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Lance Binkley
November 16
United States
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May 19, 2003
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About Me

If my writings are sorted by date, then between "Low" and "To Remember..." was a two year hiatus. Before I wrote and finished a piece within an hour. Now it may take me months.
I don't put my poems in any category but general and explicit if it applies. I feel it may give the reader a bias. I don't care how long your comments are, and in relation, I don't leave involved/long comments. But will if asked. Also, I will more than likely not comment: anything in the "Love" section, works with pictures or songs, anything with text that isn't fairly simple.
I often write of religion, nature, depression; loneliness; hate; love; failure; death; suicide; poverty; bitterness; alcohol abuse; isolation: general lackings and yearings/the human condition. Or my experience with life thus far.

My personal songs will have a '' * '' by them.

 Bands/projects of mine:
-As Reality Fades, Golden Dawns E.P.:
-Waiting to Fail:
 "... art may be said to be God's grandchild."  -Dante Alighieri (The Divine Comedy: Inferno XI, 105)
The best art comes from pain... .

Poems: 174 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
A Slower Death (1)This Is A Long Poem In Disguise (1)A Possible Lack Of Social Object Permanence Or An Ability to Relate (0)
Coping/Go Away (0)Akin to Dying (2)Cancer/Destroyer (2)
Something Like Terminal Velocity (1)Just Keep Pouring (1)Not Disappointed In Disappointment (0)
What They Call Life... (0)...DIRTY HEART... (2)What Im Trying to Say Is (0)
Light Swallowing Indecision (1)Being Broken (1)Waiting On Nothing (0)
...NOT THAT... (0)An Unfurling Self-hatred (3)Lacking Far More Than Gaining* (1)
Just How Much You Disgust Me* (0)Their's, Not Mine* (1)Atrophy Or Growth... I Can't Choose (4)
Helplessly Rupturing/Unfine (0)Seething Misanthropy; A Violent Rejection (1)A Delicate Darkness (2)
Providence (3)Of Nihilism and Ponderings (0)Estranged (3)
I Will Transcend (2)Calm and Still (3)The Brave... (2)
Under Tyranny... (4)Getting Dirt From Dirt (4)Acedia (3)
To Empty Out... (2)Mad (3)Appendix (1)
Repeatedly Removed (3)Folding (1)Perverse (1)
Mailman: The Illusion Of Safety (1)Parens... Something (2)Pinwheel (2)
A Relentless Unknown (1)Bereft (1)Idea Of Divinity (4)
More Of the Same (3)... And Death Is Known (5)Their Lacking Will Mark Their Worth... (2)
Faults and Failures (3)Harmony Within Static (1)Taker (2)
Without (1)Wood, Path, Stone (2)Dirtbag (1)
Low (1)To Remember... (6)Counting Matters Of Air (3)
Comedy (1)To Wash His Feet (2)Pariahs (1)
A Winter Folktale (2)A Mare... (4)...Into Dreaming (2)
Exercises In Free Verse (2)Jolis Mots Pour Vous... (3)Engrossed In Nothings (1)
Dreams Ex Nihilo (2)A Naturalistic Romantic (4)Snowing at 4:33 A.M. With the Misfits (1)
When Eos and Aphrodite Whisper (1)Sing Solemn Dove, Sing (1)Covered With Eyes (2)
Sacrificing (2)Litany of Poverty (0)Monoliths... (0)
Decaying Through Technology (0)A Personal Luciferian Doctrine (1)Nimrod As Translator (0)
Letting Apollo Down (2)Potential Energy (0) When Helios Appears... (1)
Repressed* (1)Catatonic* (0)Leftover Photos* (2)
Gorgeous Snow Angel* (1)Golden Dawns* (2)Relapse to Naiveness (1)
Race the Dreams (1)At War With Time (2)Hold On For But a Second (0)
King Gore (1)A Golden Dawn I'll Never See (3)Abandonment Complex (3)
Despair Made Audio (1)Death Obsessed Again (3)Rewrite Your Own Wrongs (1)
Necrophilic Nymphomaniac (2)Driven By Porn (2)During a Wake For God... (0)
Failed By Hope (2)The Black Snowflake (3)Broca's and Wernicke's Areas (1)
Quiet Dirge (1)Upon Steps (1)Wrestling With Eternity (2)
Winter Skin (3)Enter Dream Theater Stage Left (3)Sounding the Trumpet of Regret (2)
Lowest of Misery Signals (1)Porcelain Doll (3)Forgetting (How Amazing) (2)
Masturbate the War God (1)Happy to be Sad (2)Cut the Tourniquet (0)
Beginning of the Fall (0)Glimmered Grieving (6)From Here (Fly) (1)
Still Lifes Make Still Deaths (1)Some Kind Of Hate (1)Bringer of Sorrow (0)
Anatomy of a Ghost (1)Still In Dreaming (0)Redemption (?) (3)
Hatred Refined (1)Siren's Lullaby* (6)Youth Is Wasted (1)
A Black Heart and Bitter Smile (4)Sadness and New Shame (2)Making the Widow (1)
To End the Heartache (2)Lying Down In the Tub (3)Until I Found You (6)
Life Long Unbridled Hating (2)Seasons of the Despair (2)On Earth As It Is In Heaven (3)
I'll Scream, For You (4)The Old Man's Journey (3)Pretty, Little Problem Solver Revolver (2)
Ramblings (5)Sacred Book of the Damned One (2)Former Glory(?) (2)
As He Sat Remembering (3)Black Bile (0)Been Depressed For Too Long (4)
How Reality Strangled Beauty (4)Gorgeous Lullaby (4)Hear Me !(?) (3)
Transcending Ambers (6)Wake the Catatonic (3)Potpourri and Violence (3)
What the Cards Read (5)Psychosomatic (3)Under a Hood of Black I Weep (5)
A Kiss and Words Are Hoped To Find You Tonight (4)Eat My Sorrow Away (4)Scared of the Light (4)
Winter of Discontent (3)Rose Pedals Encompassing Eyes (2)Crown of Sorrow (2)
Trapped Within Fake, Plastic Dreams (1)Unjust Labeling Of a "Judas Scale Liar" (1)My Disease (0)
Morbid Beauty (2)The Want That Ruins Me (4)Spider (3)
(In)Sane(!)? (1)My Sanctuary (1)Sleeping Awake; Awake In Sleeping (2)
Waiting (5)Tourniquet Littered With Glass (1)Revelation Within a Second Inside One's Mind (1)
The Downward Spiral. The Upward Climb?. (3)Salvation Now; (For)Ever (!)? (2)Manic-Depressant Narcissus (8)


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