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Author Name: Freeramonathompson 0 Comments
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The Psychic Poem Project
Note-Part of the psychic poem project. If this poem affects you in some way, please let me know.
All is not always as it seems where life and death are concerned
Don't give up on never hearing from or seeing me again
An image in a photo that does not seem to belong is a mystery soon to be solved
Mom, dad, sis, I just wanted you to know I'm still here and watching over you all
 Below the still calm waters is where my totured soul still waits to be freed
Ran away from home only to find more trouble than I ever dared bargin for
I did't mean for this to happen or for things to end this way
All I wanted was to start a new life away from all the fighting and pain
Now I beg you mom and dad for your forgivness

Please find me
So that at last
Your son can rest some kind of peace 
Cold, so cold in the house where you dwell
One knock after another sounding off in the night
No one there when you turn around, yet you swear you felt a touch and heard a voice
Never say never
Eternally your home may be shared by another
Roses scenting the air shall announce to you three nights from now, the proof of my ghostly presence
Did you really think you could get rid of me so easy?
One bullet and I would be gone?
Names I can and will name from beyond the grave
All it will take is one whisper in the dark, in the right pair of ears and you will....
Lose everything that ever mattered to you and than some
Don't say a ghost never tried to warn you, my ex best friend turned killer
Everything in your life turned upside down
Veronica, my love, you have nothing to fear
A part of me still lives on inside of you, even through you may not know it yet
Name him Jimmy for me, ok?
Finish what I started is what I have stayed on after this life to do
Really did't mean to scare you so bad the other night, I was just foolin' around
Errie scary shadows on the wall are nothing to be afraid of, it's just me
Doubt not that I am a 100 percent friendly ghost
Don't mean no harm now or ever
You'll always be safe with me
With the other ghost haunting the house
Maybe not so much
Give me a chance to explain myself before you go running so far away
Enemies await you hiding in the mist of your loving trust
One by one they will lead you down a path to your ulimate doom
Run no longer from the truth that this ghostly messanger has to your door on this frightening night
Gone before the next arrives I shall be, but still the horror shall remain to haunt you
The horror of a friend's cruel betrayal
You have been WARNED!
Honey, I never wanted to leave you and our little baby girl so very soon
Even before we shared a second year of married life together
No choice was left to me
Random shots rang out and love affair was over
You must believe and hold onto to this much, my darling
Yes, someday, I swear
After this life is over
The three of us will be together as a family again
I've got a secret buried somewhere deep inside of your haunted home that was once upon a time my own
Violence and danger seek to bury it just like they buried me 35 years before
A warning to you tonight I give to beware those who seem just a bit too curious about you and your new home
No one are what they seem
Beware dark intentions from friendly sources!
Jack was a young, fun loving, hitch-hiking man
A prank pulling ghost up on Ravenhill Road way out in the middle of nowhere is what he became
Cold feeling in your backseat as you drive along in the darkness?
Kindly don't scream or say a rude word
It's just good ole Jack up to his same dirty tricks
Reaching out to the land of the living tonight
The only way he still can
King of the royal prom court he was once
Everyone even the lowest of the low adored him
Very early on in his life he was said to have a very bright future ahead of him
Indeed he did have the sweet hereafter
Now if you look out at the Old Mill Creek High School you can see the bright blue lights that they say is him
The ghost of the popular boy who hid a dark secret that he never shared
A dark secret that led him to take his own life on that rainy cold Nov night that was to have been his greatest high school triumph
Oh poor, poor Kevin
How we do miss him
Love waits
Eternally for you
Enlightment of romance will soon prove to you that indeed your phantom lover is real
Make no mistake about it
I have kept track of you from beyond
Crimes that you have committed in the past and in the present will not go much longer unpunished
Hell itself has sent me to break you and take you back to that from which you first came
A little mental torture you shall endure before I finally move in for the final kill
Everywhere you go and everywhere that you turn I will be there to make sure that you suffer
Lowering you one day soon with a haunting ghoulish glee into your final unresting place
Nice not ever a naughty ghost have I been
Only wanna be your ghostly little friend from beyond
Really don't understand why you all scream and run away when I make my unearthly presense in the room known
Maybe shouting out 'Boo' like that was't such a good idea
A bit mischievous and sometimes even rude, still I would never hurt anyone of you
Not even that jerk who's always trying to chase me outta my bed, the fireplace
What in the world is his problem anyway?
I mean, really
Come on, people
Can't we all living and dead just get along?
Over these long, lonesome years in the glitz and glamour of tinseltown I have seen quite a lot
Sometimes maybe more than they ever meant me to
Could that be the reason they killed me, dumped my body and added me to Hollywood's many unsolved mysteries?
An idea that could be that all you detective types might wanna look into
Randy Oscar Jr. was my name before I met my most untimely death, if that helps any
I sure would be thankful knowing whose dirty mug I need to knock out for rubbing me out
Thanking ya kindly,
R.S. Jr. Esquire
Perfection after death is not what I got blessed with
An eternity of hellfire and damnnation instead was my reward for a life mislead and thrown away
Turned my back on God and now forever I will be paying for it
Even after I got down on my knees and begged for forgivness a thousand times
Remember my cautionary tale of woe or you too shall someday share the same dark fate as I
Queer beat down
Under their tires of doom they crushed my body into nothing more than mere dust
Innocent of knowing anything about my disappearance they claim
Let me urge you now to believe nothing at all of what they say to you about that awful night
I beg you please not to let my soul go hanging on in this endless limbo of pain and regret
Nine yards to the West
In the Kilmore Woods
That is where you shall find the proof you need to bring my killers to justice at last
Rock and roll lifestyle led me down a long and painful road
Only wanna prevent the same from happening to you
Bad to the bone and so vein you are
Empty inside is the truth your soul reveals to the mirror of my haunting eyes watching your every move
Really boy, you don't have to stick that needle in your arm just to fit in
Take off those alcohol soaked shades and see the signs before the devil signs your name in blood beside mine on his brand new rockin' guitar
One road or another
To Heaven or to Hell?
Tonight it's your choice
But if you care to listen to a friendly, ghostly advisor who's been there before.....
Sold his soul because he felt so alone and unloved
Another chance you will soon have in the form of a second child born to make the wrong things right
Make no mistakes please, for this will surely be your last chance
Might even save him from the fires of damnation if you work hard enough this time around
You hold two futures in your fragile human hands
What will your choice be?
Terrible, tragic news is soon to follow
Escape from it you must certainly can not
Death's eyes have decided and sealed the fate of one very close to you tonight
Uncle Jerry
Uncle Jerry may be long dead, but he ain't so silent
Not even the ole grim reaper himself could shut him up for long
Can't keep an old man 6 feet under if he don't wanna stay
 Loves his family even more from beyond the graveside of life
Everyday he leaves messages that he has ask me to pass on to you
Jumbo popcorn with butter
Empty that bathtub
Really I have no idea what these things mean
Really would like to know if you do
Youth must be protected at all costs
Does this mean anything to you?
Anything at all?
Please tell me.....
Vemonous ghosts from the past haunt you still
In the living daylight and in the dead of the night
Cold and cruel from the ones you abused you shall never be able to escape
Tortured for now and always is the punishment that you have earned with your wicked ways and callous, uncaring attitude
Over and over again they tried to change you for the better, but you just laughed and pushed them all away
Rotting corpses now shall rise from six feet under to prepare you for your premature, yet long overdue burial
Scheduled for tonight at the unholy stroke of midnight's ghostly hour
What more do you wish to know about the ghostly vistor inside your home?
Answers I very well might be able to provide through my psychic connection with this spirit
Lingering souls often have very reasonable reasons why they haunt us
Tell me what you wish to know and I shall do my very best to bring forth the answers from the other side
From the next plain beyond our own
XXX moans rattle the walls of this haunted motel
Answers are what you seek so desperatly
Violent ghostly tempers are scaring away all your best customers and bringing forth the threat of a foreclosure on your dream
Innocent you claim to be in all of this, yet still there seems to linger unanswered questions surrounding your possible guilt
Eightteen angry souls surround you
Reaching out they all point bitter, accuing fingers and shake fists of rage
Any idea why?
Speak to me
Y do you deny what is all around you?
A thousand souls hungry to speak through you
Michael, you were choosen for a reason
Insanity it is not these voices you hear and this power you have
It is a gift
Your gift
Please use it
You will only come to regret it later, if you don't
Zombies are real, very real for you and yours
A monster waits down in that strange darkness below
Can't run from it any longer
The hauntings will only get worse, much worse, if you do
Exorism will not work either
You must face down the devil and you must do it tonight!
2008 Ramona Thompson 
Author's Notes:
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'The Psychic Poem Project' Copyright © Ramona Thompson
Copyright is property of the above author or group. Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.
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