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Alison's Great Cave Adventure

Alison’s Great Cave Adventure

By Glata Grindstaff 04/01/1998


    A very long ago, in a land of make believe, there lived a little girl named Alison. She lived in the woods with a family of talking bears. Mama Bear, Daddy Bear, Keri Bear and Bubba Bear. Bubba Bear’s real name was Clay Bear but he didn’t like his name. Alison wanted to be a bear, too, but she just didn’t have enough hair. Instead, she had pretty long brown curls that hung down her back.

    One day the Bear family went on a picnic. The Bear children and Alison went off to play in the creek. Bubba Bear went to the top of a waterfall and he stood really still, then all at once he shoved a big hairy paw into the water and came out with a big fish! Alison laughed and clapped her hands. She had never seen Bubba do that before.

    Keri Bear was at the bottom of the waterfall. She had started up the hill to see what was going on. Half way up she discovered a cave behind the waterfall.

    "Hey, guys!” she yelled. "Come down here and see what I found!”

    Alison and Bubba started back down the trail to meet Keri and see what neat thing she’d found.

    "Oh, wow! Bubba shouted. "A cave! Let’s go exploring!”

    "No way!” said Keri. "We need to tell Daddy and Mama first. They may want to go with us.”

    They headed off down the hill to tell Daddy and Mama. Daddy and Mama came up to the cave and sniffed around. They didn’t smell anything that seemed dangerous so they told them they could go.  "But you can’t go in very far because it is dark and you may fall into a hole and get hurt,” Daddy Bear said.

    Keri, Bubba and Alison excitedly ducked behind the waterfall and into the mouth of the cave.  "Wow!” shouted Bubba. "I can’t wait to see what’s in here!”

    "Be quiet,” said Keri. "You will cause a rockslide with your loud mouth!”

    Alison, meanwhile had wandered off on her own. Bubba and Keri were too busy arguing to notice. In the back of the cave there were two tunnels. Alison decided to see where one of them led to. Looking back to see if Bubba and Keri were going to come, she realized that they were going to be fussing for a while longer, so off she went. She started down the first tunnel. It was nice and wide and she could still see fairly well. As she walked, it got a little darker and Keri and Bubba’s voices couldn’t be heard quite as much.

    "I wonder what’s in here,” Alison thought. "What if I find a cave full of treasure? Wouldn’t Bubba and Keri be so mad because I found it and they didn’t?”

    She continued walking. She could hear water running somewhere up ahead. It was getting too dark to see and she knew she should go back, but she wanted to see what was up ahead. Alison spotted a pinpoint of light up ahead so she concentrated on that, slowly placing one foot in front of the other. She kept her hands stretched out in front of her to avoid running into a wall. As the light grew brighter, she walked a little faster. The sound of water running was much louder now.

    Suddenly she was in a very large chamber that had a very smooth floor, and a big hole in the ceiling that let in a lot of light. In the very middle of the chamber was a large pool of water that looked like a big swimming pool.

    "I need to go get the others,” Alison said to herself, but when she started back there were three tunnels leading away from the pool.

    "Oh, no!” she cried. "Which tunnel did I come in through?”

    She remembered Mama Bear once telling her that if she ever became lost to sit in one place and call out so that if anyone came looking for her, they would be able to find her more easily. She sat down on the floor of the cave and began yelling. She waited…and waited…and waited. As she waited, she realized the light was getting dim and she began to get nervous. She curled herself up as tightly as she could beside the pretty pool of water and fell asleep.

    Meanwhile, Keri and Bubba noticed that Alison had wandered off. They called out for her but she didn’t answer. They grew vey worried when they noticed that the cave had two tunnels leading off from the main cave. Instead of separating and each one going down a tunnel alone, they went back and found Daddy and Mama Bear.

    "We have lost Alison in the cave!” wailed Keri.

    "WE!” Bubba yelled. "If you had been watching her…”

    "BE QUIET!” roared Daddy Bear. "This fighting isn’t going to help us find Alison! So be quiet and let’s go back to the cave and look!”  They all turned and headed back to the cave.

    It was really getting dark by this time. "I don’t want to go back in there in the dark. Can I wait out here?”

    "No, you cannot,” said Daddy.  "You were supposed to be keeping an eye on Alison and you didn’t do your job. Now you can help look for her!”

    Mama Bear was very worried. It was dangerous in these caves and she felt like she was responsible for Alison being lost.

    "Why did we let them come in here?” she cried.

    First, they yelled out her name. "Alison!...Alison….Alison…” echoed up and down the tunnels, but of course, Alison had gone to sleep and she didn’t hear them calling out for her.

    "What if she’s hurt?” Keri moaned.

    "It will be yourfault if she is ‘cause you weren’t paying her no attention!” Bubba accused.

    "Don’t start your fighting again, "Daddy warned, "or I will wear you both out!”

    Keri and Bubba hated getting spankings from Daddy. He spanked much harder than Mama. They decided not to say anything else, but continued giving each other accusing glares. Finally, Daddy said that he would go down one tunnel with Keri and Mama could go down the other one with Bubba.

    "If you run into any trouble, just yell,” Daddy said, and they headed off. It was very dark by now and they couldn’t see anything.

    "Be careful, Mama,” said Bubba. "I don’t want to fall in a big hole the size of Keri’s mouth!”

    "Clay Bear! What a terribly mean thing to say!” scolded Mama Bear.

    Bubba knew he had said too much when Mama called him Clay Bear, so he didn’t say anything else.

    Daddy was having problems of his own with Keri. She had grabbed him by his fur on his back and was crying every step of the way. Finally, Daddy Bear said, "If you don’t let go and stop that caterwauling, I am going to leave you here by yourself!” That was all it took. She wasn’t about to be left in that dark tunnel alone! No way!  

    Slowly they pushed ahead. Suddenly Daddy stopped and Keri ran right into his back.

    "What is it?” Keri asked fearfully.

    "I see a dim light right up ahead,” he said quietly. Stepping slowly and softly, they continued on.

    At last they were in a large chamber with a pool in the middle. A huge full moon had risen while they were in the darkened tunnels and seemed almost as bright as the sun. Daddy heard a noise coming from somewhere off to the side.

    "Be quiet and don’t move!” he whispered to Keri. "We don’t know what that is!”

    That’s when he spotted Alison asleep by the pool. What if something was after her? He waited in the shadows ready to attack anything that might come after his baby. He crouched down and prepared to jump.

    He heard soft footsteps coming from somewhere close beside him. Springing out with a snarl, he grabbed the stalking creature and threw it to the ground, growling ferociously.

    "Help!” cried the creature. Daddy realized then that he had tackled Mama Bear and felt so foolish that he blushed.

    Alison woke up when all the noise had started, and she sat up, rubbing her sleepy eyes.  When she saw Daddy Bear sitting on top of Mama Bear, she started laughing. She ran over to Daddy and Mama and jumped into Daddy’s big, strong arms.

    "I won’t ever leave by myself again!” she said.

    Daddy Bear led them all back outside again. As they started walking back home, Keri and Bubba began wondering how much trouble they were in.

    "I bet we’ll be grounded for 100 years!” Bubba whispered.

    "Oh, don’t be stupid,” Keri said. "We won’t live that long!”

    "Don’t call me stupid, dog face!”

    "Don’t call me dog face, bug breath!”


    Daddy had finally had enough. He stopped walking and set Alison down on the ground.

    "Mama, take the baby on home. We will be along shortly.”

    Mama and Alison went on home. Mama fed Alison and gave her a bath and put her in her nice, warm bed. Alison said her prayers and snuggled down in her blankets and was soon fast asleep.

    Meanwhile, Daddy made Bubba and Keri stand still and he spanked them both.

    "That was for losing your baby sister in that dangerous cave,” he said.

    Then he made them hug each other and hold hands all the way home.

    "This is for calling each other names and arguing all the time. From now on, every time you call each other names, you will have to hold hands and think of something nice to say to each other. One nice thing for every nasty thing.”

    Keri and Bubba decided that they would never call each other nasty names again. When they finally got home, Daddy hugged them both and told them that he loved them, then Mama fed them. They got their baths, said their prayers and went to bed.

    That was the last time they ever went cave exploring without Mama and Daddy.


The End

Author's Notes:
I wrote this many years ago and based it on my three children, Keri (Kiwi), Clay and Alison.  
My older two would have rather argued and fought as to have eaten when they were hungry. How that used to drive me mad! What I wouldn't do to hear them bickering now...
Keri has graduated from this world and into the arms of God.
Clay has graced me with four GORGEOUS grandchildren...
And still on her adventures :-)

Cherish them while they are little for before you can but blink, they are grown with children of their own.  ~Glata Grindstaff
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Comment By: FreeHenry M. on August 30, 2020 08:25:13 PM Report
That was a really good tale you penned Glata, I enjoyed the read!


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