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Poems: 342 total (1 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
self-acceptance (0)Hopeless Romantic (1)Let me be a castle (2)
You are mine (0)Green (0)Guard the self (0)
I was lost and now I'm found (0)Another Valentines (2)love me too (1)
desert love (0)sapphire light (0)to let a true seed grow (0)
I Crave Love (0)Defenseless heart (0)Did I dream the kiss? (0)
Was I not his girl? (1)Crux (0)Kindle the heart (0)
Catchable Moon Beams (2)Nurture the soul (0)Re-start heart (0)
I give up on love (2)Scars not stars (0)Angel (1)
Non-beating entity (0)Silver moon beam (0)Matches light a spark (0)
self-doubt (1)Seal it with a kiss (3)Make my heart be won (1)
Master of my emotions (1)Am i ready for the storm? (0)half a heart not to love you (1)
New Love (3)Unfold me (1)Love with vulnerabilities (1)
Time travel (0)What you've become (0)Jewels (0)
Two Platforms (0)Inhale you (0)Anyone else but me (0)
Dust in the air (0)Last summer (2)The moment (0)
miss you (0)Stay with me (3)Dreams and Reality (2)
Last Light (3)The evil leaving me (0)Am I hard to fall in love with? (2)
untitled (0)Black Stars (1)Let me be myself (1)
Loneliness (1)Spectrum (3)The Disparities (1)
I'll be waiting (2)Love's Chemistry (5)Orange and Jasmine (1)
Amorphous (2)Lighthouse (1)Feel that way for me too (2)
Wanting someone you don't have (4)There were walls of glass (9)Being (2)
let the sky crumble (1)false memory (0)Cross the Universe (1)
One to Love (0)Love like a feather (1)I won't love (2)
Black Love (0)Permanent Scar (1)You're a drug (0)
There was a painting (1)Terrible love (2)Winter Town (1)
Two sides (0)Standing in the shade (1)In my dreams (3)
Broken Reflection (0)Winter Love (4)Tenth Floor View (2)
Fragile (2)They say love is like fire (1)Real Love (0)
Run to another planet (1)Where does my heart go? (2)I want to leave you (1)
Pack of cards (2)I'd be there for you (0)Standing in the wings (1)
Weary Heart (1)You and her (2)You can make me. You can break me. (2)
Took the life out of me (1)Thought you cared (2)Waterfall down my cheek (1)
The end of a relationship (2)Feel like nothing (1)Cold Heart (1)
untitled (0)Six Arrows (0)Untitled (3)
Spark in the dark (3)Love's colours (2)Minefield Love (1)
New Love (1)Columbia Road (2)Being me (0)
Love's Painful Ways (1)Just Love (0)Ship going under (2)
Drawn to you (2)My Melody (1)Love's Electricity (0)
Get away from my heart (0)Broken Heart (2)Alternative Realities (0)
Standing on the edge (1)Divine Inspiration (0)Metal Heart (1)
What is there to stay for? (0)Made up my mind to go (0)Heartache will last forever (0)
Missing a beat (0)Lullaby (1)Love Blunders Tonight (0)
Summer is nearly here (0)Walking in darkness (0)Dance With You (1)
A love that lasts forever (0)Broken Locket (0)Four Leaf Clover (0)
Pointless Love Song (1)Walk round in circles (1)Dramatic Eyes (2)
Not Loving (0)Not beautiful (3)Come On (0)
Our Love (0)Heal Me (0)Gone, gone, gone (0)
Will somebody love me? (0)I want to be a writer (1)If a love's meant to be (0)
Love (1)Time (0)Poet (2)
Love Story (2)A Train Journey (0)It's not easy (0)
Spring (3)Doesn't the past matter? (1)Love's exile (1)
Summer's Day (2)Red with Love (2)Life begins (1)
Dream (0)Cuts like glass (2)Wipe Away Your Tears (0)
Worthless (0)A Little Love Song (0)The Loving Touch (1)
Does your love flow like water? (0)Spring's love (0)Secret Heart (1)
Why I'm not loved (1)Stay with me hope tonight (0)Loveless song (3)
Shooting like a star (0)Why should I? (1)Love's dust (1)
Battle (0)Love Scientist (0)What if my heart doesn't mend? (1)
For those who love (1)Hourglass (2)Orange and Yellow Sunset (1)
Time (2)I want to feel special (1)Is it wrong that I miss you? (1)
The heart dies a slow death (2)Red Hearts Fall from the Sky (1)untitled (0)
Love is like a fragile flower (0)Soul Mate (0)This love could kill me (0)
Like a poet (1)I was put on this world to love (1)Gated Love (1)
i must be crazy (0)Pure Love (0)untitled (2)
Don't let the world change you (0)Burnt out love (1)Love's strange (0)
This is the rhythm of an unsteady heart (0)My heart, you won't allow (2)Winter (1)
This is hopeless love (0)My heart is his (2)a conversation (3)
Simple Love (1)Red Flame Hair (4)If hearts could talk (2)
A lipstick mark (4)Next Year (3)your name (2)
Release me (0)We'll always be apart (0)You make my world stop (1)
is it wrong that i love you (1)For love not to be just a notion (1)Underground (0)
Longing (0)Fallen Angel (1)Love Lies (2)
I think I am in love with you (1)Can your heart feel physical pain? (3)You're never going to appreciate me (1)
No one will get near my heart (1)Breathed Life into Me (0)Smashing up the Glass Rooms (1)
Open your eyes (0)Unrequited Love 2 (1)The Silence was Deafening (1)
Unrequited Love (1)You caught my breath (1)No choice (2)
Shouldn't be writing this poem (1)How to change who you are (1)Passing of a season (2)
How the heart aches (2)Sun sets on an evening sky (2)Do you think love can break who i was before? (1)
<Untitled> (0)Losing my twinkle (0)Like a fire in the sky (2)
Just want to sail away on a calming sea (0)I want to stop feeling this (3)I thought of writing you a letter (2)
He got all my heart (1)Where does the heart go? (0)The island (2)
Love (2)I thought of writing you a letter (3)It's time for me to go (1)
Thoughts (1)She stood at the station (1)My heart slows (1)
Like Leaves in Autumn (2)One Year (1)How many ways can I love you? (2)
Untitled (0)How do you stop a love? (2)Stolen (1)
Close to my heart (2)Sorry (2)Good heart v. bad heart (1)
I want it from you (0)Back to me (1)You missed out (0)
Broken (2)Life is complicated (1)Life (1)
You're so beautiful (2)I'm so mad at you (0)Closed myself off from love (1)
Sorry (0)Let me in (1)Inscripted in my heart (1)
It got dark so quickly tonight (1)I hate how i don't hate you at all (0)I lay there all night (1)
Don't know what love is (1)My heart's beating under a cloud (3)I can hear the rain crash down (1)
Tomorrow (0)Untitled (0)Astray (0)
I Just Want Love (1)Dawn breaks the day's delusions (0)Confused Heart (3)
Bold and lit up lie (1)Get to the middle (1)Because I Lost My Faith (1)
Approach this reflection (0)All of me (1)All I Really Wanted (0)
Untitled (3)A Barrow of Melting Roses (0)Hating me, Hating you (1)
You Broke My Heart (1)Cold Blue (0)Half a soul (2)
Empty Book (1)Hurting me in the worst way (2)Stormbound (1)
Thought I Knew You (3)Good Heart (1)City Lights (0)
Lost Love (0)You win (0)Pull me out (0)
Heart Wreck (0)Untitled (0)The air was warm and heavy (2)
The Horizon is the end (0)Black Ocean (1)Good enough to love (0)
Not allowed (0)My heart might break (1)A sky it longs to fly (1)
The candle of my heart (3)Frozen Fire (1)The wave under you (0)
That's my heart (1)Got to leave love behind (1)Have to stay strong (0)
Eraser (0)Breath in a Pale Wind (1)Have you ever felt so alone? (1)
Emotional Rain (1)Pointless Words (1)If this isn't love (1)
Home of the Black Rooms (2)Who isn't real (2)Summer (3)
I don't hate you at all (1)Wise Up (0)There's a fine line (0)
I can't make you love me (1)Because we will always be apart (1)Since you left (0)
Scene at the death bed (1)Love and Life (2)Not half of you (1)
Sudden Sunsets (1)Landslide (1)Beautiful World (1)


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