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December 16
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April 13, 2008
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About Me

Not much to say
 except that I am a wife and mother

that dabbles in writing poetry.
 I also post my poems at another site
called Trupoets under the name of surfinseamonkeys.

Thanks for reading!


Collaborations: 1 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
Haiku Summer Fun! (11) by The First C-P Haiku Group!

Poems: 239 total (14 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
Channeling the Poets of Past (6)This Mother's Strings (5)something into nothing (8)
Jealousy (8)Seer (5)Airborne (11)
The Pasture (5)48 (5)August 2001 (4)
Neurotic (6)Moses Walks with Judi (6)Bitter Ending in Waxahachie (3)
Raise a Glass/To India (9)Big Shoes (10)Two Stupid Women (5)
Maine, Blueberries & Lobster (4)Sunday Morning VII (1)Taboo II About contains a digital article (4)
Alison's Song (5)Spooning (9)The Belt (2)
Just a Notion (1)An Old Kentucky Summer (4)Where in the World is dumblonde_amy? (4)
Tune In (1)Dry (4)Sleepytown (2)
I've Seen the Light (4)Portland Head (1)dollar nights... (5)
Falling (6)Another March (1)Captivity (1)
Amy Counts Crows (7)Family (1)by a thread (0)
Toes in Sand (6)Taboo (4)Vallie-Two Cups About contains a digital article (4)
Texians/ The Lunatic Fringe (3)JC...My Trinitron Icon (2)Nocturnal (3)
Last Dance (6)The Steps of Persepolis (2)The End (10)
Matrix Essentials Amplified (3)Boner (4)Dining w/ the Living and the Dead (9)
Americans on the Mall (4)5 Things I Learned from You (8)Sunday Morning VI (1)
400 Count (2)Old Man of the Mountain (4)To Rip or Not To Rip (1)
Pick-Up Sticks (2)Solo (12)Swim (4)
Digger (4)White Silence (4)Winter Blues (8)
Christmas American Style (11)My Mid-Life Christmas (6)Mirage (5)
Fraternal But Almost Identical (4)Empty Headed (9)Baytown Nights (5)
What Am I? IV (4)What Am I? III (3)What Am I? II (4)
What Am I? (7)Missing You (7)Little Girl of Mine (7)
It's Not Always Special... (5)Tear (5)Needy Meanies (9)
Life's Interlude (5)Sixteen@Heart (6)Morning After (6)
Paint Myself a Rainbow (3)A Wink and a Smile (8)My Friend, The Flower (20)
In Loving Memory: To Richard (12)WTH ? (1)something's missing (2)
The Portrait (4)Left Thumb (2)A Flight Into Pain (2)
this poem has no title (7)Maters (6)Oh, What a Ride (5)
A Longing for Autumn (8)Jigsaw (4)Coos Canyon Trek (3)
Purge (6)Perfect Day (3)Tears For A Clown About contains a digital article (2)
Mush Mouth (4)Stimulus (4)oh so yoko (4)
It's Simple (6)Shoes (5)First Kiss/ Under the Arches About contains a digital article (3)
Yank (6)LV, NV (8)Sins (7)
Well, Well, Well... (10)Isfahan (2)In My Wake (3)
Mid-December Midnight (2)Popsicles (3)Dream Surfin' (1)
Pants on Fire (6)Stop the Flop! (3)Sunday Morning V (5)
8 Pages Deep (5)My Escape (7)Making and Breaking the Wild Child (6)
Sunday Morning IV (4)I Wear A Mask (5)Change (2)
Completely (16)Overwhelmed (5)Sunday Mourning* (4)
All I Ever Wanted (5)The Kiss (6)Read the Signs (14)
Sunday Morning III (7)When Love Grows Cold (6)Two Doves ~Sonnet~ (7)
Vacationland (3)Everything In Between (7)Fishin' for Love (6)
Freestylin' (3)I'm a Little Lab Rat (1)At Work & Play (1)
Girl (4)Lying Fingertips? (4)Little Songbird (3)
Sunday Morning II (2)Shiny Surprise (2)Old Kentucky Roads (4)
Solitude (9)My Thanks to You (3)Rana Paige ~Sweet Sixteen~ (2)
Evening Sky (4)Morning Sky (15)Laying in the Green, Looking at the Blue (2)
Let's Pretend (1)Conversation with the Salesclerk (0)Self Esteem (2)
Pepper, Patches & Louie Poem contains a digital article (2)Perfect (3)Set Me Up (1)
Cold, Cold Floor (1)Insecure (9)Shoes Optional (2)
Nostalgia (0)Woe Is Me & Other Clichés (2)Playing Dead (2)
Letting Go (1)Ode to Texas ~co-write~ (2)You, Me & Maine Poem contains a digital article (2)
Your Rock (1)Birth of a Nature Poet (1)Jimbo (1)
Untitled (1)Inside My Head (1)My Drug (0)
synchronicity (0)The Ones That Got Away & The Keeper (1)Mamaw (1)
Green Man, Blue Lady (3)My Sweet Serendipity (1)Devin (1)
COURAGE ~Acrostic~ (2)Maiden in the Maze (2)Shadows Dance (1)
Keepers (4)Jaded (1)The Look of Love (3)
A Lovable Drunk? (1)Still (5)7 Days (12)
I Was All Alone (1)BLUE ~Acrostic~ (1)SORROW ~Acrostic~ (1)
Roots (1)A Wish on the Waves (1)5:58 am (2)
Cost of Living (2)The Rendezvous Poem contains a digital article (0)A Moment Most Defining (0)
Always Say Always (1)My Happy Place (0)Venus v. Mars (1)
Shufflin' the Files (3)A Burning Fire (3)An Affirmation (1)
Lonesome (3)Seventeen (1)Many Moons of Twilights (2)
autopilot (1)An Omen (1)Sunday Morning (1)
No Words (3)They Aint Heavy (1)Behind the Camera (0)
To: My Brieuc (1)A Heart at Home (2)True Love? (2)
Spring Fever (1)Whispered Epitaphs (2)A Starry-Eyed Kiss (3)
That Day (5)Shine (1)Just Being Neighborly (1)
A Sweet Hereafter (1)Lullaby For An Angel (1)Nothing Else Compares (1)
Serenity Poem contains a digital article (4)Old Man Bauer's Finest Hour Listen To Poem (3)Your Other Mother (2)
Lost (1)Metaphors (1)He Said (5)
Nature's Kiss (2)Regret (3)A Poet's Intent (4)
My Wish (3)No Saving the Heart (1)Southern Night (8)
Burn in Hell (1)In the Distance Listen To Poem (3)Ode to a Kiss Listen To Poem (8)
My Comfort Zone Listen To Poem (5)Child's Play (2)Dancing Listen To Poem (3)
In Dreams (1)Think to Breathe Listen To Poem (5)

Favorite Poems
Summer by A.P.
a Night like this by A.P.
One Man-One Scene-Four Seasons by Bruce A. Peaslee
Inside your mind by E.T.S.
My Portrait by Sensual Sorceress
My Children, the Seasons by b doneff
“Photograph of My Father and Myself in His Seventy-Second Year” by Chris B
Sweet Somewhere by b doneff
Delivery by b doneff
~My sweet dreams~ by Micky McMaster
*~*Mother's Watch*~* by Heather Rene
Bethlehem 2002 by David Turner
Scream of the Butterfly by dax riggs
song with no name by dax riggs
a paradoxical account by A.P.
Just Me by ashley welch
December Blackbirds by David Turner
From An Old Hippie by Joe Petro
silent words by Zo Zo
Deliverance by Cindy Bendel
Life (Two-sided Acrostic) by Kaela
Close the Door by RichardM
It's Dawn, So You Know... by Sensual Sorceress
Finding My Way Back To A Different Beginning by Angelique
Come out and play by Angelique
You, Me, and the Giggle Tree by Angelique
I Once Forked a Poet by David Turner
A Place Called Far Away by Rebeca Weiss
She Is My Daughter by Michael
The Six Foot Sword by Goliath Assassin
Half of your Whole by Adri
My Neighbour Susan by A.P.
Ambivalent Allusions by Aimee
Woman In Love by David Turner
Her Patti Paige Voice by Joe Petro
Electric Blue At The Green Man Inn by Robin Constantinou
Gravedancer by Jessie Lee
The Song by Bruce
Airhead Drummer by Bruce
You're The One by Bruce
My Demons by Rana
Mr. President by jess
Conversation with Ursa Major on the South Shore by A.P.
Taker by Lance Binkley
Plea to Pen by Angelique
Music Plays by Samuel E. Stone
Autumn Of Our Love by Steve
A Few Grains Of Sand by Steve
~* Romanticism *~ by She Whispers
Daughters by lionheart
Happy Birthday to You by Rana
Fireflies by Rebeca Weiss
Rana Paige by Rana
Emotional Reservoir by Steve
Softly on my pain by john carter
Iron Horse by Steve
Batgirl raped me by Randy Johnson
Simple Begining by Steve
Wild Beauty by lionheart
Clearly by Cindy Bendel
Soliloquy On A Summer's Eve by lionheart
Where Have All the Fireflies Gone? by lionheart
Bell Songs by lionheart
First Star to the Right by Cindy Bendel
Exuberance by Adri
To Richard by john carter
there's no air out there. by Tweek
My Father, My Hero by Julie Freedman
Deconstructed by Angelique
Love Trails by Zoila
..Once in a Lullabye.. by Rebeca Weiss
Rainy Day Consequences by A.P.
Unwritten by Adri
Moonlight Promise by Alison Storm Wolf
Lily by Hannah Mae
Tabula Rasa by Sensual Sorceress
ever so sweet by S
almost December by A.P.
Flying by john carter
Better Once Than Never by David Turner
Internet Affair by Kenneth Hoffman
“When I Think of You Now” by Chris B
Grandma Passed On: by Angelique
Just Listen by She Whispers
*~Free From Me~* by Butterfly
An Awful World by David Turner
Fallen Angel by Steve
I Run. by AJ
I by Tana McCarthy
Jazzy Rebounds by Angelique
PERFECTION by Angelique
passion by Zoila
Two Cups by j c allison
Loves dream by Fred Clark
Roots and Limbs Entwined by j c allison
Dazzled #3 by Dean
The Art of Bad Timing by Chris B
Inconsequential by Fred Clark
Death Throes or Birth Pangs ? by Alison Storm Wolf
The Dance of the Mahogany Chairs by Manuel Antonio Zelaya
Last Laugh for Rainbow Chaser by Alison Storm Wolf
Blood Debts by Robin Constantinou
"Reframing the Page" by Chris B
THE EDITOR by Mary Lou Allen
Sharing High Branches by Alison Storm Wolf
Angler by Hannah Mae
Eros by Hannah Mae
1092 by j c allison
Blueberry Park by john carter
"Entry 501" by Chris B
En Contra by Chris B
Transient Stilling of the Loom. by Alison Storm Wolf
Len x by john carter
1967 and Danny McIntire by b doneff
Eyes by Tia Bayer
"Because You Are a Liar, and Jesus Hates Liars" by Chris B
The depth of your words by FLETCHER
A Slice of Insanity. by Graham Jones
Overlying by Alison Storm Wolf
Allegorical Pennies by Chris B
Poets in the Mist by Alison Storm Wolf
It Bites by Julie
Conversation On Route 23 North, November 1987 by b w mayer
Broken Webs by Alison Storm Wolf
Daughters of Adventure by Linda Jo
Word Slip by Alison Storm Wolf
Trust vs. Mistrust by Chris B
Favorite Authors
Barbara Demasson
Leonard Wilson
b doneff
Mary Lou Allen
Chris B
Alison Storm Wolf
Sensual Sorceress
Cindy Bendel
David Turner
dax riggs
James Thomas Whitworth
Robin Constantinou
colin skilton


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