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Amber P
September 05
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November 30, 2003
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a shell of my former self 03/10/2016

Poems: 313 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
Chance (0)Armstrong (2)9 Lives (1)
Paperback (1)Sleep Talkers (2)Vague (4)
Chase (2)Mm (3)Greasy Pancake (1)
Lock and Key (4)Mush (4)Idek (4)
I Love You this Much (3)Possible (7)Muffin (5)
Preferred List (1)Robbed (2)Starving (5)
Classic (6)Take It Easy (7)Sundress, Undress (7)
TECH-NO-LOGIC-AL RO-MANCE (7)Happiness is a Potato Skin (12)Poopfaced<|3 (6)
Free (4)Burned (8)For the Lose (4)
On Display (3)A Splendid Affair (3)Sweet Dreams (3)
To Whom It May Concern: (5)Chasing the Clouds Away (1)Wait Forever (3)
Lucky (3)Easy (4)i can't tell you (3)
In Return (3)Secrets (6)I SHOULD TELL YOU (2)
You're Keeping Me Awake (1)And I'm So... (3)My True LOVE (2)
Well I Appreciate It (2)Here Follow Some Verses Upon the Absence of a Darling, October 16, 2006 (1)Just Nothing! (2)
Welcome (1)Seasonal Affair (2)So Slow (1)
Risers (3)It's a Deal (2)What a Blast (1)
Every Moment (5)One and a Half Years (1)Politics (3)
Jack(***)et (2)I Used to Know this Girl that Knew this Guy that Knew this Guy...(So I Guess I Never Knew You at All) (3)I'm Alone But I'm Not Lonely (4)
A Kid's Christmas (1)I Like Your... (4)Waiting in Line (5)
Been Held Back (4)This Part (3)Can't You Remember (2)
If It Mattered (1)I ♥ Heartbreakers (7)Always Gotta Sing Alto (5)
You're Already... (2)The Price is High (1)Make It Hurt (1)
I Wanted to Be Like You (1)Exaggeration (2)Like His Song (2)
Use Me (2)Another Night (Alone) (4)Where Wild Flowers Nod (3)
It Doesn't Mean A Thing (2)A Whole Lot of A Little Bit About Nothing But Love (2)IT REALLY WAS A TRICK!!! (He Who Shall Not Be Named/Allison Australia) (3)
Ever Do (1)Let Me See Your Pretty Eyes (3)Not Wiser (1)
Bring Me Down (2)All I Know (1)Weekends and a Home Cooked Meal (1)
Nothing to Do (2)Dependent (1)Yeah, Yeah (4)
Make a Wish (5)Breathing (5)Annual (4)
100% (4)The Beauty of Hopelessness (5)Sequins(Brought This On) (2)
I <3 Losers (4)Trouble Maker (1)Yours to Keep (3)
Below the Shoulders (2)*Makes Me Want to Fall in Love<3 (4)You're So Important (2)
Whatever Works (2)P.S. The End (2)F'd Up and Confused (4)
The Last Beautiful Girl (4)I Like You Better On Your Knees (6)I Always Wanted... (4)
Why Not Now? (2)Another Boring Story (2)This Time I'll Get It Right (2)
The Joke's On You (3)What Do I Know? (4)(un)Enthused (1)
It's All in My Head (1)Keep Quiet (1)I Finished All My Chores (2)
You Kill Me (1)Thank You for Ignoring Me (3)It's a Pleasure/What a World (2)
Money Will Make You Happy (3)I Can't Imagine (3)I'm Suffocating (1)
Time of My Life (2)Fruit of the Loom (1)Gentlemen (3)
I'll Never Make Another Promise (3)Don't Get Yourself Confused (2)Pay Attention (2)
I Almost Feel Better (1)Looking for Some Answers (1)This Time Won't Make a Difference (2)
I'll Just Say It (2)I Could Write a Poem (4)Safe Haven (3)
Second Hand (1)I Thought it Over... (4)I Can't Decide (2)
Makes Me Want to Keep My Distance (2)Bury Me (1)You Told Me It Was Only a Dream... (3)
Expert Knowledge (2)Even Your Dirt is Rad (1)This Temptation (1)
You Could've Loved Me... (3)You Have Me/ Life's Temporary (1)Things Were too Hopeful (1)
So F'ing Gnarly... (1)Gracefully Wounded (3)Jolly Jerk (2)
Hot Wheels (1)Give it in (0)Countin' Sheep (0)
Even More Worthlessness (0)What an Idiot (5)Whatevery Dorko (1)
Afraid of Leaving (1)Run (1)(Not) Alright (1)
Call to Cancel (0)The Turkey (1)150 Sheets A. K. A.: College Ruled (0)
Forgive Me (2)Too Bad There's No Course On Forgetting (0)IDK (0)
Don't Let It Go To Your Head (1)Thought You Were So Last Year (1)It Was A Trick... (1)
Take What You Came For (2)I Hate You For Making Me So Damn Paranoid (1)Fell In Love (Again) (0)
Screw (3)Cold and Bitter Season (1)Dammit (1)
Today's the Day... (0)All That's Left Now Are Memories And A Turkey Leg (2)Wasting Time (0)
Maybe It's Not Such A Bad Thing To Smile Every Now And Then... (2)No Turning Back (0)Hurl (0)
Consider It (2)Just a Rock 'n' Roll Chick with a Bad Attitude (1)Sucka! (0)
I Know What Happens Next (1)If You Could Hear Me Now (1)"A" is for Apprehension Pt. III (0)
Stupid (0)Going Nowhere (0)Sick of the Boundaries (0)
Pull Apart (1)Again and Again and Again (3)Oreos (1)
Alone and Tired (1)Forever and After... (2)I Got an Injection (0)
Sick, Strange Syndrome (5)Muffles (1)Wish I Were... (2)
Don't Fall for a Rock Star (3)"C" is for Crap (2)"B" is for Boredom (2)
Sweet Villain (1)Mr. Clothes Designer Pt. II (2)Weird Eyes (1)
Uncool (3)"A" is for Apprehension Pt. II (2)Don't Pray For Me (4)
"A" is for Apprehension (2)Rock Me (1)You Don't Feel Me (1)
Mr. Clothes Designer (1)How Do You Spell That Word? (2)I Hate You So Bad (3)
Just Part Of The Routine (1)The Reason For My Sanity (3)I Sympathize (But I Guess Now You Know How I Feel) (1)
All Time Low (1)Everything I Wanted (2)"Boys Lie & Kind of Stink." (1)
Fungus (1)Oh NO! It happened again.... (1)Uck-Ya OO-Fa (1)
)(Let Me Out)( (3)High dSaKmOmOiLt (1)Left Handed (2)
Ducks Can Fly (2)Elvis (1)Idiot Box (1)
Naive Wisdom (2)Rag Doll (1)Bunny (1)
Alaskan Bull Worm (1)Snooze Button Psycho (5)Sweet Pea (4)
No Sense Crying Over Spilled Milk (2)Pull Me Through (1)Good Luck (2)
Sundays (3)The Spirit of Those Damn Shoes (3)Camoflauge Thong (1)
PetSally and idiotrocker (4)Asthenia/A Love of Dirt and Sloths (2)Liberating Lola (3)
Giggle Giggle (2)"No Amount of Effort Can Save You from Oblivion" (3)What a Stupid Question (5)
"I'll Leave When I Wanna..." (2)Delusions of Green (2)I Don't Know and You Never Will (3)
A Box Full of Worthless Poo/Happiness (3)I'll Take My Chances (2)Other Worldly Haze (1)
Hypocrite's Convention (2)"Fate Fell Short This Time..." (3)I Hate Everything (2)
Lola (1)MTV Sucks! (2)Accidental Loner (3)
The Scent of Vengeance (2)The Barbarian (2)Zeitgeist (1)
Soda Fizz (4)Another For Banna (3)Foot Lick (7)
Rubber Braceletts Pt. II (0)(Babycakes) (1)Rubber Braceletts (1)
"Henry": The Truth (2)Replica/All I Wanted (2): xGUYS ARE SUCH A DRAGx : (5)
1,000 Questions Pt. III (1)Johnny Knoxvilles (2)Forte (2)
Lola's Cartilage Peircing (4)That Thing Over There (1)Locks (2)
Your Smile Fades in the Summer (4)Circuit (1)It Doesn't Matter (1)
Spider (2)Sick of... (4)Ether (3)
3's Song (2)Leave Me Hangin' (4)5th Block (2)
Still Frame (I see you) (1)Guitar Picks (2)Orange Shoe Laces (2)
Sic (In Memory of a Stranger) (4)Banna (4)Dirt (1)
Stranger (3)Violence (1)Rips Right Through Me Pt. II (2)
Rips Right Through Me Pt.I (2)Life's Ugly Impressions (2)First Look (1)
To Jess A. C. : The Truth About U Kno Who (2)Unoticed (2)Skeptical Opinions (3)
Little Strings (3)DON'T REMEMBER (1)***hole! (3)
A Gift For "3" (1)Forget It (1)Music Man (3)
1,000 Questions Pt. II (2)Just Another "Love" Poem (4)Help!!!! (0)
You Left Me (1)Just Waiting (Still) (6)Happy Birthday (1)
My Nirvana (3)1,000 Questions (5)Just Existing (2)
3 (3)

Favorite Poems
boyz(guyz) by Je T'aime George
something that might be a little like love [freewrite] by Jo
CAMPFAR TIME by Mary Lou Allen
56 Songs You Like to Sing by Taylor
Poop In The Soup by Stephen E. Washam
Bobby Pin by Taylor
It Don't Matter by Taylor
Sixteen by Taylor


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