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Author Name: FreeTheWolf 9 Comments
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Category: Patriotic Add To Favorites | Text Only
Soldier, soldier, there's the war!
Frantic, rampant, USA demanded
Soldier, soldier that save, who gave
Scattered, tattered, does it matter?
Soldier, soldier whose heart is torn
Defend, send, a killer pretend
Soldier, soldier live your life, give your life
For Duty-Honor-Country-A soldiers creed
Soldier, soldier, among the strife, willing to sacrifice
Mind, bind, a world unkind
Soldier, soldier share this right, soldiers in arms fight
Brothers & Sisters, we are all the same, soldiers standing tall
Soldier, soldier united we stand, together we fall
Freedom rings as they sing of soldiers gone before
Soldier, soldier our nations glory, the symbol of our flag
In God we trust!   In Word and Deed
The Constitution Of These United States We Freed...
A soldiers duty; obeying orders taken or given
A soldiers honor; never asking twice or reasons why?
And country; this I'll defend! A soldiers truth and creed
That's a soldier! A soldiers life to live and die...
In death and life! Never breathed the word why?
Why did I live to die? A soldiers ultimate sacrifice
That's a soldier, a soldiers life to live and die!
This I'll defend to the bitter end!!!
Author's Notes:
I have mixed emotions about our goverment!!! But, NOT about what I feel our freedom is based on throughout history! The Constitution Of These United States is what we as a people fought and died for!  Remember, The Alamo!!!  History, will tell you the story! Read about it sometimes! Unless you've been there, it's best you listen! Goverments greed like everything else has destroyed  what is true and good!!! Where is the justice? We have none! That went out with the Cowboys!  We once felt free within a nation under God!!! But, the goverment wishes to walk away from what gave us our freedom in the first place! Yes! The ones like me who has shed his blood and still believes in Duty, Honor and Country!   This I'll defend to the bitter end!! My Prayers go out to the soldiers and veterans who have died while performing their duty! Also to the families left behind, trying to make a life with the pain that remains!
                                           Cliffton  Clay  Cromberg
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'Duty---Honor---Country' Copyright © Cliffton Clay Cromberg
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Comment By: PremiumHOPE on May 31, 2010 03:53:00 PM Report
I love your poem and I agree with your comment.  


Comment By: FreeMelody on April 25, 2010 05:32:04 PM Report
You revealed so much in this write. I won't give my opinion on government , or wars. I'll only say I respect the men and women that do what they feel is their job.

I cried a little as this brought so many things to the surface that I despise and voice against.

All I can say is a totally awesome and informative read. Excellent

Comment By: FreeMujtaba H Zaidi on December 16, 2009 07:08:34 AM Report
Dear Cliffon!.... I am really moved by such a great piece of literature created by you!......... I really liked to go through it again and again!
Comment By: FreeRoger Bacon on November 15, 2007 02:33:24 PM Report

I've lost a few buddies to war.  Not a day goes by my eyes don't mist in memory.  We have grown as a country since Vietnam.  Now we can argue a war and still embrace our troops.   



Comment By: FreeRin Marie on May 14, 2007 02:40:02 PM Report
Hooah! lol.


Love, Rin

Comment By: FreeCindy Bendel on March 21, 2007 12:42:55 PM Report

Excellent expression from someone who understands and possesses the heart of a soldier.


I have the deepest respect for you and every one that serves this country. I am not one to get into political discussions. I am a mother, my son serves in the Navy, I feel the pain of those that have lost their sons in war....

I don't know the easy answers and feel sometimes you do have to act......Len so eloquently layed out our history, he makes such valid points....but 9/11 kicked us hard...I cannot forget it. Living near DC made me so aware of the closeness of terrorism....I struggle with what demons we are facing, about how we should be fighting easy answers is there? But I do believe in the duty, honor of our service men....they have my complete support. And I believe in my country, good, bad and yes, sometimes ugly. May God grant us wisdom, mercy and grace to be the country that I still believe we have the capacity to be...


Comment By: FreeJeff on March 1, 2007 03:45:06 PM Report
This is really good Cliffon, I loved your footnote at the end.

Great job my friend.



Comment By: FreeLeonard Wilson on February 25, 2007 11:16:21 PM Report
A powerful write, buddy.I served in another unnesseary war and I thank you for your service to your country, as I thank each and every American risking life and limb by answering their country's call to duty. As you well know, a soldier does not fight for causes. He fights to protect his buddies and to try  and stay alive in the process.A soldier is a tool of the government. It is incumbent on the government not to misuse that tool.

I have no mixed emotions about what the Bush administration has been doing. Lies about WMD's got us there. Lies kept us there, with no military objective in sight.


War and glory, huh?..I remember the Alamo. Many brave men died in a valiant attempt to maintain control of a territory stolen from  Mexico. We had to fight WW2...No two ways about it. Hitler was attempting to enslave the world and had to be stopped. We had every right to fight against colonial rule in our own country. We do NOT have the right to invade countries that have not attacked us, as we did in Afghanastan and Iraq,

Bush bragged about how, if he were ever to be president, he would not waste his political capital as his father did in Iraq, back when he was still govennor of Texas. The day he stepped into the White House, thousands of young Americans were doomed to die or get maimed, all because Daddy didn't get Saddam and Jr. wanted to show the old man up. 9-11 only gave him an excuse to do it earlier than he had dreamed. The fox hunt for bin-laden gave him an excuse to send troops and set up a strong military force in a country bordering Iraq, his primary target from the beginning.

Saying that the invasion of Iraq has been one costly blunder after another in NO way disrespects the common soldier who is doing his or her duty as laid out by the military he or she is serving in. The blame lies with an ill-informed zealot of a president, and the civilian population who gave him a blank check....len

Comment By: FreeS on February 25, 2007 03:05:32 PM Report
great sentiment



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