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Author Name: FreeLaPoeta 7 Comments
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Love Will Find A Way

            “Hey Joshua, how was your semester break dude?”

            “Billy,   I stopped by your house last week and your mom said you were in Florida.

            “Yeah, I was visiting my cousin Ryan; he is a junior at FSU.   His friend let me use his Kawasaki and we both rode everywhere.  The girls down there have slamming bodies and love motorcycles.  What did you do?”

                “I went up to Boston for a long weekend and hung out with Jessica.  Other than that I put in some extra hours at work and chilled out.”

            “That’s your girlfriend from  high school right?”

            “Yeah, we dated for a year but its casual now, just friends now.”

            “You up here up to schedule your courses for the spring semester Billy?”

            He laughed and said, “I am, the break went by to fast.  You got your schedule yet.”

            “I just got it signed by my advisor.  I’m taking a couple of business courses, math and an English elective.”

            “What English elective did you take?”

            “Creative Writing with Erickson”

            “Whoa, you’re lucky.  That class gets filled up fast.  I know somebody that took it, he said it was a great class and the teacher is hot.”

            “All I care about is getting a good grade so I can transfer to a state university for next year.  Going to a community college saves a lot of money but I want to be at a university campus." 

            “Yeah, I want to do the same thing Josh.  I am thinking seriously about transferring to FSU and rooming with my cousin.  I’ll talk to you later; I have to get my schedule before everything is closed out.”

            Billy was right the break went by fast and it was the first day of the spring semester.   My last class of the afternoon was Creative Writing with Ms. Erickson.  It was full, twenty-five students, nineteen girls and six guys. I was thinking that this should be an interesting class; I never would have imagined just how interesting it would become. 

            I knew three people in the class, a friend from high school and two girls.  Ms. Erickson gave us a course outline and discussed the assignments, there is a lot of work but it was easy.  Ms. Erickson was friendly and put everyone at ease, there was already a good vibe in the room. 

            Ms. Erickson gave us her professional biography; she has a PhD in English, is thirty-eight years old and has been published.   

            “As you know I am Ms. Erickson but you can call me Jen.  By definition in Creative Writing you have to be creative.  I think this is easier to do in a friendly and casual atmosphere.   Your first assignment is due next week, if you have any questions I will be staying after class.”

            Myself and a few students with questions stayed after class.  I asked Ms. Erickson, I mean Jen, about one of the assigned books.   She wasn’t able to answer my question and said she would find out.

            Two days later I was in the cafeteria with my head down reading something and I heard a voice, “its Josh right?”

            I looked up and it was Jen, “Yes Jen, hi”

            “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.  Can I sit down?”

            “Sure sit down, I was just surprised to see you.”

            “I don’t like going to the faculty cafeteria, they don’t have as many selections and it’s boring,” she smiled and sat down.

            Jen gave me the information about the book and then we just had a casual conversation.  She told me a little bit about herself and asked me some general questions.  She has the type of personality that makes you feel like you have known her for a long time.  Billy was right about something else.  Jen is attractive but not in an obvious way and her smile makes you want to smile right back. 

            The semester was going well and I really liked Creative Writing.  I found myself staying after class to chat with Jen.  Whenever she saw me in the cafeteria Jen always stopped to say hi.   

            One Friday evening I literally ran into her.  A friend of mine works at a restaurant near the college and I went there for dinner, he always takes good care of me.    I was leaving the restaurant and not paying attention when I bumped into a women coming out of the store next door.

            I turned and said, “Oh excuse me,” it was Jen.        

            She laughed and said, “Josh, nice running in to you.”

            “No way, I can’t believe this.  You ok?”        

            “Yes, I am fine and surprised.”          

            “Me too, my friend works at the restaurant and I really like their food.”

            “Cravings, I only live a few blocks from here and eat there often.  I just remembered something; I have that book summary you asked about.  I was going to bring to class Monday but if you want to follow me over to the house I can give it to you now.”

            “Ah sure, that would be great so I could look at it over the weekend.”

            It only took a few minutes to get to her house, she pulled into the driveway and I parked behind her.  As we walked in I said, “You have a very nice house.”

            “Thank you Josh, you should see the view from the back deck.”  We walked in to the house and Jen turned the lights on.  “Would you like something to drink?  I have soda or bottled water, I would offer you wine but you’re probably not old enough.”    

            “You’re right I don’t turn twenty-one for a few months, bottled water would be good. You have a great place”

            “Thank you; it’s just me living here I was married for a few years right after college but our careers got in the way.  We parted on friendly terms and still keep in touch.  Here is your water, let’s go out on the deck.”

             “Thank you,” we walked out on the deck.  It was a beautiful spring evening; the slight breeze carried the scent of spring flowers.  The sun was just setting and the view was incredible.  She lives on a hill; you can see the whole valley and a nearby lake. 

            We talked for a long time about ourselves and life in general, I was standing at the back of the deck looking out, Jen walked over and stood next to me.  “I told you about the view, it’s the reason I bought the house.  When there is a full moon like tonight it outlines the horizon.”

            I turned toward her and said, “Very beautiful.”

            She gazed at me for a moment and asked, “The view?”       

            I responded softly, “No you.”  When I said that she put her arms around me, pulled me close and I got the most incredible kiss of my life! 

            We were still holding each other when Jen whispered, “god help me, I have wanted to do that for so long Josh,” and tears began running down her face.

            “Please don’t cry Jen, for the past few weeks I haven’t thought of anything but you.”

            “Oh Josh, this can’t be happening.  I kept telling myself over and over it’s wrong.”

            “No Jen, it’s not wrong.  Men have been with younger women forever and what we do away from the college is our business.   There is one thing I am sure of, I care about you very much and I have never felt this way about anyone before.”  I gently rubbed Jen’s back and kissed her again like the world was going to end. 

            She whispered in my ear, “Josh I want you to come into the house with me,  now.”  I didn’t say anything, just nodded yes.  She took my hand and we walked to her bedroom.

            Jen closed the door and turned on a small reading lamp.  She asked me to sit down in a chair and moved to the end of the bed.  I was watching her has if I was in a trance.   Jen slowly unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall to the floor.  Then she unbuttoned her jeans, pulled down the zipper and carefully slid off her pants. 

            I started to get up and she whispered, “Be patient, you have to let love simmer slowly for a while before you taste it.”  I sat back down and my emotions were off the chart by now. 

            Jen turned her back to me and unsnapped her bra, dropping it to the floor.  Then she leaned slightly forward and pulled down her panties.  She slowly turned around and began to softly massage her breasts while looking deep into me.

            She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.  Jen walked over and motioned for me to get up.   I stood up and she undressed me in the same deliberate way.  We were both naked this time when she pulled me close and I can only describe it as being like a dream sequence in a movie.

            We made love several times during the night, slowly and with intensity I have never experienced.  The sun shining in the window woke me up the next morning and Jen was standing at the end of the bed in her robe drinking coffee.

            “I didn’t want to wake you Josh, you looked so comfortable.”         

            I walked over, kissed her cheek and said, “I can’t put in to words the way I feel right now about you.”

            We spent the rest of the day together going places and had an awesome time.  I got home early in the evening and told my roommate I crashed at a friend’s house. 

            Jen and I saw each other regularly for the rest of the semester and looked forward to the coming summer.  The school year had ended several weeks ago; we packed a lunch and went down to the lake near her house. 

            “Josh, you’re unusually quiet today do you have something on your mind?”  Jen asked me and smiled.

            We were sitting on a blanket under a large shade tree. “Nothing is wrong but I have wanted to talk to you.”           

            “All right, I am listening.”      

            “Well, I ah”….my voice trailed off.

            “I haven’t seen you this shy since the first time I talked to you.  Say what’s on your mind Josh, we are always honest with each other.”

            “I didn’t know when the right time to talk was or what would be the right thing to say so I will just say what I feel.”   

            “Ok, that is usually the best thing to do.”      

            “I liked you the very first time we met and the past few  months have been the best part of my life.”    

            “They have been for me too.”

            “I have never said this to any woman Jen but I wanted to, no need to say that…..I love you.”

            Jen started to cry and told me, “I knew this day would come and it made me afraid.”     

            “Why Jen, you don’t love me?”          

            “No, just the opposite Josh…..I love you very much but this is all new to me and I don’t want to lose you.”

            “I don’t have all the answers but together we can figure it out one day at a time.”

            I got a B.S. degree in Business Administration last year and we just celebrated out third anniversary together, we love each other even more than that day on the beach. 


























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Comment By: FreeLeonard Wilson on May 23, 2009 06:47:01 PM Report
The dialogue is wonderful, Steve.. You're really getting good at this story-telling stuff.....len
Comment By: FreeAmy on May 22, 2009 04:24:26 PM Report

I agree with others. You do well with dialogue. As Barbara said, you captured well the sound of the 21 yr old. You write with a romantic soul. enjoyed


Comment By: FreeBarbara Demasson on May 22, 2009 02:03:46 PM Report
"Be patient, you have to let love simmer slowly for a while before you taste it.”  ...mmmm, this tastes good! I tell yah--there IS such a thing as a storybook is full of surprises.

I really appreciated the dialogue in this story--you've captured the voice of a twenty-one year old very nicely. Kudos to you Steve!





Comment By: FreeAdri on May 22, 2009 09:08:53 AM Report
This is gorgeous. You are a brilliant story teller, and this is just another example. I like the flow and the whole structure.  Love stories can so often be very cheesy or corny, but you did this so beautifully and artistic.  A great love story.
Adri x

Comment By: FreeShe Whispers on May 21, 2009 10:32:05 PM Report
 Your just awesome with love stories... I hope there are more...
 I never hear from you hope all is well??
 ~ Always ~ She Whispers

Comment By: FreeMoon Fairy on May 21, 2009 03:15:24 PM Report
Do stories like this ever really happen? If so, where have I been hiding.
Beautifully written, storyline is really good.
I love your writes Steve..enjoyed very much.

Comment By: FreeMoonStar on May 21, 2009 02:10:05 PM Report
This was so beautiful Steve! I was holding my breath the whole time as i read how it was being played out between them. I was so afraid something would come along to come between them, but thank goodness no!


You, my friend, are a wonderful story teller. keep up the good work!!!


Hugs to you,

Moonie xx



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