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Type: Rhyming
Category: Broken Hearts Add To Favorites | Text Only
2am In Raleigh Amber's Song
God I feel so alone
I'm lost and cold and there's no one to hold
All this pain that I feel inside my chest
The Mary and Molly they do the rest 
Right now I'm distracted cashin' checks
And puttin' these fake rappers to rest
I wanna focus on gettin' out of my mental
Find a blonde girl pray that she be gentle
Finally got the paper to push the rental 
These feelings I got they ain't accidental
So when I find myself alone at night
My past'll haunt me and give me a fright
I got this beautiful girl layin' naked next to me
And I'm thinking what more could it be?
Closin' the doors on women I ain't even met before
Of this I'm not entirely sure 
I've never been here before and I don't know how to react and adapt
I feel like I'm heading for a trap
These late nights don't feel so keen
I love you Riley but you know what I mean
I just want my Lauren Rose
But she's in the ground now decomposed 
And now I'm starting to feel controled
By whenever you girls take off ya cloths 
So now it's time to hit the road
Cause now I only got one goal
Stack this paper so I can have the Dawn
Bring you and Kitty back home where ya belong
But sometimes I tend to over think things
The Oxytocin is so addicting
My steps they sometimes need directing
I'm hoping you can be accepting
Cause I'm trying to hard to turn my life around
The fast five years have really knocked me down
And no one tried to turn me around
Or even make a sound
In fact some of y'all rather see me drown
But thats ok I'm cool with all the player hate
I'ma be successful while I watch y'all salave
Cause there's nothing I won't do to reach my goals
You gonna see that Pirate Mike is different 
And when I get on a role I role...
But what if for a minute I wasn't Michael I was just Pirate Mike
And we snuck off to my ship in the middle of the night
And I could hold you safe in my arms from all those who gave you fright
And I could keep you safe from harm and I could be the one to heal those scars
And if anyone tried to take you from me I'd keep you safe and out of sight
And I'll stop all of them with all my might cause when the day is over you're the only one I want to hold
And we could sail the world together as King and Queen
And if anyone has a problem with that we will l eave them on their knees
And I could finally explain just how much you have an effect on me
But something tells me what will never be
Cause you and I aren't meant to be
You said we have no chemistry well eff me 
Ya see you're the only one who sees through my reality
Cause I view you as Angelic prophecy
And you only see me as a disposable commodity
But these feelings are so strong God himself is gonna have to pull you outta me
Cause I just want you and no one else I'll even put my other hoes on a shelf
I just wanna take you by the hand and make you understand just how much you've transformed me from boy to man
Ya see I can't function in society; but I straight kill it in the booth
I've busted so many bars for you, you know its the truth
And I'm sorry if I talk like scotch but taste like Vermouth 
I promise I won't call you a whore or beat you like the others did before
But you only see me as another chore
But my biggest fear is that she's gonna meet someone else
And place her Pirate Mike on a shelf
So we will start to collect dust 
And that big warm heart of his will start to trust
Cause I've already lost trust in every single one of you women
Who fail to see past my riches 
Cause apparently my love just isn't enough
But eff it man I'll just go back to fallin' in love again
Repeat the cycle until there is no end 
And Pirate Mike will live his life surrounded by girls who only see him as a friend
So now he has to go back to playing pretend and that everythings gonna be ok in the end
So my heart will constantly ache and bend with no ammends 
And if she ever does find another man
I wish'ed that bullet had killed me in Afghanistan 
Cause the only other woman I ever loved is dead
And that's got Michael Thomas pretty messed up in the head
Maybe thats why everynight when he puts himself to bed
He is haunted by everything he never said 
 Atleast I still have us on my instagram story
It's the only place I can go to relive the glory
Finally I thought I met the one 
Someone to take away the pain the cold dark world has done
But it looks like you only wanted to use me for fun
And now that you're over it looks like we are done
So now Pirate Mikes gotta run 
Oh really so thats the one you chose?
Have you weight out your options?
What you stand to gain verse what you're gonna lose
Have you not thought this through?
Cause it was supposed to be Pirate Mike and Amber Dawn
Sailing the world getting lit and singing songs
Now how am I supposed to move along?
You can go out and be happy while I'm all withdrawn?!
Whats gonna happen when you get tired of him?
Cast him aside? He'll beat you worse than what's his name did
And don't think you can call me and I;ll come running to ya
You're the one who closed our chapter 
You just threw me away at him whim
Tell me Blondie what else did he make you recind?
You still driven? You still motivated?
You still dancin? You stopped all that romancin' for him?!
That was supposed to be me
Now you got me confused about my destiny 
You broke my heart over broke boys
And that's ok I don't mind sharing my old toys
Just know that if he hurts you Pirate Mike is set to destory
But I'm thinkin' the charge won't be worth it 
I've learned that hard way that she probably deserves
This is just a travesty
I've lost another Queen 

Author's Notes:
Beat: Russell Westbrook on a Farm- Lil Dicky 
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'2am In Raleigh Amber's Song' Copyright © Sunset
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