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Author Name: PremiumCorin 10 Comments
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England's Mountains Green

English hearts are stirring

And there is unrest in the soul

For great change is  abroad.

A stealthy invasion breaches  the land of my ancestors?

Governments dither but

Britain is not waving but drowning.

Political correctness stops mouths;

Schools no longer teach English ways;

Christmas is sanitised

Into Mid-Winter Festivals;

Blacksheep are sheared;

Blackbirds are unmentionable;

Hoodies are banned,

But veils are skirted round;

Nobody has the courage

To point out the Emperors new clothes.


Sixty years ago we thought we had learned

A great lesson about appeasement,

Yet mayhem has overtaken us yet again;

British tolerance;

British fair play;

British law;

All are under threat.


I live, breathe and love equality;
I will fight for your freedom
To argue against me,
But I will  never surrender my freedom of speech,
Or give my respect to anything
That has not earned it.

My father fought against Hitler;

My mother's father fought the Kaiser;

I will die a thousand deaths before we

Surrender to  a Dictatorship

That we have invited in,

Made welcome,

Only to see it rise up and reject all things British,

Demand that our law be made subservient to a foreign code,

That strange scripts and foreign signs

Sprout where once  only English flourished.

Lily livered fat cats,

Unable to save a people floundering

In an incoming flood,

Are surrendering everything British
Without a fight.
I hear Blake's song
Echoing over England's Mountains green
And the roaring
Of  distant chariots
Ablaze with
Author's Notes:
Jointly written with Alison Stormwolf in protest at recent decisions to allow Sharia law to supercede Britsih Law in certain circumstances. E.G. Divorce. No woman should be allowed to surrender her rights under British law to an undemocratically formed, fundamentalist religious code.
Britain should not allow itself to be invaded again and taken over by an alien creed after nearly a thousand years of independence.
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'England's Mountains Green' Copyright © David Turner
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Comment By: FreeAbi on October 20, 2008 05:01:04 PM Report
I love the meaning to this and completely agree with it.

Nice write

Abi xx

Comment By: PremiumRaymond Pinsonneault on October 18, 2008 08:07:20 PM Report
" Lily livered fat cats" everywhere, ..capitalism reigns over fundamentals of human law..everything disguised .one way or another...follow the money trail to find out who are the true beneficiaries, of political and religious law...check the lawmakers and their associates, only than may you find the basics of revolution, something to work on. Until you find the stepping stone, not I nor you nor Ali can do anything other than  protest for now..unless we controlled the majority of power..We need 10, twenty new generations or more before a spark of a new constitution is even you say, my father, grandfather fought freedom wars also plus I fought Viet-cong..we fight communism, socialism, catholicism, buddhism, etc...etc...but no one dares fight capitalism..the very basis of inequality and war...I encourage you to plant your seeds for future generations..and move on...

Comment By: PremiumMary Lou Allen on October 12, 2008 09:50:28 AM Report
I recognize Ali's touch. I was going to ask if you two were having a contest, but your About explains. Thanks. Good for you. More of us need to stand up and be counted. Well done. ML
Comment By: FreeAlison Storm Wolf on October 12, 2008 04:05:32 AM Report

We have welcomed many races onto these shores and been

enriched by the sharing and learning of different cultures.  During my

life time I have witnessed a total expansion of availability of foods and peoples

and its all been good.
I have studied comparative religion for over 30 years now and consider myself

open, without guile and totally broadminded.

However....I, like countless others, am getting heart sick of our system being

altered to fit in with minorities who should simply not chose to stay if

they are not prepared to live by the law of OUR land.

There is an atmosphere of fear pervading people and nobody wants to address it

...but it sure needs addressing.
In the States its common place to hang a 'Stars and Stripes' in your front

garden. If I was to do that here with a Saltire or Union Jack? I would very

probably be arrested.!!!.This is what a lot of people fail to understand is happening.

People are so scared of being labelled ďracist" that itís getting to the point that people are reporting taxi drivers, hairdressers anyone they think are showing 'racist' tendancies. Why? quite simply fear and the desire to appear so "accepting"
Shades of the witch hunt are felt where all you had to do to get your neiighbour carted off was to whisper she killed your cow etc..or pre war Germany where children were encouraged to 'expose' their parents.
Have we all gone blind deaf and dumb?

 Well, I am NOT accepting of the tactics of insidious infiltration so profound that what

started off in schools as introducing different religions so that quite rightly

our children would have a better understanding of each other.....has now become

a monster where our religious festivals and cards have to be toned down so as

not to cause offence!
Itís outrageous.Can you see that happening in an Islamic country?

I am justifiably proud of my country and our democracy that has taken centuries

to hone. It is mine by birthright...
I refuse to be bullied, intimidated or subtly threatened for that.

Alison x

Comment By: FreeBarbara Demasson on October 12, 2008 01:43:39 AM Report
Strong voices and convictions here...a message clearly and creatively stated. How far should we go to accomodate foreigners? Should they conform to the laws of our country? When does tolerance mean surrender/sacrifice and when does lack of tolerance mean prejudice? It is important that each of us explore these questions and our answers to them. This is an informative piece that shows why unrest is felt and how these changes threatens English hearts. Well done Ali & David.



Comment By: Freeb doneff on October 11, 2008 07:02:04 PM Report
Jolen said it best,  and we should all stand up for what we believe to be right, and fair.
Hats off to the two of you..

Comment By: FreeRoger Bacon on October 11, 2008 12:24:56 PM Report

Political correctness is just another tool to stifle democracy, in my humble opinion.  I've heard too many times people say this can't be said or you can't say that.  There is a fundmental problem with that in a democracy.



Comment By: FreeShe Whispers on October 11, 2008 12:22:59 PM Report
 I try not to get into politics  with others because we all have different views.. I know our country is a mess also.
.I don;t know any thing that goes on in your world...
But I do think it is time to finally stand up instead of bending over like Jolen s...
 always someone stirring the pot way to much...
 This crazy world is just getting crazer...every day..
I think I need a breath of fresh air...
Talk to you later my dear
 Love ~ She Whispers .

Comment By: Freenoah count on October 11, 2008 10:45:25 AM Report
You've called Tony Blair a turd, of course,  including my president in that harangue.  You can't have it both ways, calling the guys that stand up jingoists and then bemoan the fact that you/we have a BIG problem.  Maybe you should have heard the call of Blair's song. 
Comment By: FreeFilthy on October 11, 2008 09:33:16 AM Report
I put a "Ditto" on Jolens comment. Great stuff you two.


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