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Author Name: Premiumtinadee 7 Comments
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The Shore

Her Body Washed up upon The Shore

 The sun had finally broken through the clouds on a quiet Sunday morning.  The river was still flowing rapidly swollen from a week of torrential downpours.  The sun glistened on the water and the birds sang in joyous celebration.

 People began to gather by the park at the rivers edge.  Blue and red lights flashing but no sirens broke the eerie silence that had just developed.  Men in uniforms walked carefully around placing bright orange cones and putting yellow tape tied to blue police barricades.  It was just past 6:30 am and morning walkers and joggers began to create quite a crowd.

 It was a strange sensation that overcame me.  I felt I had to get a closer look, as if the scene was calling to me.  As I made my way through the crowd I was trying to recall the events from the week before.  Bothered by the fact that I couldn't recall the last couple of days events.  Again my curiosity pushed away those thoughts as I heard voices whispering.  "I think it's a woman" one jogger said to an elderly couple walking a dog.  I asked did you see her?", but the man acted as if he didn't hear what I had said.

 The couple replied "her body washed up upon the shore."  Again I asked does anyone know who she is?", yet again there was no response.  I began to become a little irritated, it was as if I wasn't standing right there.

 As I continued to make my way through the now large crowd with ease, my thoughts drifted to my activities over the past couple of days.  I remembered having a terrible argument with my husband about finances, it was quite ridiculous.  I just wanted a cheap pair of sandles for the summer and some hair coloring.  I only needed about $25.00 but I was told we didn't have the extra money to spend so foolishly.

 Over the past year our relationship had become very tenuous and I was certain once I started my new job that I would be able to support myself and I could eventually leave him before he left me like he's been promising.  I remember two days in my life perfectly they play over and over again in my head like a movie.

 The day we got married and the look of worry in his eyes.  I didn't want to know but I had to ask.  He stated he still had feeling for his ex-wife and would always love her.  On our wedding day these were his thoughts.  I asked "Do you love me?", "yes" he replied.  "Do you still want to marry me?" I questioned.  Again he said yes.  I then confessed my love for him and we got ready for the first day of the rest of our lives together.

 My thoughts came back to the present moment when I heard someone say "I see her!" I pushed by and was surprised to see I was passed the yellow tape and the police barricades.

 No one seemed to noticed me as I made my way closer to the patrol cars.  I noticed a pair of sandles, they were black with gold beads, just like the ones I wanted to buy.

 I found my thoughts wandering back to the last conversation we had, it was just, I just really wanted those shoes.  I just want to treat myself to something nice for a change.  But no, everything was about money, what we could and what we couldn't afford. Yet he still sent money home to his family.  

 I thought... I just thought didn't I matter? No I didn't matter, I never mattered, I wasn't important.  Even though he said he loved us the same.  He didn't love me, he never really loved me.

 The second movie that played over again in my head but more frequently than the first, came to me.  The scene begins with me sitting on the couch after dinner one evening having a cup of tea.  He stated he needed to talk.  I remember how the tea made me feel, warm, calm and relaxed.  He said he has to go home to take care of his ex-wife.  I said for how long, a couple of days, weeks, months.  He said, "No I have to go and I'm not coming back."

 At first I didn’t cry, I was shocked and asked, “What do you mean?”  He replied, “Well she took care of the kids while I was away working and she needs me and I wasn’t there for her.”

“Well what about me, didn’t you want to marry me?  When we got married I thought it was forever. “  He said, he had to go then he started to cry.  I was angry but I couldn’t express it, I was so hurt, so heartbroken.  The images kept coming and coming of the words expressed back in forth, of me pleading for him to stay and him saying he’s sorry..

 I should have said if you’re really sorry you won’t go, but I couldn’t.  I just asked, “So did you ever love me?    The answer I got was, “ I still love you and I love you both the same, but she needs me.”

 I just could believe it, I just couldn’t understand, he’s leaving me.  As I stood amongst the crowd all these emotions came flooding back to me.  I asked when and he stated in a couple of years as soon as He could save enough money.  “What do you mean in a couple of years, I don’t understand.”  As I sobbed and sobbed he held me.

 That night we went to bed side by side and we sobbed and we both cried ourselves to sleep, still in each others arms.  I was so grateful that he was still there, yet so heartbroken that he would always be there.

 A real sorrow encompassed me as I stood there thinking about that evening and our conversation over a cup of tea, back to those stupid pair of shoes that I really wanted.  Does it really matter; it’s only a pair of shoes.

 As I came closer, I couldn’t see her face but something looked very familiar about her. I just didn’t know what it was.As they placed her an a gurney, her head rolled, she had red hair and hazel eyes were wide open.  It was as if I were looking in a mirror.  Then I realized it was my body that washed upon the shore.

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Comment By: FreeFirestone Feinberg on October 14, 2011 03:43:19 PM Report
'The Shore' is almost too much of an experience to make a 'comment' on.  This is a tour de force -- not less.
Exquisite. Sensitive. Profound. Shattering. Exhilarating. Beyond mere comment.  Almost beyond Poetry itself..

Far beyond Imagination.  This is Reality.  This is Truth.  Yes, the Shore.  And surely the Ocean.  Thank you. --- FlintHunter

Comment By: FreeAlfred Berggren on August 1, 2010 06:19:07 PM Report
Wow!! What a story and what a great ending. Have you had this published? If not, you should.
Comment By: FreeMicky McMaster on August 1, 2010 11:21:18 AM Report
Nicely done,Tina

still hoping to find she took him out first... lol

reading along while I listrned to your audio played perfectly together



Comment By: FreeAndrew on July 25, 2010 09:10:46 AM Report
wow - this has elements of a Hitchock movie - the strange out-of-body, dream-like state.  Great job of creating the enviroroment and filling it in with a story full of subtle angles and elements. 
Comment By: FreeTanya Harrison on July 23, 2010 11:16:02 PM Report
Terrific story Tina.  I didn't read it, I listened to it. Great job reading it too!  I can't wait to hear more!
Comment By: FreeLinda Jo on July 23, 2010 09:20:25 PM Report
...oh I forgot to say something, I was impressed by the reference to memories. I too believe vivid memories are like movies that play over again and again in our minds. And thank you for the effort it took to make this flawless recording...just incredible!
Comment By: FreeLinda Jo on July 23, 2010 08:59:02 PM Report
wow! this is a overwhelming real...only the truth is spoken with such clarity and feeling.  so surreal...because it leaves so many unanswered questions in the listener's mind about love.  Can a man possibly love two women the same?  your voice added so many layers of emotion and such depth of feeling to this story...incredible Tina!  I am sending a caring embrace to my friend.  xxxx



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