyle to learn soak up as much information good and bad and use this knowledge to know how to not repeat the same mistakes and to see truth in all things . Use this knowledge to help heal those that are sick and to feed those that are hungry and to give homes to those that are homeless and help show love and support and understanding to those who can't find love and good mental health. This is where we begin to make good great change.
Author's Notes:
I apologize for being so long. I have been so affected and even bullied these days by the current events in the world .  I just needed people to really see how I see things .  It may look like unrealistic and a fairy tale to some but it does hold truth to me.
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