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March 17
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March 9, 2011
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About Me
Hello all my name is Michael I am from Long Island, New York. I am 21 and I LOVE poetry, I am studying to become a lawyer. I am also a servant of our LORD and savior Jesus Christ. I also play guitar and will be posting lyrics please always feel free to contact me comment on my poems I accept all criticism

May GOD bless you all


Poems: 247 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
Christmas 2018 (0)Em.Dawt (0)2 4 1 Special (0)
Reason (0)2am In Raleigh Amber's Song (0)My Queen aka Lauren's Farewell Song (0)
Do They Understand (0)I'm Wishin' (0)Baltimore (0)
How I Really Feel (0)Sporty Spice (0)Emily's Song (0)
Hold My Hand (1)Blood Tears (0)Quort Knee (1)
n o name (0)My Tall Blonde (2)My Little Sister (0)
My Brit (0)My Life Brand New (1)Nice Guy's (0)
Dead Without You (0)Sparta Aka Rebecca's Song (0)The First Someone Who Meant Something (1)
You Were Suppose To Come Back (0)Until (0)Russian Roulette With A Loaded Gun (0)
Moment We Die (0)Jess (0)And I'm telling you, water that cold, like right down there... (0)
Looks Like I'll Never Find A Girlfriend (0)When You Feel Alone At Night (2)Agony (0)
My Moon And Stars <3 (0)BLISS (0)Take Me There (0)
Cold Aka Colleen's Song (0)A Little Longer (0)Everyday Struggles (0)
Track Eleven: The Village of Patchouge (0)Track Ten: No Way Out (0)Track Nine: A Tribute To My Fake Friends (0)
This Song Definatly Doesn't Have Swear Words In It (0)Break The Mold (2)Where The F**** Is Yong-Jo?! (0)
You Make Me Cry (0)Track Eight: When I leave (0)Kiss (4)
Lauren's Song (0)It Has Nothing To Do With You, But Everything To Do With Me (1)I Like You But I'm Not Over My Ex Yet (0)
Track Seven: Jimbo's Girl (0)Track 6: Tired Eyes (0)Track Five: Apparently For Ever Pot There's A Lid (0)
So I Guess Your Gone Now (0)Track Four: So I'll Just Sit Here (0)Track Three: The Fears Of A Minimum Wage Career (1)
Track Two: My Sword And Shield (0)Track One: I'll Be Your Romeo, If You Be My Juliet (0)Life Choices Are The Worst (0)
Understanding Attraction. (1)Intro (3)You Can Get Addicted To A Certain Kind Of Sadness (0)
I Honestly Can't Think Of A Witty Song Title (0)The Repercussions Of A One Night Stand AKA Marley's Song (0)You take the red pill you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes (0)
Brace Yourself! Another Breakup Song Is Coming! (0)You Kept Asking Me To Write A song About You So Here It Is Melissa's Song (0)My Covenant (1)
Lulz Sak Vs Annon "Bad Girls Song" (0)I Can Only Sing The Sad Songs And You Can Sing Along (0)The Long Haul and The Recently Departed (0)
Tales Told By Dead Friends... (0)Growing Pains (1)Ya Know What I Mean, Jelly Bean (0)
The Ballad of Wigwam Jones (0)The Seven Wonders (0)Solitude Is The Worst Form Of Punishment (0)
THe Beggers Bashful (1)The Games We Play (0)The Softer Side Of Things (0)
The Waiting (0)All Hail The King Of The North! (0)It's All In The Elements (0)
The Naughtiest Member Of The Bad Girls Club (0)Time to Shame (0)If You Do Dope I'll Give You The Rope (0)
You Just Don't Get It (0)A Lannister Always Pays His Debts (0)Walls & Windows (0)
Brace Yourself Winter's Coming (0)You Know Who I Am (0)I Need You Here (1)
A.N.N.O.N (0)Never Trust A Junkie (0)I Haven't Written A Poem In Ages (0)
Pheonix Light's (2)He Never Has To Know (0)I'ma G-6 (0)
Someone's Gotta Stop Dr. Thredson (1)The Voices In My Head (0)Naughty Children Won't Get A Gift For Santa Clause (0)
The Knight In Shinning Armor Complex (0)Bro Just Because She Dresses That Way Doesn't Mean She Want's It (0)AFC English (0)
Alyona's Song (0)I Guess My Star Has Turned Into A Blackhole (0)18 Is The New 22 (0)
Why Is Vladmir Putin In My Beroom? (0)The Epic Battle Between Gambler Vs. The Lyon (1)I'm Just An Empty Shell...Who's Roaming The Street's Of Hell (0)
Oh Wait, Dude Those Weren't Regular Mushrooms.... (0)Cmon Phil, Grab Sarah...The Floor Just Turned Into Hot Lava (0)Who Framed Roger Rabit?! (0)
I Wonder (0)Katie Pt. 2 (0)Remember Red, Hope Is A Good Thing, Maybe The Best Of Things, And No Good Thing Ever Dies (2)
I've Lost My Sanity (2)Girls, Girls, and Sometimes the Occasional Drag Queen (0)Take Her Away (0)
The Silence That Kills Me (1)Goodbye Erin (0)Katie (0)
Johannesburg (0)Sleeping Pill (0)Just Let Me Know (1)
Miley (0)Carley (0)It's Only Cold When It Snows (0)
I'm Sorry Mario Your Princess Is In Another Castle (1)Dude Pass Me That Ayahuasca (0)The Battle of Liverpool (0)
The Bogeyman (0)Lie To Me (2)The Tides (1)
Choi Lee Faht (1)Mary Mary Quite Contrary (2)I Used To Be A Hopless Romantic Until I Took An Arrow To The Knee (0)
No Post On Sundays (0)Betsy All Over (0)Hey Obama Let's Use Drones! (0)
All Those Fairy Tales Are Full of S***, If I Hear One More Love Song I'll Be Sick (0)Oh Yeah! Well My Sifu Can Beat Your Sifu! (2)Lonely (1)
Our Inner Hollow (4)Trogan Horse (2)Django's Escape (4)
The Ballad Of Mr. Clyde And The Hidden Dragon (1)Restart it all (1)Ah boy (1)
The Saddest Sunset (1)Your New Boy Toy Is Broken (0)The Queen's Servant (0)
Summer Of 09' (0)Doctor Doctor! (1)It's a Beautiful Day (0)
Let's Just Slow Down (1)The Fighting Irish (0)Just Keep Running (0)
Goldilocks VS The Bear (0)Valerie (0)Georgie (1)
Andy Dufrene (1)Late Nigh Pick Me Up (0)Free Light (1)
Valerie (3)Late Night Romance (2)Soul at a Bend (1)
Just a Memory (2)Lesson's Learned (3)Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls (1)
The Dream (2)32 Kensington Avenue (3)Finish Your Beer, There's Sober Kids in India (1)
I'm sorry (2)Settle The Score (1)Mitch The Impailor Pt 1 (1)
damsel in distress (0)Hey Ichigo Come Get Me Too! (1)Gofsallofacliff (0)
Fix it (0)If you Only Knew (1)Shannon (0)
Dude Stop Bullying Senior Citizens (0)Hell is paved with good people (1)If love is really a river they don't supply the paddle (2)
Your Song (1)Meant For More? (0)If I could (0)
Blue Eyes (1)Long Road (1)As The Snow Falls (0)
Forgive You (0)Annie (1)Reminds me of you (0)
I hate these nights (2)Look at the Moon (2)Endicott (0)
The Fall of Thal (1)E.P.B (0)Jokes On You (1)
Lone Touch (1)Summer Days (2)You Can't Spell New Jersey Without "Ew" (2)
Hey Maddie (0)DMC (0)Loosing My Mind (0)
<Untitled> (0)Shannon (0)Eh. (1)
Remember your name (2)Summer Nights (1)This Sucks. (3)
Irene Adler (1)Run DMC (1)Hey You (0)
Set me free (0)Home (0)Bay Shore (3)
Oh is me (2)Letting go is never easy. (2)I Want To Write A Love Poem (4)
Farewell (3)Bah (3)Sunset Queen (2)
Sunrise Highway (2)Sticks and Stones (0)My DVR broke so here's a new song (3)
Please Don't Go (1)A Silly Little Love Poem (2)Takotsubo (0)
Erin D (0)Heartless (0)It's one of those nights (1)
Sorry Mario Peach is Taken (1)Another Day Another Martini (2)Juilet Can Go Take A Hike (0)
Pike (1)I'd Hate to See Your Face Right About Now (0)Psycho Analitic (0)
Girl in the Sunset (1)Little Black Dress (1)Betsy and the bee's (0)
Bravo.Echo.Tango.September.Yankee (2)E.P.B (0)Awful Things (0)
Stones Steps (3)


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