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Alistair Muir
May 12
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April 8, 2010
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About Me
Single male with no dependents and one surviving sister.  Have suffered recently from serious bouts of depression and have been using poetry as a therapeutic medium which has successfully begun to restore my sense of humour and help me integrate back into society.

Poems: 1140 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
Life: From Curse To Joy (0)Hellish (1)Down and Out (1)
Dark Sorcery (0)2016 (1)Beloved Siren (1)
Count The Ways (1)Shoot To Thrill (2)Last Words (1)
Prayer (3)Metallica (1)Troll (0)
Mind Rest (0)Into The Pit (0)Recovery Happens (2)
Then Come The Tears (1)A Roseate Glow (0)Holy Trinity (2)
Journey (2)Mother, Father, Sister... (5)Up And Up (0)
Hospital (2)Conviction -- TOTW (1)An Ageing Knight (1)
Beyond Reach (0)Hegemony (0)Bi-Polar (2)
Sochi (0)Death's Messenger (2)Everywhere (2)
She Leaves Us Now (1)Arrows (2)Addiction (1)
At Peace (1)Royal Defendant (2)The Glass I Hold (5)
Let Peace Ensue (3)A Knight's Soliloquy (2)Special Friends (4)
They Come For Me (4)Fireworks (2)New Year's Eve (5)
Stage Presence (2)When I Am Far Away (2)Be Swift My Love... (3)
And When I Think Of You I Smile (3)Demon Grass (4)Blank Page (1)
Sex, Lies And Seduction (1)Deceived (3)Tumble-Weeds (2)
Dear Mother (3)Reindeer (2)Let Darkness In (1)
Reflection Reflection -- Topic Of The Week (6)David (5)Reflection -- TOTW (5)
So Christmas Comes (4)Bitter Counsel (3)Writing (3)
I Stand Alone (5)The Artist (3)I Watched Her Breathe (6)
Anxiety (4)Birds Clear The Air (2)Bewitch Me (2)
We Touch -- We Kiss (4)Burning Soul (7)Attend Me (2)
Another Death (4)Royal Panthoum (3)In The Air (5)
Silent Thought (3)A Sailor's Plea (5)The Knights And The Wizard (2)
Return Home (5)Midnight Visit (4)The Knights Ride North (3)
Ode To My Queen (6)Spirit Sweet (5)The Knights And The Darkness (7)
Proposal -- TOTW (2)Group (1)Ode To Fluffy (3)
The Count And The Mistress (3)Becalmed (4)Recovery (3)
Calm Again (4)Awake (4)Sit I Alone (4)
Limbo (7)Nght Thoughts (3)Medieval Musings (5)
Pride -- TOTW (2)One Last Moment (4)Release (2)
Reflection (3)A Stranger Met (7)My Friends (6)
Landscape (6)Inner Flame (6)Emergence (6)
Spring 2013 (5)Grandpa's Song (4)Trip To Hell (6)
Joy Of Life (7)Alone (5)A Lonely Landscape (7)
Regrets (3)Demons Of The Mind (3)Aphrodite -- TOTW (5)
Little Demon (2)Lullaby (3)Darkness Bites (3)
Medieval Mind Attack (2)To Sing My Song (5)Zeus -- TOTW (2)
Tears Of Loss (4)Mount Olympus -- TOTW (4)The Final Path (4)
Waterfall (4)And So She Leads (2)Water Nymph (6)
So Whistle Wind (4)The Arrows Fly (2)Future Times (3)
Aging King (3)Parent's Plea (1)I Medusa -- TOTW (4)
Burns Bright The Candle (3)L'Amour (1)South African Justice (2)
Child In The Mud (3)Tears Of Anguish (5)Shame (5)
Civil Unrest (3)An Angel Smiled (3)It Comes (4)
Chimera -- TOTW (4)Cardboard Hell (4)A Thousand (1)
Reflections (3)Sir David Consoles The King (3)Wraith (4)
Love I The Poems That I Read (6)Reaper (4)Man With Blades (1)
Wraith Is Out (3)Hole In My Soul (3)Scattered Like Leaves My Thoughts (5)
'Tis Soon The Race Will Run Its Course (4)Mental War (2)Oscar (2)
Neutral Mask (2)Screaming Wraith (3)Good Pilgrim (1)
Joy Of Literature (2)Grows Fat The Seed (2)The Battlefield Lies Quiet Now (2)
Fat Society (3)Tears Of A President (2)Quittance -- TOTW (3)
Rhyme (4)Last Verse (2)The Knights And The Witches (3)
Al Is In Wonderland (4)The Knights And The Coven (4)Petals (2)
Adrift (3)Nymphs -- FF-WBC-9 (6)The King And The Witch (5)
Your Deceit (4)Urge (2)Sad Song (3)
Romance In The Stars (4)Deserter (3)A Knight's Farewell (4)
Fair Maiden (3)Leech (3)Cry Infamy (2)
New York New York (3)My Bond -- TOTW (4)The Knights And The Lords Of Dark (4)
Separated (2)Exhortation Of The King (3)My Love Is Like A Kestrel High (3)
Thirst (2)Rescue Of The King (4)Medieval Valentine (4)
Inside The Bottle (4)What Price This Fight? (3)Defeat Of The King (5)
Absent Valentine (4)Sad Soliloquy (3)Game Of Thrones (3)
The Child In Man (4)Special Bond - TOTW (2)The Call Of Heaven (3)
Your Consent (3)Silence (2)Second Chance (1)
Come Priya Come (1)Confusion Will Be My Epitaph (1)Be Careful What You Wish For (1)
Celebrates The Menagerie (3)A Nightmare (3)The Knights Seek Klamel (2)
The Photograph (3)Compassion (5)My Most Precocious Teen (1)
Portrait Of Love (2)Klamel And The Knights (3)Mirror Victim (2)
Holocaust Remembrance Day (2)Come Muse (3)The King And Sir David Talk (3)
And So The Rant Within Me Boils (2)Superbowl (1)Tongue-Tied (3)
My Sincere Thanks (5)For Len (3)Old Age Blues (2)
The Face Of Christ (1)A Lady's Garden (2)My Sister's Foot (3)
C.P. (6)Inauguration (2)Stuck Again (1)
A Panic Attack (4)My Insanity -- TOTW (1)Dragon Tears (3)
Glimpse Of Beauty (4)I Dream Of Love (2)And Darkness Fell... (3)
Come Now Damn Word (5)Puppet-Master (3)The Great Divide (1)
Dr Fogg (6)My Friend (5)Mali (1)
Insensate (3)Deception (3)The Knights Invisible (3)
I Search For You (1)Foggy Places -- TOTW (1)Shadow Man (4)
The Fog -- TOTW (3)First Love (1)Shadow Friends (0)
Queen Are You (3)Lust (4)The Cloud And Xerxes' Eye (2)
King Al And Macduff (3)Hunger (3)The Con-Dems (3)
Nonsense (4)Malvinas/Falklands (2)Just You (4)
The Knights Battle Xerxes (2)The Knights Seek Xerxes (2)Obsidian -- Your Eyes So Dark (6)
Humanity -- TOTW (2)The Knights And The Lords Of Dark (2)Love Hope -- FF-WBC2 (4)
Come Raven (3)Absent Friend (3)Lament (1)
Musical Pictures (3)Car-Wreck (6)Last Farewell (3)
Spectre Of The Night (4)The Mirror Hangs (4)Grant Us Release (3)
2013 (5)Christmas Tree -- TOTW (2)Birthday Boy (4)
Deep Behind The Mind's Door (1)A Close Call (2)Return (4)
The Knights and Balthazar (4)Madness (3)Medieval Dentistry (3)
So Gnarled The Bark Of This Old Tree (4)Haunted (4)Sad Lament -- AT Shotgun WBC (4)
Clear Out Despair (4)Sad Times (6)Farewell (9)
The Darkness Is As Life To Dust (6)Face In The Heavens (5)The Time Is Raw (6)
The Moment We Said Goodbye (3)The Summon (5)King Al Reflects (4)
King Al And The Count (6)Granddad's Letter (3)A Great Call (1)
Falling Poppy (2)Syria's Sunset (3)Armistice Day (2)
Poppy (4)Medieval Rant (4)It Came (2)
Queen Bess -- Poisoned (4)King Al Addresses Sir David (4)Zivota Berug-Katunifer -- Shotgun WBC2 (4)
The Mist Hung Low (2)So Come Now -- Misery -- (2)Comes Full Attack (6)
It Cuts So Deep (5)Uncivil -- Civil War (5)Rondel (6)
Defence (2)Letter From Afghanistan (4)Days Gone By (6)
Ghosts Of The Past (4)Forgotten In The Wind (2)Super-Storm Sandy (6)
Medieval Romance (5)Decay -- TOTW (5)Evening Rendez-Vous (1)
Dedication (5)You And I (3)Come Hither (2)
I Hold Myself (0)Road To Hell -- John's WBC (3)Turning Point -- L.J. --WBC (4)
Unwell (5)Evening Of My Days (6)Christmas Comes (8)
Alone At Last (3)Last Words (4)Arrows In The Night -- LJ--WBC (10)
Divine To Love (3)Lust -- TOTW (8)Our Dalliance (1)
A Birth Is Only Death Begun (2)The Naked Page Awaits (5)The Sound Of Silence (5)
Father (3)Today It's Hard To Settle Down (4)Desolation Row (2)
Thank You (3)Separation (4)Unseen (2)
The Knights And The Trolls -- Again (3)Start Anew (4)King Al And The Troll King (3)
I See You Stranger (5)Lucky Charm -- TOTW (3)The Crimson Tide (2)
A Breast That's Warm To Touch (0)A Pair Together -- Free (2)This Time He Will Be Free (4)
The Rain Falls On The Inside Now (0)Without -- FF-WBC (4)Intolerance (2)
Love's End (1)Nobel Peace Prize (3)For Our Knights (3)
Elections Again (1)Abuse Of Privilege (3)Sweet Simon Soothes (2)
Come Look At Me (5)Darkness Falls (4)The Sun Set With Roseate Glow (5)
Street Zen -- TOTW (5)'Tis Fine To Dream (4)Zen --TOTW (4)
The Clown Prince -- FF--WBC (6)Infidelity (3)Avoid The Wine -- FF-WBC (6)
Innocent (1)What Savage Thing... (3)Divorce (3)
Battle With Atul (3)The Knights And Atul The Mad (3)The King At Peace (4)
Fade Away Into Darkness (3)Greet The Dawn (2)Cancer (2)
Ever The Same (2)The Pyramids (2)So Lost (5)
Sir Len On Victory -- TOTW (4)CP At Midnight (7)Last Pronouncement (2)
And There She Is... (3)Just The One (3)Grains Of Sand (5)
Cosmic Ray (4)David (6)Dance With The Devil (5)
Dream Distortion -- Gene's WBC (5)Lift The Chalice (3)The King And Sir John (2)
Dusk (4)Morning Thoughts (3)Inter-Relations (3)
With Trepidation Do I Write (4)Let Not The Blackness Tenure Here (2)Lunar Magic -- David's WBC (3)
Foliage -- TOTW (4)Being Happy Can Get You Down (4)Rescue Of Sir David (4)
Sir David Held (3)After The Battle (4)Before The Battle (4)
The King And Sir Dirk (3)Sir Dirk On Patrol (6)Love Across Two Lands (4)
And So My Love... (3)Harmony And The King -- TOTW (4)Harmony Of Body And Mind -- TOTW (2)
The Perfect Church (1)Hell-mare (4)My Sister (3)
The Fire Cliffs (4)Momentary Slip (3)Come Hold Me Now (4)
Soliloquy (5)Come Lightning (3)Beauteous Sunset (1)
Love The Constant (2)Bound For Glory (6)Dragon Triumphant (6)
Silent Farewells (5)A Last Farewell (3)The Way Of The Damned (1)
Nightmare? (4)Headless Chickens (6)When Skies Are Blue (6)
Voices In The Wind (2)The Sixties -- TOTW (4)Aftermath (4)
Romany -- Len's WBC (3)Another Tear (5)Friar Gene And Sir Len (4)
My Angel (1)She Danced By The Moon -- She-Whispers WBC (3)Curing Self-Denial (2)
Instance Of Clarity (4)Knightmare -- Soliloquy Of Sir Len (4)Harboured -- TOTW (4)
Soul Ascension (3)Your Smile (3)Gail -- Linda Jo WBC (4)
Election Blues...And Reds (2)Watering Hole (2)The Body Can Descend No More (5)
The Reckoning (3)Their Home Is Where The Harbour Lies -- TOTW (5)The Cruel Sea (4)
FF-WBC-4 -- Lost (3)Peace Of Mind (1)The Scarlet In The Water (1)
Just A Feeling (1)Deceit (1)At The Centre Of Me (2)
Performing (3)Last Breath (3)The Mist -- TOTW (3)
I Hear The Wind (4)The Lightness Of Being (3)Suicide? (2)
FF-WBC-3 -- It Was A Risk (6)Revelations (4)Mind Drift (2)
Disaster Date -- Tomahawk PBC (2)The Parapet -- Tomahawk WBC (6)Evening Interlude -- Tomahawk WBC (5)
Bess' Lullaby To Leo (2)Cravings (2)She Sits Before Me (2)
The Knights And The Scales (3)Life Lessons (1)The Vault (2)
WBC2 -- The Power Of Verse (4)Life Is A Contest (1)The Contest (2)
The Ogre (1)WBC -- Time Dance (1)Musical Beach (3)
A Tuneful Life (3)Life Goes On (2)She Came For Help (2)
Barfly (2)The Beach (3)The Aged Man (3)
Your Scent Leaves Footprints In The Air (1)Love Shines Out (2)The Attack (1)
A Stranger Calls (1)Demons In The Head (3)Drifting (2)
Beauty Of Night (3)Word Bank Challenge -- The Stranger (5)Earth (1)
I'll Love You Whatever (1)Your Soul Is Safe (3)Memories Of His Life (3)
The Lighthouse (4)Unmasked (4)Clouded Self (6)
Gaia Protects (6)Poor Old Lobster (2)The Dig (2)
Ballerina (1)This New And Sunny Day (4)The Knights And The Games (3)
Olympic Fever (4)Comes Round A Year (3)Honesty Is In My Make-Up Now (4)
Unsavoury And Toxic Verse (4)A Night-Time Trip (3)Another Lie (2)
Frustration Peaks (2)I Sleep And I Talk To The Dead (3)Creative Poems (7)
He Danced Alone (3)Tune Of Life (3)For David (7)
My Gem -- My Soul (3)Clarity (3)Rebuke (3)
The Robbery (2)Life Sparkles Like A Gem (5)The Hum Of Silence (9)
Mankind's Death Knell (3)Fireworks (5)Running (2)
The River Flows (4)Circled Wagons (3)One Moment In Raptures (1)
Pointless (3)Solace (1)Expectations (3)
Verse (2)Blues Bar (3)Cross The Sea Of Tranquility (4)
Expunge The Past (3)Tomorrow I Leave The Darkness (4)Elusive (1)
Mental Cruelty (3)Where Have You Been? (4)Solstice Dawn (5)
Beauteous Eyes (1)The Tightrope Walker (3)The Twinkling Of The Stars Tonight (4)
Kidnapped (1)Rest In Peace (2)How Late The Hour (2)
Lady Kym Distressed (4)The Knights And The Blight - Fin (3)The Knights And The Blight - Part Three (3)
The Knights And The Blight - Part Two (3)The Knights And The Blight - Part One (4)Symphony Of Love (3)
Humidity (6)The Memories That You Bring (2)Royal Update (4)
By His Hand I Find A Cure (4)The Sleeper Must Awake (3)Surreal Memories (3)
Sweet Jasmine Fills The Air (4)Custodian (1)Dark, Dark Is The Night (2)
The Seductive Call Of The Knife Entices (4)At Once It All Makes Sense To Me (2)Elizabeth II Regina (3)
King Al And Queen Bess Talk (2)How Strange It Is (4)Begone (3)
Umbrella (3)The Strings Of His Soul (4)There Will Come A Time For us (2)
To Love (2)Unwrap My Heart (2)Journey From Hell (4)
Inexplicable (2)The Mask I Wear Is One Of Peace (2)The Birds Are Many (1)
Hold Fast Sweet Heart (2)What Joy And Warmth Beat With My Heart (3)Military (1)
You Call My Name But I Am Far Away (2)Do You Cry For Me Weeping Willow? (2)Siren (2)
My Heart Is Locked (3)One Of Your Smiles (2)Compensation (5)
School Memories (4)Save Our Site (3)Sir David Bares His Soul (3)
Sir Len And Lady Kym (1)Friar Gene (4)The Minstrel Plays (3)
Master And Pupil (3)We Sat Beneath A Willow Tree (2)King Al And Sir Len (2)
Lady Kymberly's Thoughts (2)Aflame (3)King Al And Queen Bess (3)
Love Drifts In (5)I Feel Inside That You Are Near (3)Cardboard City (2)
Insensate (3)Royal Proclamation (2)King Al's Soliloquy (2)
Sir Len And Sir John (4)Death Flies On The Wind Of Sighs (1)Age With Dignity (1)
Thank You C-P (4)Lady Linda And Friar Gene (3)Sir Dirk And Simon (1)
Lullaby (2)Sir Henry And Countess Geena (2)Another Year Has Passed Me By (1)
Sir David And Sir Len (3)Storm Clouds Gather (3)Soliloquy Of Sir David (2)
Queen Bess And Sir David (2)Sir Len And Lady Kymberly (3)She Walked In The Forbidden Place (3)
We Shall Dance In The Aisle (2)Playing That Old Record Again (1)Sleep Eludes Me This Night (2)
My Shrill Scream Pierces The Air (2)Black Top (3)In The Pit (3)
I Sit Alone Content With My Thoughts (2)Island Justice (3)He Would Sing Songs (3)
The Canvas Of My Mind (3)If Love Had Wings (3)Sir Len -- First Knight (3)
Sir David -- Excerpt From Memoirs (3)Lady Linda (2)Group Mind (3)
Isolated Isle (1)Romance At Court (4)Black Tarmac And Heavy Rain (3)
O Maiden Fair (2)Your Face Delights (2)Shooting Star (2)
So Isolated (4)The Rose (4)Isolated (2)
Kukri (3)Mother Earth Sheds Her Tears (0)The Composer As The Poet Is (1)
Stone Circle (2)The Love-light Lingers (2)The World Is Not So Bright Today (2)
A Naked Page For My Desire (4)To The Firmament I Raise My Gaze (2)A High Heel (2)
The Land Of Nod (2)A Stranger Standing There (2)How I Wish That You Were There (2)
Hierarchy Of Values (2)Finished Or Just Begun? (2)Which Way? (1)
The Politician (4)Satan Spawned (2)Dynamic Thoughts (4)
Oft Now I Sing (1)Waiting For That Phone To Ring (2)The Fear (3)
The Knights And Ballsup (2)Perchance A Kiss? (1)Sacrosanct (3)
Memories (3)The Rich Man And The Poor Man (4)The Early Hours (3)
Love-light (3)Simon The Gay Troubador (3)Adonis Am I Not (3)
Wisps Of Memory (4)Picture Of Dreamland (4)The Knights And The Fern (4)
Lady Kymberly (4)Hold Onto A Dream (1)Frenzied Love (3)
Are You An Angel? (5)Frenzy (3)Lucidity (4)
The Race (1)The Colours In My Mind Explode (3)Something... (5)
Hurt (5)Plus Ca Change (3)The Knights And The Crocus (3)
Once Upon A Distant Memory (4)The Humble Bee (3)The Reaper (3)
Harmony (3)Writing Today Is Joyous (2)Liberty On Trial (3)
The Hunger (3)A Test Of Faith (3)A Problem To Revolve (5)
Life Without Drink (4)I Float Along On Waves Of Thought (5)The Knights And The Egg (2)
He Was A Lonely Troubadour (2)The Monkey (2)Lost In The Wilderness I Walk (2)
What Have I Done That Is So Wrong? (3)The Spectre Of The Darkness (2)Please Stop The Screaming (2)
The River (3)The Knights And The Giant's Garden (3) Crocus Introspective (3)
Crocus (1)Night Visions (1)As Long As Heaven's Above (3)
My Mind Absails (1)The Knights And The Duck (3)Bird Talk (6)
Heaven Or Hell (4)Haunted By Shadow (3)Power Absolute (4)
La Femme Fatale (4)It Would Have Been Your Birthday Today (2)Red Moon Ascendant (2)
Picture Of Confusion (3)Come To Me And Smile (1)This Sweet Statue (2)
I Float On Waves Of Thought (3)Angel (4)The Knights In The Wilderness (2)
Twisted Dreams (1)Buttercup (4)The Knights In The Magic Lands (2)
What Answers Lie Behind Our Dreams? (2)The Winds Of Change (3)Lost In The Wilderness (2)
The Man In The Bowler Hat (2)The Knights And The Ball (2)Not With Quantity Does Quality Come (2)
Writing Is Loving (3)The Knights And The Smugglers (3)Tableau Of The Bizarre (3)
Come My Love (3)I Sit Alone And Question Why? (6)The Tree And The Crows (4)
Kunoichi (5)Are You From Afar? (3)The Dark Shadow (3)
The Ghost Of Reason (1)The Man In The Clown Mask (2)Evolution (2)
The Birds (3)Pretty Coloured Drinks (2)In The Shadows (3)
Mother's Day (1)Let Your Mind Disengage (5)The Voices (2)
Karen (2)The Sounds Of Love (2)Another Mask (2)
The Clown (1)The Year (1)The Knights And The Trolls (2)
Vision Quest (1)Hear My Sorrowful Prayer (1)Atlantis Dreams (3)
The Knights And The Queen's Birthday (3)Costume (2)Fallen Knight (1)
Wretched Pills (2)Empty Page (3)The Knights And The Bats (3)
The Knights And The Caterers (2)Cleanse The Soul (1)The Wind Of Change (1)
Riding The Tidal-Wave (3)What Will The Week-End Bring Today? (3)The Knights And Queen Al (3)
My Mind Is Freed And It Bends (3)The Knights And The Crown Jewels (2)Sir Len And Lady Janice (3)
My Mind's Eye -- Phrase-Bank Challenge (5)The Knights And Count Pratt (4)From Morn Till Night (3)
Helmand (1)Shadow Visions (2)Cell Eleven (3)
Curse Of The Moon (3)In Heaven The Dead Are Smiling (3)The Voice (4)
Darkness (1)Prey To The Libertine (4)Why The Libertine? (3)
The Knights And The Dragons (3)Reject The Morals Of The Saint (2)When You Told Me You Had To Go (1)
The Libertine (2)How Oft Do We Hear From The Dead? (1)Feed On Your Fear (1)
Your Face (2)Nightmare Of The Styx (5)The Knights At Ye Holiday Inne (4)
The Birds Say Hello (2)My Mind Begins To Wander (5)An Inspirational Moment (4)
Final Dance (2)Signpost Of Life (3)Last Kiss And Embrace (4)
Come Into The Light (4)Come Wind (6)Eternal Bliss (3)
Crescendo (2)My Heart Turns To Stone (2)Beyond (3)
Anti-Something (1)Something From Nothing (2)I Feel Not A Thing (4)
Grant Me Release (2)The Knights And The Ogre (3)The Knights A nd The Mine (3)
The Sleeper Awakes (1)Ship Of Sorrow (2)Penalties (1)
The Knights And Boot Camp (4)Toccata (4)Explanation (2)
Good Sir Len (2)Let The Words Flow (5)Sanity Restored (5)
Music Of The MInd (5)Questions From The Fool (4)A Memory Of Thine (1)
Dreamland (1)Live For Today (2)Queen Bess And The Portrait (3)
Ye Royal Ode To Bess (4)Take Me Far Away (2)Ye Royal Tournament (3)
Verse Unsent (3)Subject Or The Word? (5)Ye Royal Update (4)
God's Gift (4)My Muse (2)Virgin Canvas (2)
The Knights And The Pirates (4)The Cheap Knights Out (3)The Knights At The Fair (4)
King's Proclamation (4)The Birds' Lesson (3)My Distant Friend (3)
The Knights And The Zombies (3)The Knights And The Witch (4)incommunicado (2)
Sonnet For Taniya (6)The Knights At The Races (5)The Knights At Ye Casino (4)
The Knights And Countess Regina (4)Pompeiian Lovers (2)Ye Royal Advert (2)
The Knights Have An Indian (3)Moondust (1)Audacious Flamenco (1)
Senses Burned Bright (1)North Yorkshire Heaven (2)Sviraj -- Lullaby (1)
More 'Plethora' (1)Fate -- Destiny -- Harmony (1)Fusion Of Sounds (1)
Re-incarnation (1)Dramatis Personae Of The Knights (3)Mother Nature (2)
The Knights And The Hangover (3)Into The Arena (1)The Knights In The Bar (3)
Half-Term (1)Sleep Little Girl (2)Sun, Moon and Tree (3)
Vesuvius (1)Passion Of Music (3)Final Path (3)
Valentine Exploitation (2)Love In Dreams (1)Like Sister And Brother (3)
Of Peace (1)Thou Goddess (4)Nothing Is Impossible (3)
Forbidden Love (2)Fireman's Plan (3)Hellish Curse (3)
Life-force (2)Music Man (3)Are You Looking Down At Me? (1)
Lonely Teen (1)A Plethora Of Questions (4)My Valentine (3)
Little Bird (3)Happy Valentine Queenie (1)The Knights And The Archery Contest (5)
Misericordia (1)The Knights Meet Sir Gene (4)Constancy (2)
Summer Loving -A Sonnet (1)The King - - The Knights And The Hunt (7)Life In Silhouette (2)
Resplendant Dragon (1)My Love In Repose (2)Mind Like A Butterfly (1)
Old-Timer (2)Tick Tock (1)Deep Sea Life (1)
Go Back To Bed (2)I Feel Nothing (1)Dragon Attack (2)
The King - - The Knights And The Table (3)Lady Linda and the Dragons (6)The King And The Queen (3)
Me And CP (1)The King - - Sir David And Sir Len (4)Phone-Call Of Joy (3)
No More Than Nothing (1)Nothing (1)My Stoic Friend (2)
I Hate SAD (1)Spring Soon (2)How To Write A Poem (6)
Vampire Escape (0)Friendship Over (2)I Talk To The Trees (2)
Trees (3)My Depression Hurt (4)Vampire Stalked (0)
Menage A Trois (2)Melissa -- Above The Celestial City (1)Rorshchach Test (2)
Unholy Image (3)Vampire Entrapment (1)Casting Shoot (2)
Count The Ways (2)Love By The Fire (3)The Gargoyle Defeated (3)
Vampire Divergence (1)Masks (1)Model On The Catwalk (3)
The Gargoyle In Hades (2)Vampire Emergence (0)Wekcome To The Nodern World (3)
Getting Stronger (3)The Gargoyle And The Keeper (3)Vampire Resurgence (2)
The Gargoyle And The Rift (2)The King And The Regulators (3)The Week-end's Nearly Over (2)
Vampire Reprise (2)The Happy Day (0)A Fresh New Beginning (2)
Gargoyle Re-appearance (0)The King And The Snow (4)Vampire Suicide (1)
Perfect Day (0)Broken-hearted (3)Fibromyalgia (2)
The King - - The Sage And All At C-P (1)The King And The Scribe (3)When You Are Gone (4)
Ghosts (3)Intensive Care (2)The Sage's Quandary (2)
Already Dead (5)Child In My Heart (2)Trip To Jerusalem (1)
Across The Table (2)Feel The Bliss (1)Day Trip (3)
Little Girl's Dream (4)Moving Encounter (2)Paradoxical Sky (5)
End This Pain (1)Ten O'clock Fixers (4)Soutn Florida (3)
Almost A Voyeur (3)The Sage And The PC (4)England Shivers (4)
Baby Talk (2)The King And The Sage (2)Love From Afar (1)
Everlasting Longing (1)Austerity Grips (1)The End Of The Timeless Ones (3)
Soulmate (6)True Love (2)Poor Old Lobster (4)
But It's Over (0)When I Make Love To You (1)My Addled Brain (1)
Our Precious Nurses (2)Here Lies (4)A King's Lust (3)
Sulphur And Brimstone (3)Challenger (4)Glows Bright The Door (2)
Hallowed Land (2)My Friends At C-P (4)My Beloved Distraction (3)
Writer's Block (5)Night Falls (4)What A Change The Sunshine Can Bring (3)
The Lights Are Low (3)Panic Attacks (4)We Poets (4)
Silent Thoughts (3)The Common Cold (2)I Wonder If You Know (3)
My Old Friend (5)I'm Not A Bad Person (3)The Wind Of Harmony (2)
Lost Liberty (3)The Bean Or The Leaf? (1)Thou Art What Thou Art (2)
Magic Must Be Abroad (3)Audrey (1)Vision Of Perfection (0)
In The Brilliant Sky Above (3)Restless Soul (3)We Close Our Eyes (3)
Pills (2)Snowstorm (3)Nirvana (3)
Maze (3)Coffin Nails (5)When Is A Friend Not A Friend? (4)
Playful One (1)Cruise Disaster (5)Dawn (1)
Goodbye Sis' (5)Winter Morning (3)Winterscape (3)
Passionate Love (3)The Pearly Gates (3)Your Lustrous Hair (4)
Your Best Friend (2)Give Me Your Sign (3)Love No Other (2)
Beyond Description (2)Planet Building 101 (2)Friday The Thirteenth (3)
So Much In Love (2)Push Two To Continue (2)Baby Blues (3)
Senselessness of Smoking (3)Alcohol (2)It'll Be A Fight (2)
Snowy Mis -en-scene (2)Scrum Beasts (3)The Perfect Coffee (4)
Used and Abused (1)Twenty Years Later (3)Goalllll!!!!! (2)
Double-click (2)Hospital Smokers (4)Memories Fly Aloft (3)
Embrace The Future (3)Like The Dinosaur (3)Newborn (3)
Depression Vexed (2)Post-Addiction Disorder (6)Transatlantic Pathos (4)
House On The Moor (1)I Would Kiss You (3)The Intruder (2)
Everything Is Literature (4)Exploding Breasts (4)Endless Is Misery (5)
Night-time Ride (3)No No Nonet (4)Modesty Prevents... (2)
I Would Have You Use Me (2)Across The Divide (5)Near To The Light Of Dreams (2)
It is you... (2)Transported Away (3)Long-awaited Kiss (5)
You Will Never Leave My Heart (6)Election Fever (1)What If? (4)
You'll Go Blind! (5)It'll Be Cold This Christmas (1)Too Beautiful For Words (3)
Ongoing Family Saga (1)Dating Disaster (5)The Lawrence's Lost Generation (4)
I'm So Happy Here (5)Don't Err Again (3)Life's End -- The Beginning (1)
Run To Mummy (2)Broken Christmas (2)Life and Freedom (2)
Our Love Is Intense (1)Who Are You Really Hurting? (1)Worst Christmas Ever (3)
Wasted By Excess Drink (1)...sunday night football... (2)We Put Everything We Are Into It (1)
Winter (3)Something Good From The New One (3)I will Grow Old By Your Side (5)
The Scarlet Room (2)Helen (2)The Games We Play (2)
La Petite Morte (1)Drinker's Do's And Don't's (4)Note To Self (4)
May They Prosper (3)Christine (2)I Am Lost To You (2)
Sweet Melissa (3)...for once - - hope (2)I Don't Want To Get Hurt (3)
Heat Of Passion (2)Abstract Mantra (3)Close And Warm (2)
Lyrics Of Love (1)Of Harmony And Joy (2)From Dusk Till Dawn (1)
Adulterous Friend (3)A Dream Of Tomorrow (1)Eternity (1)
Christmas Cheer or Fear... (1)Dalliance (1)I Miss You All (3)
Princess Mine (1)The Door To Destiny (1)She Is Lady (2)
Grant Me Your Acceptance (3)Gargoyle Progeny (3)Christmas Reflection (1)
May Day (3)Asylum (2)The Well Of Depression (4)


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