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Author Name: Freegraceyusagyuuun88 1 Comments
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Type: Short Story
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The Hypnotist

It was a dark and chilly night when my grandfather told us the most alarming tale I ever heard. Every Halloween, it was our custom to have a Halloween party with the other kids in the neighborhood. As usual we dressed up in our chosen costumes, went trick and treating, and ate lots and lots of candies. Then later on my brother and I would listen to scary stories my grandfather would gladly tell us as we sat and drink mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows.  Grandpa normally told us stories about ghosts, aswangs, manananggals, tikbalangs, and vampires – you know, the creatures of the night.

"But this time, I will tell you a different story,” my robust grandfather said after he took a sip of his hot chocolate and brought his mug down the table. He looked at us with his serious eyes, looking dignified as he sat on a wooden chair. "It’s about a hypnotist.”

"What’s a hypnotist?” My eight-year-old brother asked. He was wearing pajamas, just like me. Except he was holding a Teddy bear in his arm, a tiny blanket on his shoulder. He looked cute and innocent with his wide eyes and chubby cheeks. I was a skinny eleven-year-old boy who loved skateboarding with my chums in the school and neighborhood.

"A hypnotist is someone who uses a pendulum or device that hypnotizes or puts another person in a trance and commands them to do something. The victim of the hypnotist does what he or she is told.”

"That’s awful,” I chimed in. "The hypnotist controls people like they’re puppets.”

"Not only that,” my grandfather replied, "The hypnotist makes his victims do horrible things to others and themselves.”

The hypnotist was a terrible man. He stole things because he was poor. He beat up his wife because she nagged him for stealing. The neighbors knew this and they gossiped about the vile man. But none of them knew his secret, occult activity.

One afternoon, the wicked man visited his friend in his small house.

"I’m so tired of my wife!” The wicked man confided. "She always nags me every time I steal food and other stuff. Is it my fault that I have to steal because we’re hungry and poor? My wife is just in the house doing nothing about our situation!”

The friend sighed, "I understand you, compadre. It’s hard to survive nowadays. Some of us have no choice but to do something out of desperation in order to live comfortably. Especially you who doesn’t even have a job, my heart goes out to you.”

"And she always looks ugly and tired! She is too busy taking care of the kids and doing chores. She doesn’t even make time to make herself pretty. I hope she would be quiet for once and do what I tell her.”

The strange friend told him about a magical pendulum. "You swing this pendulum from left to right repeatedly. Make sure that your wife is focused on the pendulum. Tell her what you want her to do. And she will blindly obey you.”

The wicked man laughed. "Is this for real?”

His friend replied, "Try it and you’ll see.”

"How did you know about this?”

"I’m a warlock.”


When the wicked man came home, his wife nagged him again. She saw him putting his stolen goods on the table. He slapped his wife and pushed her on the sofa. Their young children cried. The wicked man decided to do away with his wife.

As bedtime arrived, the wicked man took out his pendulum and swung it repeatedly in front of his wife and then whispered to her, "You are ugly and worthless. You no longer belong to this world for you never bring anything to the table. Slit your arm and cut your vein. Join our beloved Creator in the Heaven.”

The wife cut her arm and she died. The wicked man laid her on the bed. The bed sheet was stained with blood. That’s when he became the hypnotist.

The hypnotist cried loudly. His children rushed inside their parents’ bedroom. They were shocked at the sight of their mother dead on the bed. They wept beside their mother. The hypnotist told his children that their mother committed suicide while he was running a bath. He put his arms around his children, comforted them in his warm embrace and pretended to grieve for his wife’s death.

After his wife’s burial, the hypnotist began to do the same awful deed to other people.

One day, he passed by a crazy homeless man on the street and six feet away an old lady carrying a brown purse. He hypnotized the insane homeless man. The homeless man grabbed the purse and took out the old lady’s wallet from inside the purse. He then stabbed her on the shoulder with the knife the hypnotist gave him. Then, he took the money and quickly gave it to the hypnotist. The wounded old lady called the cops and had the thief arrested and put to jail. The crazy homeless man claimed that he blanked out and was unaware that he committed the crime and hurt the poor old lady. The police, of course, did not believe him. A few seconds later he talked incoherently, threw tantrums, and threatened the police that he would kill them if he stayed in jail for something he did not do.  He even tried to stab them with the knife. The cops sensed that he was out of his mind so they brought him into an asylum before he hurts others or himself.

A few days after that incident, the hypnotist victimized a school-girl in a bus. He whispered to her and swung the pendulum in front of her face. He told her to give him money. So, she did, although she was unaware of it.

A week later, he robbed a bank with the help of his hypnotism skill. His first victim was a guard who let him inside the bank and his second victim was a bank teller who gave him tons of cash. He fired a gun to scare the bank users and other bank tellers and make them cower. Then, he ran off.

One afternoon, he went to his daughter’s school to bring her home, a little boy pulled her hair, pushed her, and called her "ugly.” Instead of beating up the boy, the hypnotist made the boy bash his head in the bathroom mirror of his house repeatedly until his head bled profusely.

In broad daylight, he went to a convenient store and hypnotized the cashier. The cashier gave him all the cash from inside the drawer.

On a stormy day, he made a driver drive a bus off the edge of the cliff killing twenty people.

When he was in a bar one night, he slapped the butt of a beautiful waitress, made lewd remarks to her, and asked her out on a date. The waitress was not having it so she rejected his offer. He secretly mixed poison in a glass of wine behind her back. The hypnotist told her to drink it and she obeyed him, and then her mouth foamed. He left the bar instantly. The waitress was sent into a hospital.

One night while he was buying cigarettes and beer, he saw a beautiful minor girl who was buying candies from a nearby store. He took advantage of her, made her sleep with him and violated her. Afterwards, he told the minor girl to forget what happened and go home. She arrived home tired and confused. Her body ached all over. She knew something was not right and she cried on her bed all night.

A few weeks later, some of the victims finally remembered the things they did against their will and the face of the hypnotist. He was a tall and handsome middle-aged man with a pompadour. His face was chiseled as if it was sculpted and his complexion was fair as if he bathed in moonlight. He had a penchant for a clean white shirt and blue denim. He drove the ladies crazy.

The victims went to the police station and reported the hypnotist. Naturally, the police did not believe their narratives. It was difficult to prove that the things they did while unconscious were caused by hypnotism. But one policeman believed them. It was because that policeman has a brother who was a warlock.

The curious policeman told his brother about the secret case he was working alone. It was the case of the mysterious hypnotist. The warlock remembered he recently taught his close friend, his compadre, how to hypnotize someone. He heard from the neighbors that the hypnotist’s wife committed suicide… or did she really?

Suddenly, the warlock realized that the hypnotist might have murdered his wife and that he, the occultist who taught him that occult skill, was an accomplice to the murder!

"You have the chance to make this right. Please brother, tell me about this hypnotist.”

So, the warlock told him about his evil friend. He even gave the picture of the hypnotist to his brother.

The curious policeman talked to the hypnotist’s possible victims, the ones who went to the police station the other day. His fellow cops scoffed and rolled their eyes at him for his gullibility. But the policeman listened earnestly to the victims. He learned one thing in common: the victims all lived in this town. The hypnotist probably didn’t live far away. He probably lived in this town. The policeman asked the victims what he looked like. They described the suspect and his descriptions matched the picture of his brother’s evil friend.

The policeman investigated the hypnotist. He studied the latter’s habits and his possible whereabouts. He stalked the hypnotist, followed him everywhere from home and across the street. Eventually, he chanced upon the hypnotist who was victimizing a very old man. The policeman immediately arrested the hypnotist preventing the latter from accomplishing his crime.

The hypnotist was put in jail.

Months and months of hearings and trials ensued. Finally, the hypnotist – a thief, a murderer and a rapist – was sentenced to death by electric chair. The victims rejoiced. Justice will be served. So, they hoped.


The day of the execution came. The victims of the hypnotist were outside the chamber, they were about to see the criminal fried in the electric chair. The hypnotist was seated in the electric chair – there was no remorse on his face. He was staring at the priest and the executioner. His pendulum was confiscated and kept hidden. The priest held a Bible and said a prayer for the hypnotist. After the priest finished his prayer, he asked the hypnotist what were his final words. The hypnotist did not say anything. The priest opened the door and left.

A black curtain was closed to prevent the excited spectators from seeing a disturbing, nauseating scene.

The lever of the electric chair was pulled. The black curtain was opened.

A person was strapped in the electric chair and died there.


But it was not the hypnotist.


It was the executioner.


"How did that happen? Did the terrible man hypnotize the executioner? Wasn’t the pendulum confiscated?” I assailed my grandpa such questions.

"Yes, he did. But apparently, the terrible man did not need the  pendulum anymore. He only looked in the eyes of his victim and commanded him or her what to do and they obeyed him.”

"That’s a really scary story, grandpa,” my little brother said. "How did you know about the hypnotist?”


"It is because I was there,” my grandfather answered. "The hypnotist was me.”

Author's Notes:
This tale is about a hypnotist who controls other people and makes them do horrible things. 
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'The Hypnotist' Copyright © Mary Grace Sulla
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Comment By: Freenoah count on April 3, 2020 11:53:34 PM Report
I only got 1/2 way through, what a change of pace from your first piece, which as a avid sky watcher I loved. n


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