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Author Name: Freehnk903 5 Comments
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Type: Free Verse
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Convenient target
Maybe I'm dumb or just uninformed I just can't make sense of the attacks Americans are targets once more Because of a film by an Egyptian Someone please explain this to me Why we as a country should not be angered I have used this space many times To call for the closing of our borders For America to become a loner Pull all of our aid from those who hate us Take care of our own first and foremost They hate us anyway for what we are So why not let them hate us all With all of our legal Americans on our soil Where we can keep them safe If they want to blow each other up, let them For much too long America and it's citizens Have become convenient targets For the rest of the other countries who envy us Call every American on foreign soil home And bring all of our vast resources with them Let us re-fortify our country and it's people We can make it on our own without the rest of the world It's been done before, it can be done again
Author's Notes:
As always I welcome all responses pro and con. I feel that America has been kicked around enough by the rest of the world, how do you feel?
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Comment By: FreeLeonard Wilson on August 24, 2014 02:18:41 PM Report
You present a strong case for compete isolationism, Henry. The fact is, in this modern world of multi-national corporations, every major economy is tied to every other one. If the Chinese economy were to fold, it would greatly affect our own. I do agree that we should avoid ground wars in regions that tend to hate us. We spent all that money and lives beating down al-qaeda in Iraq, only to have Isis, the most organized and well-armed terrorist army in history spring up. Every time we try to fix other people's problems militarily, it blows up in our faces. It is an age of diplomacy and economic sanctions. The sword only spawns the use of other swords...len
Comment By: FreeKimber Turpin on October 15, 2012 11:47:38 AM Report
I agree with you 100%! It is nice to see people speaking out about this. Thank you for sharing.
Comment By: PremiumHarry William Harborne on September 17, 2012 09:55:36 AM Report

At the risk of upsetting everyone on this site I think you views are simplistic to the extreme. Firstly closing your borders to all other countries immeadiately excludes those who have supported the USA in many conflicts such as my country Britain.

America has suppotred Israel blindly for many years yet Israel is in breach of united nations ruling that they should withdraw from Palestinian lands and have been in breech of this resolution since 1963. If you were a Palestinian seeing your wife and children frisked by leering border guards as they cross the border every day to go to work wouldnt you be angry? As an Arab would you not be outraged that Iraq was invaded on false evidence of non exsitent weapons and no trace of them found to date? Would you not be angry that America, a country that supported the Geneva convention and was outraged when it was not adhered to in WW2 and Vietnam regarding the welfare of prisoners has now decided to abandon it and illlegaly hold people without trial and torture them?  I hate all forms of terrorism we in Britain have been victim of it for many years but because a minority of fundamentalists choose to fight that way does not mean those who dont do not, have a valid case. Rather than spend trillions on war would it not have been better to concentrate on encouraging the Isralies to conform to the united nation resolution and withdraw from Palestinian land gained in the six day war and all the terrible hardships that has caused.

 It is a sobering thought that modern terrorism was invented by Israel in its fight to remove the British by bombing a hotel full of British nurses (Killing 22).

Imagine if you will that for arguments sake Texas was invaded and its people largely thrown out, those left subjected to searches and abuse. I think most American would hate the invaders and fight. The only difference is they would call themselves freedom fighters and not terrorists.

For America to become isolationist would be a disaster, the terrorist would have won, the world needs uncle Sam but it must stick to its priciples of justice, fair play and the protection of the little guy America has always held is door open to the refugees of this world and in so doing created a diversity of people who have helped to make America the country it is. Most Americans can trace their past back to ancestors who, but for America's umberella would have perished.


I am sorry if this offends but isnt it nice to hear the other side?.  Bill H

Comment By: FreeShe Whispers on September 17, 2012 08:47:04 AM Report

Boy I could get on a soap box here but it would take a whole page of venting so I best not so I will just say this!!! Your so right in so many ways....

America has always got here nose where it does not belong!!

Always trying to fix things that can never know peace!!!

Awesome write!!

Hugs ~ India

Comment By: FreeTomahawk on September 15, 2012 10:52:51 AM Report

Hank, I couldn't agree more. I have, for many years, called for the closing of the borders and not admitting any more immigrants, we have MORE than enough here already and a lot that shouldn't be here, but sent back! It really galls me to think of all those foreigners who only come here for maybe five or ten years, if that long, make money and go back home to live like kings. In the meantime, native born Americans AND Native Americans get the shaft and those uninvited louts reap the harvest and rewards. Abbie Hoffman was right....we need a revolution! Good work, Hank, well said.




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