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June 12
Sea Cliff
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March 20, 2004
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Old and in the way....

Poems: 247 total (10 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
The Lost Corner (0)Without Ever (0)Last One To Leave (6)
untitled (0)Off Chest Offering (0)An Appointment (0)
Few and Far (0)othertime (1)As Need Be (0)
Sunset too soon (1)An Atheist's Prayer (1)Another time (1)
Campfire Daze (2)Every now and then (1)Entropic Designs (0)
The All to end all..... AKA: The Exit Strategy (1)Holy Mackerel (1)Is there ever an upside to ubiquity? (2)
Update immediately (0)but (3)unaccepted expectation, For Ian (0)
The Waltz Within (6)Loss (1)In case (0)
Still Dedicated to Lady D (1)Body Parts (0)A Sense of Overtime (0)
Devil Dues (4)In Response to Len's Call To Arms (2)All Hell Has Broken Loose (3)
enough (0)thought by now (3)Where Dreams Go To Die (4)
Rare Breed (1)Reluctant Inheritance (1) Carnival of Travail (2)
Ever Comes the Day (1)When (3)Lucky Stars (2)
Nightmath (2)tabula rasa (1)U Pick It (1)
kids today (2)Once, though many times...the conundrum (3)Mel's not home (3)
Release Forever (3)Once and Future Camelot (2)Solitude Enthroned (0)
Weathering (2)MUCH YET (4)something about yesterday, or tomorrow, I forget (3)
Another Day at the Office (5)dreams too big (4)Hell Bent and Heaven Sent (4)
Soup to nuts (4)Help out an old veteran (6)FEAR NOT (3)
App Prehensible Conduct (3)All in All (5)A Day Without Twilight (3)
Hope and spare change (5)Tango Lesson (3)For Now (2)
Diet soda (3)Postcard from the future (3)Japanese gibberish (2)
Metaphysical Frugality, or The upside of suicide (1)Possibly Paradise (2)kids today (0)
Pot Today (4)somewhat forlorn (3)Extra Days (0)
Biding Well (1)Othello (1)Mayan Meltdown Redux, or to care at all (4)
YES (3)speaking remotely (5)A CONFLUENCE OF SORROW (4)
Ancient Echo (5)PARADE RAIN (4)Much of anything (3)
Gone for good (10)Midnight Time (6)tantamount (3)
Night of shooting stars (9)Pure Divestiture (5)mixed messages and offhand remarks (5)
Most, many, some (5)Forced hand (10)This (4)
At This Stage of the Game (3)everyone wins (8)The Future Is Murder (3)
Father's Day Begging (3)Getting Away With Murder (7) Same As It Ever Was (6)
Controvertible Truths , minimum Two per Argument (3)At the Sperm of the Moment (6)An Ode to Jeremy Brett (3)
Dribs and Drabs (2)Triffling Affairs (4)Strange Bedfellows No More (9)
So Much Like Death, Or at least that's what I've heard (3)In Passing (4)Dharma Bum (3)
Big Bill Collins (4)German Would Have Been A Nice National Language (6)For Barbara (6)
real religion (4)Rye Observations (9)Synaptic Sort Depot (5)
Suburban Zen (4)Presidential Election 2008 and then some (2)After All (6)
No Ordinary Silence, for Skippy Stroppel (6)COME AND GET ME (6)Carlin told me to write you (4)
blissblah (3)To No Avail (5)God of Dust (4)
around and around (4)It's A Good Thing (6)sky logic (2)
Vonnegut told me to write you (2)All Is Not Lost (5)Enough (3)
dash asunder (7)Childhood's End (2)stars and twine (6)
leonard's in (4) Still Pale (3)Sadly, Tolkien (8)
Appropriate Silence (3)Worship, War Ship (3)afternoon (4)
ANSWERED PRAYERS (6)Morning, already (3)When in doubt (5)
parvus mundus (6)The Fatal Duel Between Credulity and Suspicion (11)meandering (3)
Vonnegut (4)It's My Hemisphere, and I'll cry if I want to (4)Dust to dawn (10)
The World Below Zero (5)Only Maude Can Save Me Now (2)Almost Gunga Din (3)
Kids Today (7)golden again (6)That Far Arena (4)
when a door is not ajar (6)Mayan Meltdown (2)this night (6)
After All (Lenny's Song) (2)Buddha's Dream (3)reverie is just a state of mind (3)
elusive peace (6)Stuck in the El Dimm with you (5)crawl (7)
Still Not Convinced This Ain't A Dream (5)lucky stars (2)Hey Joe (5)
my favorite presidents (4)guilt for now (5)on a clear day (5)
Pontificators Beware (1)The Sandman Cometh (4)snapshot (2)
Too Soon From The Cave (2)Heaven is in your mind (4)memories of the future (3)
This Could Be The Last Time (5)Losin' Boozin' Susan (3)Anal Confession (10)
Nowadaze (3)common sense (1)Cheops (2)
Gina, Gina (1)To Hanoi With Love (1)Way Past Venus and Mars (3)
another rainy night (1)Live as dreamers do (4)When You Take Movies Too Seriously (3)
Forgotten Promise (2)Shudder (2)the likes of me (2)
other times (2)It's a Gemini Thing Redux (5)On the cheating side of Fate (1)
a sign of my time (1)The Girl Who Never Sleeps (3)A Simple Twist of Taste (5)
Toward the end of Libra (3)A scribbler's lament (2)In the absence of Alice (3)
Brave Giordano (1)Whispered Affair (6)Just Yesterday (3)
epiphany abound (1)ever a time (3)Another Day In The Life Of The Cat Boys (4)
Found Out (1)Show of force (2)Nutshell (1)
Eclecticism is paradise (2)Stark (1)Humans Being (1)
A Matter Of time (1)This Must Be God (2)A Gemini Thing (4)
Full Blown (4)Go to fade (1)Here to There (2)
just a guess (3)Full Cycle (1)Wait til the stars come out (2)
one of these days (3)Toward the light (4)This Way (1)
Wrack (3)probably nowhere (1)More ways than one (1)
let's hope there's hope (1)A Stupid Plea (4)Pessimist's Creed (2)
sad but true (4)Always (5)Strangers To Love (2)
Easter Morn at the Count's (2)Easter Eve (1)Mean the same tomorrow (2)
Don't Be So Quick (2)Moonless In Seattle (1)It's Those Clouds Again (6)
For you (7)Yore (0)For Joan (2)
Hester Mofet Blues (1)tough day (1)Van Gogh's Last Dream (2)
monochrome (8)Halloween Never Ends (2)Leave Nothing (3)
Else (1)Why Drunks Dance (11)A Sad Time (15)
Lullaby Look (6)

Favorite Poems
Poet to a pen by Edward G Boggs
Vodka and Rain by Alyse
"you" by A.P.
Puppets And Poems by Andrew Rymill
“Photograph of My Father and Myself in His Seventy-Second Year” by Chris B
baD pOETrEE by Cindy Bendel
Within This Sanctuary Of Souls by Sue Tancheff
Shoe On The Side Of The Road by Hannah Mae
Our Velvet Starry Sky by Cindy Bendel
ALL FALL DOWN by Mary Lou Allen
under this skin by Kayley
Fields Of Red. by Graham Jones
Telescope of Youth by Scott Malthouse
Unanswered Questions by Jeff
Kneel At Sunrise by Helen
Time me not by Angelique
Never Enough Time by Angelique
Things Learned by Tana McCarthy
All Wrinkled And Faded. by Graham Jones
Vanilla Souls by Leonard Wilson
The Shopping Cart by Mark Spencer
Memory//with nowhere to stay by A.P.
The Fires Of Hell. by Graham Jones
A theory on something by bloodtear
Ochre Moon by Cindy Bendel
Len Wilson's...Let It Burn Til It's Done by Joe Petro
The Mistral by Jeff
The Beanstalk by Sensual Sorceress
Venus v. Mars by Amy
First Star to the Right by Cindy Bendel
killing moons asunder by A.P.
Megalith by Tana McCarthy
The Invested Get Tested by Angelique
Cardinal by Roger Bacon
Reflections by Michelle
Time by Fred Clark
Little Ellie & the 4th of July Fireflies by Michelle
Soundtrack by A.P.
Conversation On Route 23 North, November 1987 by b w mayer
I am poet by Angelique
River by M J W Hayes
YOU THERE ON THE BACK ROW by maggie lopez sherry wilbur
My Name Is...... by Roger Bacon
The Wisdom of the Weeds by Alison Storm Wolf
No Words by john carter
Communion Prayers by She Whispers
Without Reservations by She Whispers
Voluntarily Triumph by Chris B
origami pigeons by Pamela A. Lamppa
Thoughts of Summer by John Lock
Dark Knight by Catherine
THE FLASK by Lady Dragonwyck
anniversary of Lorca's assassination by leahlopez
Old Mistakes by She Whispers
Tell Me by Mads
Wolf Song by Glen Petrant
please don't wake the dream by Arquious Stotius
Midnight by O'Tadghan
The Marshes by Jessica Ruth Myr
I retreat by Helen Borodina
You Can't Go Home by Glata
Identity Crises by A.P.
Words by Barbara Demasson


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