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Author Name: Freeramonathompson 5 Comments
Date Added: November 05, 2008 17:11:39 Average Score: (Needs 2)
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Now That WE Have Our First Black President
Questions to ponder now that America has its first ever black president
1. Will the KKK finally give up their racist way or will this only fuel this hatered to far worse heights?
2. Will racist soliders dare to refuse to fight for a president/man of color?
3. Will black Americans everywhere rise up out of control because they feel now that they are better then
    their white counterparts?
4. Is this the first step towards ending racism in America or the next step in making it far worse?
5. How will our enemies look upon this historical vote and what will their reaction to it be?
6. WJCHA-Would Jesus Have Approved?
7. Will a president of color be treated differently by the media? If so, how?
8. If Obama fails to bring the changes he has promised, will his failure to do so be blamed on the color of 
   his skin?
9. If the above does happen, does that bode ill for any other black man that wants to someday run for 
10. Now that a black man has won office, could a black woman be that far behind to do the same 
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Comment By: PremiumDavid Turner on November 8, 2008 08:06:23 PM Report

What exactly are you trying to say here in posing all these absurd questions? Posing such questions invites some people to think that 'YES' is a possible or permissable  answer to all of them, when in fact to answer 'yes'  to any of them would imply that the unsupportable racist attitudes of the past should again become acceptable in a free and democratic society.


Who do you think the enemies of America are? How could the sight of  America choosing to end its long division over the status of Black people in American society and uniting around the figure of a man who is clearly destined to become a great leader, not only of America but all the Free World, cause any serious enemies of your country do anything but to shake in their boots at the prospect of having to deal with a strong, determined and truly united Unted States of America.


Question 6 is a despicable insult to all Christians, implying that their spiritual inspiration and  religious leader actually thinks of Black people as inferior to white people.


You Americans really get up my nose sometimes with your nomenclature. None of you are racially Americans except the descendents of the first settlers of the land that you have the nerve to insult by qualifying them as 'native' Americans. They are the only real Americans. The rest of  America's white population  are the descendents of illegal immigrants who stole the land from the  original Americans by force. They then imposed humiliating treaties upon them that confined them into a number of smallish ghettos and when you finally realised that the land you had assigned to them by 'legally' binding agreements (i.e. the law of the invaders NOT that of the natives) was worth more than you originally considered. you tore up those agreements unilaterally and forced the by now powerless native populations of America along a Trail of Tears.


Lets be accurate :-

The people  once referred to as Red Indians are true Americans.

All the White Americans are European Americans.

Most of  the Black Americans are descendents of  African people forced to travel to America as slaves.

Call them African Americans if you must, but bear in mind that by the same logic  we  are all Africans, since humanity originally evolved in Africa and spread all over the Earth from there via the coasts of Europe and Asia  and various land bridges or short sea voyages to America and Australasia.


In Barack Obama you have a President who really understands all this, and so  truly  understands how to relate to the rest of the world. Be grateful that such a Great Leader should have arisen among you at this moment in history when you so sorely need a truly great  leader.


I do not think you will find Barack Obama wandering around the world saying  tp other world leaders 'Yo Blair' or 'Yo Brown' or 'Yo Merkel', "Do what I say or shut the fuck up!" As a result the world may come to be a far less dangerous place.






Comment By: FreeRoger Bacon on November 6, 2008 10:40:32 AM Report
I think your just trying to pull people's emotional chords here, but I won't throw you under the bus for it. 
Comment By: FreeThe Mystic Poet on November 5, 2008 11:57:00 PM Report
PC, PC we are so worried about being PC. You know what you call me white? I want to be called a Caucasian american. Being called white or cracker or hunky is insulting to me. Does anyone care........I bet not.
Comment By: Freeb doneff on November 5, 2008 10:08:03 PM Report
Why do you insist on saying things so negative? Do you, or have you ever written anything positive at all? Maybe these are questions you have, but I think you are being ridiculous, and although satire is ok, and you have free speech, this will be the last time I open a page of yours.
Your "writing" is disgusting. I may as well say it as I am on the shit list for comments anyhow.
Always the one to think on the positive side, I won't subject myself to your "talents" anymore.

Comment By: FreeBarbara Demasson on November 5, 2008 06:44:07 PM Report
Throngs of Canadians are rejoicing at the outcome of the election. I'm in awe that an African American is president of the USA. When I look back at the 60's when the USA had a much stronger movement of the KKK and compare that time to what is happening today it is absolutely mind blowing. The KKK were (seemingly) upstanding and influential countrymen but they were terrorists just the same. Injustice was rampant. The law feared the wealthy powerful offenders. The persecution of African Americans was ignored. "We shall overcome" certainly rings true today. What amazing progress. Yes indeed, I do believe it is a new day in America! 


1) The KKK will always be racist. The haven't the slightest notion of what equality means. Many were born into racist families and continue the tradition. We haven't rid the world of all of those who think they are supreme and I doubt we ever will but the African American population is stronger for the oppression and admirable for their endurance under the hate filled hands of the KKK and their supporters.


2) Racist or not soldiers are required to follow a chain of command. They will not be and should not be soldiers if they don't.


3) This is fear talking. I think they've learned (the long & hard way) where this kind of attitude leads to. Why would they repeat the mistakes of their oppressors?


4) The answer is in every individual's heart. Obama wouldn't be elected today if the attitude of the American people hadn't embraced equality through the years. This is a huge step to overcoming racial barriers.


5) The people of the USA have chosen their leader for reasons that are close to their hearts. It means a country's survival. The rest can deal with it and hopefully reap the rewards of change as well.


6) What the?? What does JC have to do with it? Jesus was a man who visited with prostitutes instead of rejecting them and He forgave the worst criminals of His time...He wouldn't have a problem with a leader who takes on monsterous issues of a country in ruination and represents equality and change.


7) Perhaps...but only because of questioning minds. They, and you too, should focus more on his leadership qualities than the color of his skin.


8) Yes, certainly, by a select few. By whatever narrow minded individuals didn't want him in the White House in the first place. Why not make it about race? That's the easiest thing to do, right? Stop looking at the color of his skin, he is a leader that has been handed a mountain of issues to deal with. Will he sort every one of them to the satisfaction of every single individual? NO...because that isn't even rational thinking. He will do what he can with what he has to work with...every issue has a million components and how much easier is it to nit pick and whine than to give the man a pinch of credit? Oh there will be many who cannot see past the color of his skin but I hope you are not one of those.


9) Why should it? How many caucasion leaders have tried and failed? Did this stop another from stepping into office? didn't so why should it be such a big deal if an African American failed in office?


10) Why not? And it is "African American" Ramona. The word "black" and the "n" word are not politically correct. They denote negativity and show prejudice. Please tell me why you are so hell bent on emphasizing the color of his skin? He is a leader, a man of intelligence, a man who the American people see as their only hope in desperate times. Obama was elected for many reasons...not because of the color of his skin. Those reasons are what people should be focusing on and I think they are or he wouldn't be President of the USA.






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