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Linda Jo
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Apache Junction
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February 16, 2009
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About Me
i am funny faced...hard to trace...searching for grace...from the wind braced...
simple of taste...sometimes in haste...a little crazed...always amazed...
with hopes ablaze...a little dazed...with the truth faced
no time to raised....and still straight-laced!
So as you can see, i am lighthearted and what i write usually reflects that tone.  I dont use any fancy words or lofty ideas but i write from the experiences that touch my heart, enlighten my mind, and of course, tickle my funny bone.
I appreciate the wide variety of poetry on this site.  I  look forward to reading your poems and
getting a glimpse of YOU... the talented poets who are openly sharing their hopes, dreams, fears,
 and haunts.   Linda Jo...sheedreams

Collaborations: 2 total (0 with awards). View By: Award | Date | Title
Haiku Summer Fun! (12) by The First C-P Haiku Group!My Kitchen Window (4) by Septolets II

Poems: 317 total (5 with awards). View By: Award | Date | Title
Esperance.... (21)Narcissim 101 (24)The Voice of the River (11)
My Journey to the Edge (17)Like Evangeline... (19)desert moon (9)
Tears (9)Tashtego (13)My Baby Girl (9)
only a promise of rain (9)Sing Along With Me (5)Sweet Smell of Thunder (3)
All You Wanted Was Me (6)Good Luck With That...Tomahawk's PBC (4)Under the Lamp Light (5)
the Power of the Moon (8)Blue (5)Textured Memories (9)
I Like Livin' Alone (3)wild strawberries (2)Earth-Friends (6)
Ode to Blackberries (14)Begging for Raindrops (4)ode to brown (5)
do you blog? (3)Through Your Eyes (8)Boudreau and Thibodeau (7)
Narcissism 201 (7)We Don't Sing the Same Song (3)Raining Joyful Tears (8)
Don't Go! (5)The Beatles, Carnations, and You (11)mr n korea (6)
The Ghost Train (14)Garden Haiku Ann's calander (3)Stepped Into Icy Water (4)
...I Do (11)Ann's Poetry Challenge...Poetry Is My Voice (9)How Much I Love Her (3)
Ann's Poetry Calendar... One Hundred Memories of You (10)haiku, of sorts (4)it's only coffee... (10)
Rain (9)Ode to Skype (11)SEASONS (8)
Chasing Tumbleweeds (6)Gather 'Round the Campfire (4)A Limerick for sHeRi (6)
Hey Rosie! (3)A Moment of Luxury (4)Our Dear Friend Joe (2)
Apache Sunrise (8)Shimmering Crystals (7)Adri (17)
Stars that Color the Night (5)circus psycho (6)Faces (8)
Ann's Poetry Challenge~Where The Blue Gentian Bloom ll (5)Gifts From the Bag Lady (9)What If? (4)
Ode to My Massage Therapist (5)Lucas (3)Jennifer (8)
A Whisper (5)skylight (10)yokuso (4)
Jacaranda Tree Cafe' (7)My Bright Little Star (10)Lemon Tree...a co-write with Firehark (4)
Shine (5)...Its Only Numbers (4)Time (8)
Trevor (2)...Awaken From A Dream (11)Oh! Sweet Lullaby (5)
Time is... (5)I Found Something to Make Me Giggle (2)Ann's Poetry Calendar...The Fading Colors of Love (7)
Have You Ever? (5)Pllow Talk (6)Reclaimed Virtue...WBC (11)
I Was Thinking of You and Just Wanted to Say... (5)As I Lie On My Bed... (6)Mirrored In His Eyes (6)
Coffee (4)Silence (3)Hormones (11)
Just Practicing My Honesty (9)A Lasting Friendship (9)Lady bugs (5)
Little Girls Put Last (14)Eclipse (6)watercolors (8)
Make Mine Aqua... (6)Solitude (8)Who Would I Find? (7)
Bring On the Rain! (10)Not Afraid to Be Touched by Love's Magical Tone, a word list by Fletcher (2)Awakened (2)
South of the Border to Mexico (7)Love's Horizon...Tomahawk's WBC (3)A Secret Unfolds (2)
there once was a lady from Timbuktu (5)Mixed Emotions...Yellow (8)My Muse (10)
The Nor' Easter i Thought Was a Hurricane (2)A Box of Toads (9)My Job Encounters the Flu (7)
where do dead poems go? (17)Sassy Cactus Wren (4)Solid Gold (6)
The Problem With Human Existence (3)Creativity (7)A New Voice (4)
Ann's Poetry Challenge...Inside the Nest (5)Still Wondering (3)wind cave (7)
Wait for the Day (3)Ann's Poetry Challenge ...Buzzards Circle Overhead (11)Set Free (5)
Almalgamation (6)Garden Haiku for Ann's calendar (4)Daughters of Adventure (7)
Little Feet ... Ann's Calendar (5)Ann's Calendar Challenge...Ruffles (4)From the Heart of a Boy (3)
Ann's Poetry Calendar...Transition (8)If I Only Had One Wish (3)Overflowing (8)
calico kittens (4)wasabi green...WBC #6 (7)My Heart Is An Open Book (11)
Night Train (3)You Color My Cheeks...Ann's Poetry Calendar (7)I Am a Pirate (7)
Internet Friends (4)aue naturale (8)Franchesca (4)
Mariah's Song (6)Gathering Moondust (5)Ann's Poetry Challenge...Peach Pie (12)
He Knows the Melody (3)Powder Pink Sand (4)Mama Sings (5)
The Quilt of Belonging (5)Ann's Poetry Calendar...Baby I'm a Fool (4)Cherry Blossoms (2)
What Is Sexy? or should I say Who? (3)When You Were Only Three (1)Anyone for a Word Bank Challenge? (3)
Your Comments... (9)My RedCoat Sister (12)nothing like a fool (11)
She Dreams (7)I Must Warn You (7)Undeserved Kindness (4)
Your Poetic Mind (6)Ode to the Lime (12)Walking With the Moon (7)
Sky (7)desert rain (4)Ann's Calendar: Nature (5)
Reflections...Showcasing Two Young Authors (5)I Wonder (3)The Tragic Slate (7)
Cajun Seasoning (5)My Confessions... (4)Whispering Your Name (7)
The Palace of Java (8)Sara (5)Once a Song Bird (6)
My Name is Sunflower (7)cactus wren (6)Let Me Touch You (2)
Punching Random Numbers (6)Hopes and Dreams (2)A Mermaid or a Whale? (5)
A Pendulum (7)October Moon...FF's WB# 5 (11)pure thoughts (8)
Fingertips (6)To Sing With Celebrating Sky (8)Open (4)
A Little Chic With a Dream (10)Ann's Calendar...Someone Like You (10)I am a Dreamer About contains a digital article (8)
December Moon (2)Missing Out on the Rain (7)In Search of Moose... FF's WBC (6)
Blue Skies (4)Heidi, Dutch, and Scootch (4)My Name Is.... (9)
Blushing Pink (4)Eclectic (7)I have Often Wondered (3)
A Creature of Crumbling Clay (6)Footprints on the Moon (7)Sweet Honesty...from the word bank of She Whispers (7)
Star Jasmine (5)I Made My Peace With Herbie (5)Her Secret (3)
kotatsu (5)A Postcard from... the Edge of Green (7)My Job (7)
Nudity of the Soul (13)Sing For Joy (3)Midnight Kisses (10)
You Lead the Way (8)Bear Country...shotgun (8)night creatures (4)
Where the Blue Gentian Bloom (10)HOME (8)A Silver Slice (4)
I Met a Guy (4)The Grand Canyon (15)Our Own Frequency (6)
My Esperance (6)It's Friday!! (4)Woven...FF #7 (8)
Chelsea's China (9)up side down haiku... (5)it's not what you think (5)
Winter Never Ends...Showcasing Our Young Authors (9)It Was Not Meant to Be (4)A Post Card...from the Edge of Blue (4)
My True Love (6)What Ever! (9)The San Tan Freeway (2)
word bank challenge...House of Sky (6)Dipped in Chocolate (12)The Monsoon Brings Life to the Desert (6)
Honoring Friendship (7)A Silky Cloud (5)Just Words on a Page (4)
mr moonlight (6)the Stranger (2)Powder Pink Sand (2)
You (7)The Cleansing- A co-write with Travis (5)You Can't Take That Away From Me (7)
My Sweet Buttercup (8)What's So Much Fun About Livin' Alone? (3)Chantilly Skies (4)
Intelligence (2)Who Invented the Kiss? (8)what's wrong with plain? (4)
Insanity (6)Fancy Love (2)The Nightingale Sings (7)
I'm Home (6)Busted (4)Under the Full Moon (3)
The Man in a Blue Car (7)Keep Whistling That Happy Tune. (2)Romance Waits on a Warm Wind (4)
Peace (5)Re-posted Word/phrase Bank (2)crescent moon (6)
Why the Moon Fell (10)blue moon (4)Ann's Poetry Challenge...Time, an anaphora (4)
Finding You (2)Streaking (9)Good-bye (4)
come share my day... (8)Little Book of Lost Poems (7)Transition...WBC (5)
When Serendipity Smiles (7)glitter everywhere (3)Wide-Awake Eyes (9)
Closure (11)Must I Apologize For Just Being Me? (7)Bogata by Bus (8)
Here's to the Cowboy! (4)A Cowboy's Song (6)A Girl Needs.... (6)
New Set of Words as Requested...Anyone Can Play (4)she discovered glitter... (6)missing you. . . . (8)
Comfort Food (7)Brother Earl (3)Reason Trumps a Magic Dream (17)
Oh Sunset! (2)Hiking Superstition Peak (4)How Could Anyone Hate You? (3)
A phrase bank to contemplate.... (4)My Job Encounters John Carter (5)Lady D...She is Nature's Child (18)
Red Bridge (4)Midnight Crescendo (6)Gardens (8)
Friends (2)Winter Arms (7)My Kiss (5)
MoonStar (10)Jerome, Once a Ghost Town (4)I Love the Way We Communicate...shotgun (6)
DYNASTY (2)Until I Can Sleep Again (11)Coming Home (3)
Worn Out Shoes (7)Some Have Found Their Match on e-Harmony (5)Ode to Juan Te (7)
Where Have All the Gatekeepers Gone? (3)My Muse Beckons (7)this week's poetic journey (7)
WBC from Ljo (9)Jack Frost (4)upside down haiku...ii (3)
A Taste of Summer (6)Fame (6)Avoiding ~ Paparazzi (13)
The Housework Can Wait (5)What's the Buzz on Red Wine? (8)I Kissed a Cowboy (6)
Mr. Romance...A Dedication to Dirk (8)Stars of Gold (6)

Favorite Poems
The Poet by Cindy Bendel
Three Toed Sally... Co-Write with Len Wilson by Joe Petro
Where The Sea Grass Grows Knee High by Darkness Rides This Night
Emoticon by john carter
First Star to the Right by Cindy Bendel
A Kiss On My Cheek by Dairine Bennett
Outside your door by FLETCHER
a life without flowers by Joe
A GLIMMER OF REALITY by Blake Hightdudis
Cherished ~*~Moments by She Whispers
Song For Tomorrow by Jessica Ruth Myr
Closer by Zoila
The Sun still shines by Keith J
beautiful little surprises by Joe
The setting summer sun by Keith J
Whispers of the Stars by Danielle
Away by john carter
Defects and delight by FLETCHER
Death Throes or Birth Pangs ? by Alison Storm Wolf
Utopia by Koyel Mitra
Sleeper by the Water by Alison Storm Wolf
Sharing High Branches by Alison Storm Wolf
I will love you by john carter
Tiny Feet by john carter
Looking for Monsters by john carter
The Prayer by Edward Kent
Wings by john carter
Meeting ~*~ Again by She Whispers
SMILE TO ME AGAIN, PLEASE! by klhayre kenneth
The depth of your words by FLETCHER
Migration. by Alison Storm Wolf
Many Faces of the Muse by Alison Storm Wolf
In My Design by Sam Jildeh
Starless Night by Michelle
Lay This to Rest by Amy
the howling loneliness by Joe
Our love is like a blade of grass by FLETCHER
I FIND by maggie lopez sherry wilbur
Parallels by Alison Storm Wolf
A Moment for the Blessed Man by Savannah Ollar Jordan
Daylight by Rakesh Patel
Heart wide open by Henry M.
Before Forever Is Gone by LORETTA PITILLI
The Child That Could Have Been *SHORT STORY* by Sam Jildeh
Here's to us by Lilly
The Wind Speaks by LORETTA PITILLI
The Country Sighed by paul holmes
I Told You I Was Serious by Jessica Ruth Myr
The Character of a Giant by LORETTA PITILLI
Ol' Sea Snake's Carriage Ride by Tanya Harrison
You Saved Me by Sam Jildeh
Orgami of Life by Tanya Harrison
Fresh Loam and Spilled Seed by Pamela A. Lamppa
THE BEVERAGE OF LIFE by dean evans
All a Twitter by Dragonfly
Mahala In Wonderland by Mahalarose
My dear friend Linda Jo by Peter Sammylin
Lifetime! by jakemcqueen
As the Wind Blows! by jakemcqueen
When? - A Mystery Co-Write by Tristan
Searching for Your Love by Tristan
The Race by Tristan
Parallel Dreams by Tristan
You Make Me Whole by HOPE
Skinned Knees by Robert
The Gladeye by colin skilton
Ever Friends - For Linda Jo by Tristan
Silken Whisper by HOPE
The Line in the Sand by Barbara Carleton
I Only Rest by Robert
BURNT COOKIES by Mary F. Charest
Rescued....word bank from Linda Jo by Maples
She Dreams by Maples
The world of my dreams by sam tudor
4 Sisters by Dirk Kruger
Come My Love by Alistair Muir
emancipation by Pamela A. Lamppa
Building Sand Castles - Retourne by Pamela A. Lamppa
Embers by Tristan


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