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Author Name: FreeLordofShadows 3 Comments
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God isnt Hellfire and Brimstone
Len once said that it's Love God or go to hell, Love God or else. I say that is a misconception. Here me out. Why do you follow the law? Because you don't want to suffere the consequences of disobeying the law. The law also keeps you safe and rewards you for being good. You dont have to follow the law. No one forces you to, but you do suffer the consequenses of not following the rules.
Samething with God. He has rules and laws. He rewards those who follow them, and punishes those who dont. God created the world, our laws and governments are only pale reflections of Him.
We all want God to be all forgiving and not punish us. God is love right? True, he is love. You're parents (well for the most of us) love you, right? (or atleast should if they are normal). What did they do when you didnt follow their rules. They punished you right? Did they love you any less or stop loving you? Nope, they love you still even though you did something wrong. You're parents create rules to keep you safe, they know whats best for you (atleast untill your 18 lol). God has made rules to keep us safe and make us better. He knows whats best for us.
God forgives us of our mistakes, but just like on earth we have to suffer the consequences of our actions. We try to force God into our image, of what we want him to be. He isn't the grandfather who gives you whatever you want or pardons you of all punishments. He isn't the Hellfire and brimstone punishing you for every little thing with no hope of heaven. He is God. We can't understand Him completely. We are made in His image, not Him in ours. Thats our major problem, that we try to mold him into something that fits us.
Let me ask a question. Who of you would die in a horrible way in place of a friend or family member. That if you die, they wouldnt have to? Not many would........we all say we would...but I highly doubt it. I would like to think that I would be brave enough to save my friend or family member, but my to be honest with my self I think I would just cry in silence and let them die. Ok, we all would like to think we would do it for a family/friend. But would you do it for a complete stranger? Some people may think so...but most of us agree that person is on their own. How about a family member who committed murder or a stranger who was a murderer? Nope? I know I wouldnt.
But yet, thats exactly Jesus did. Read about crucifixtion is a nasty way to die. God died for all and rose again. He came and died in one of the most degrading and painful ways. The God of the universe, who had the power to stop it, to kill them all and save himself. Yet, he went through it, to save strangers (well he knew them, but they didnt know him), the murderers, the liars, the cheaters, the good people, the bad people, every one from every country. He payed the price for sin so that we could live. That we didn't have to die (meaning the spiritual death of going to hell).  Oh, there is one condition of course. To love him and to follow him. Most of us follow his rules unconsously, so it really isnt too much of a streatch. It is a small price to pay for eternity. Giving up somethings that aren't really all that good for us in the first place on this earth where time is short and we get eternity of happiness.
Oh yeah that sounds like Love God or else. He died just to send you to hell. Give me a break. Thats the greatest thing anyoen can do for someone. He gives it to us freely, all we have to do is accept it and follow him. Yes, it is harder than it looks.....we are weak creatures.
Ok thats enough. I'm probably going to be ripped to shreds.. "I dont want to have a God like me" Good neither do I, Good thing he isn't, I just used examples of humans to help people understand.
Blah blah ...
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Comment By: FreeLeonard Wilson on October 9, 2006 05:45:08 PM Report
Personally, I would have no respect for a God who would create an everlasting fire to torture the folks in who don't knuckle under and love him..That's a pretty barbaric concept, created by some pretty barbaric people..MY God doesn't burn anyone's butts for not submitting to his will..You say God isn't hellfire and brimstione..That Satan character didn't inven the lake of fire.Ever wonder how the mechanics of Christ on the cross, taking on the sins of the world works? WHy the heck woud the creator of the univers devise such a symbolic scenerio.It really makes no sense if you stop to think about it....:O)...yer pal, lem
Comment By: FreeTiffany on October 8, 2006 03:46:34 PM Report
wow that was long and really good. nice write. i like it!
Comment By: FreeAngelique on October 8, 2006 12:30:52 PM Report
May I be the first of many that DO NOT "rip you to shreds". Even if I didn't agree with you, I would respect you for standing up and starting a discussion about your believes in spite of the fear of people not taking kindly to your words.


I found this to be worded very well and you make good points. One thing that people don't tend to focus on in Jesus' crucifixion is the fact that he did take on our sin. It was bad enough to have to die in that way. But to also be some one who knew no sin and all of a sudden be guilty of every sin that ever did or ever will take place! Could you imagine (dramatic example) all of a sudden being guilty of rapping and murdering a precious little child?  How hideous. THAT is what makes me not want to sin right there. I don't want to be the one adding another atrocity on to God's back. I know that's a weird way of looking at it. But he died for even the littlest of sins. If no one had sinned there would have been no cause for him to die. Yes we make mistakes, and yes we did not ask him to do that for us. But he did any way. And now I have the responsability to act against my flesh as not to add more spots to that spotless lamb. Any way I just wanted to throw some of my thinking in the mix.


Thanks for posting this.


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