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"Did you know that most frogs are green all over?

They can change their colors too.

And when they change their colors,

what they're saying is, "I love you".

(A Rhyme from Froggie's Coloring Book,

a saying by Froggie.)

  Froggie lived in a clear-crystal lake. It was unlike any other lake, not only because it was so small,
 but because it could appear any place at any time.
 Anyplace, that is, where Froggie and his magic ring would wish it to be.
  And it was about the same time that Froggie was taking his afternoon swim that the faint sobbing of a child was heard.
It was made by a little girl, brown-eyed and freckle-faced, as she was making a very special wish.
As soon as she had completed her wish her sobbing stopped.
   Froggie, to say the least, was taken aback.
He said to himself, "Why would anyone want to be the size of a cottontail rabbit?" He said in a low whisper. "Why?"
Scratching his head, he continued, "And so many many!
Well, something's up and I'm going to find out just what."
   Well, it didn't take our little friend long to find out what all the commotion was about.
 For you see, Froggie could overhear the secret wishes of almost any child.
And he could appear just about anywhere, at any time, as long as he had his magic ring
and whispered the last three words of the Froggie rhyme..."I love you".
   And it was with the sounding of these three magical words that Froggie appeared before the little girl.
 She was sitting beside a very large toadstool!
   Seeing the startled look on the child's face, Froggie jumped upon the oversized mushroom.
He placed his hand next to his cheek and in a low voice asked,
"Haven't you ever seen a frog before?"
   "Indeed, I have!" replied the sandy-haired girl.
 "But never have I seen a frog appear as if from out of nowhere."
She pulls her sweater over her faded jeans and continues..."or for that matter one that talks."
   She would have said more but a funny feeling came over her, one she could not explain.
 But Froggie understood. "Oh, don't be afraid, child.
I'm here to help you, to see that your wish comes true."
   A smile crosses Froggie's face, but soon it changes to..."What's up?" he starts to lose his footing.
 With arms flailing in all directions, he flops down upon the mushroom.
He tries to regain his balance but only succeeds in throwing himself farther backwards
 as the top button of his waistcoat pops open.

   "Oh, no!" he said to himself. "It looks like I'm heading for a fall."

   And how right Froggie is.
The side of the mushroom is so steep that he begins to slide
ever faster towards the fungus ridden jungle below.
As he covers his eyes, he shouts, "Help! Help! Someone help!"
But his cries appear to go unanswered when suddenly Froggie felt as if he was being lifted into mid air.
"Hey!" he exclaims removing his hands from his eyes and looking downward. "I must be flying".
   "No, you're not", interjects a friendly voice.
It's the voice of the young girl.
 She has caught Froggie in her hands and placed him on her lap.
 "I think you'll be safe here, my little friend."
She notes. "Mushrooms and toadstools are too slippery to sit on."
 "So I found out," said Froggie as he removed his hat from over his face.
"You saved my life."
   The girl begins to giggle.
 "And you came to help me",
 she points out to her new found friend.
   "So I have."
Froggie notes in support of her statement.
 " But before I help you, tell me, what is your name?"
   Fixing Froggie's hat so it sits properly on his head,
the little girl replies, "I'm Lucy PearlDragon." 

   "Hmmm, that's a fine name, a fine name indeed. PearlDragon, hmmm."

   Lucy can tell Froggie is still inquisitive. She continues.
"It was  given to my family centuries ago before the realm's Ice Age.
 The name was bestowed by the King, who gave his only daughter in marriage,
to my anscestor for the great deed he did."

   "And what great deed was that?" asks Froggie.

   "He defeated Tandrum, an arch foe of the King, and saved the realm from his tyranny." 

   "He must have been very brave", said Froggie.

   "Oh, he was", smiles Lucy.

   Froggie removes his hat and tucks it into his waistcoat.
"But for now, what do you say we get down to business."

   "Business...?" asks Lucy.

   "Yes, your wish." He blinks as a smile covers his face. "Don't you want it to come true."

   "Of course, I do. But I'm not sure, Froggie", questions Lucy. "After all..."

   Froggie tries to be sympathetic but enough is enough.
He hops off Lucy's lap and uses the magic of his ring.
 In no time Lucy is the size of a cottontail rabbit.
   "Oh, my!" exclaims Lucy. "Everything looks so big.
And you, Froggie, are almost up to my waist."

   "So, I am. But that doesn't explain why you wished to be the size of a rabbit, and a cottontail rabbit to boot."

   "Well, that's easy", responds Lucy. "I have to attend a meeting, a meeting of our realm."

   Froggie begins to laugh. "You must be kidding." He makes a pun. "This is not the land of Lilliput." 

   Lucy can tell Froggie is a bit overawed by her remark.
So she decides to tell him what's going on. "Let me explain."
Lucy takes Froggie by the hand and they start to walk along the forest path,
the path which leads to the banks of PearlDragon Lake.
She continues. "You see, Froggie, a curse was placed on my family and this entire realm."
She points out. "The curse was a riddle. And part of the riddle said:

"Small would not have to become great,

but great would have to become small

and assemble by the shores

of PearlDragon Lake."

She continues.

   "The people of our village Froggie somehow become small by the shores of PearlDragon Lake.
They assemble with the ground creatures of this land in obedience to the curse."
 She concludes. "Otherwise another Ice Age would befall our realm."

   "I see", empathizes Froggie. "But why did you need my help?"

   Lucy responds. She knows Froggie will find it hard to believe.

"The second part of the riddle was quite clear, my little friend. It involved you."  


unless you would like to finish the second part of the riddle

and from that point complete the story.

All the best,

Jamieson from Palm Beach
where you're only a breeze away
from any Caribbean Island. 
Author's Notes:


is part of a completed

Collection of Fully Illustrated works




Author's Note

Refer to




All the best,

Jamieson from Palm Beach

where you're only a Breeze away from any Caribbean Island.

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