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October 29
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October 26, 2007
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About Me
                                                          WELCOME TO THE SITE!
                                          Name is Nicholas
                                     I'm a country artist as well as a poet my name is Nicholas hope y'all will enjoy
                                     some of my inspirations and hope maybe one day you will get inspired as well
                                          also if anyone is a big fan of music like country and rap or any other
                                               you can check me out not only as a poet but a musician to
                                             so thank y'all and god bless here is my music links down below
DreamHeartedPoet Copyright©protected All rights reserved.2002

Poems: 567 total (0 with awards). View By: Title | Date | Award
<Untitled> (0)<Untitled> (0) Like the Sunrise (1)
Ms. Bower (0)"I can't Breathe I said" (0)"Put It on Everything" (0)
"some folks call me a redneck" (0)"They're Making More Money than You" (0)18 and up (0)
21 questions (0)a broken heart (1)A Broken Road On A Broken Heart (1)
A Dozen Poems (0)A Dream (1)a drive by (0)
a happy couple (0)A Heart Break (0)a little girl (1)
a little to much (1)A lot of Heart (0)A Promise (0)
A rose (2)a series #1 (1)a series #2 (1)
a series finally (1)a southern tale (2)a tear is worth (0)
adult (1)Agony (0)All Ready Gone (0)
all summer long (0)Alphabeticial Order (0)Ambition (0)
Among You and Me (0)angels among us (0)anger (1)
anger in me (1)April Fools Day (0)Ask Me (0)
At First (0)baby blue (0)baby boo (0)
baby boo's poem (1)baby come back to me (1)baby crying (0)
Baby You Have Me (0)bayou (1)bbchs (0)
Beautiful (1)beauty and the geek (0)begging you to stay (0)
Behind Blue Eyes (0)behond our true love (1)between southern pride and southern blame (0)
blackout (0)bleeding heart (1)Blue Jeans (0)
bound to pray (0)Bourbonnais, Illinois (1)Break Away (2)
Bring It On (0)Broken Bridges (1)broken love (0)
brother'sbetrayled (1)Bump In Her Country (0)But, Between (0)
But, But, Baby Poem contains a digital article (0)By Your Side (0)Camp Shawnasi (0)
Can I Touch You There (0)can you hear my song (0)Can't You Love Me (0)
champs (1)change of heart (1)cherishing you (1)
Chi-Town (0)Chocovilla (0)christmas cheers (0)
Christmas Is (0)circle jerk that azz (1)Color's In The Dark (1)
come back to me (2)Come Ride with Me (0)Come with Me (1)
country boy (0)country bumpkin (0)Country Girls (0)
Crazy, Crazy, Heart (0)Creative Writing (2)crystal ball (1)
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs (0)Curfew (0)Dare (1)
Darkness of Death (0)Days and Nights (0)dear god (0)
Dear, GOD (0)death (1)death itself (1)
deep within you (1)Depthperception (0)dictionary is (0)
Disappearing my True Heart (0)Do It Right Not Wrong (0)Do We Gotta Get (0)
Do You Remember (1)Domestic battery (0)don't be afaird to say what u want to say (0)
Don't Stop Living (0)Dont Give Up (0)Don’t Waste Your Time on Me (0)
Dragon Spirit (0)Drained Heart (0)Dream Catcher (1)
dream hearted poet (2)dreams these days never come true (1)Drift (0)
drifting away (1)endless love (1)epiphany (0)
Every Time I Look at You (1)Every Time I See You (0)everynight (0)
exit please (1)Experienced Enough (0)Expressions of therapy (0)
External and Internal (0)Eye Of The Tiger (0)Falling in Love (1)
false (0)false alarm (0)far away from home (0)
Fighting for My Life (0)fill your dreams (1)final word (2)
Finally (0)First Kiss (1)Flamboyant of Love (0)
fly away (0)For the Love (0)For You My Lost Love (0)
Force of Love (0)Forever and Ever (2)forgetting you (0)
Four walls are surrounding me (0)Free Hearted Man (1)Friends (1)
From sunrise to sunset (1)Funny story (0)Gap (0)
Get Down and Dirty (0)Get loose with it (0)get well soon (1)
god is here (2)Gone (0)grappling love (1)
Green Teen Loop (1)Grin (0)group home (0)
happt b-day mom (1)harmony (1)Hatered (0)
Hating You (0)heart broken (2)heart problem (0)
Heaven or Hell (0)help patriots (1)Homecoming (0)
I Also (0)I am Not (1)I Am Stuck in The Middle (0)
I am The One (0)I Can Only Find One (0)I Can Only Hope (1)
I can't live without you (1)i can't over come (2)I can't stop thinking of you (5)
I Can’t Let You Go (0)I Close My Eyes (0)I come from (0)
I could (0)i dont want you back (1)I Don’t (0)
I doubt (1)I Found Someone Else (0)I got (0)
I Had a Tremendous (0)I have (0)I Have Failed at Being (0)
I have no excuses I'm just a kid (0)I Have the Right to Know (0)i have to keep (0)
i just want to (1)I knew I Was In For Some Hell (0)I Lived Through (0)
I Love It When (0)I Love The Memories You When.......... (0)I Need a Different Kind of Remote Control (0)
I Never Say (0)I Promise (1)I Promise You (0)
I Regret (3)I Remember You Sayin (0)I Smile A Little When.... (0)
I Swear I Could (0)I Thought I Would Be A (0)I Told Her It Wasn't (0)
I Took the Bullet (0)I Tried So Hard (0)i try and try (0)
I use to (0)I Wanna Be (0)I wanna be your girl (1)
I Wanna Cry (0)I Want This (0)I Was a Lover, a Leader, and a Man Poem contains a digital article (0)
I Will Not Be A Stranger (0)I Wish (1)I Wish I Could Call God (0)
I Would Come Back (0)I would love to see (0)I'm Going Back To (0)
I'm going home (0)I'm proud (1)I'm sorry (2)
i'm upset at myself (1)If I Have Too (0)If I Was a Celebrity Poem contains a digital article (0)
If I was rich (1)If Tears Were Real (1)If You Can Dream (0)
If you Imagin (0)If You Want (0)If You’re Going to Stay (0)
ii never thought (1)im in my southern comfort zone (0)im not a broken toy (2)
Immortal (0)in and out love (1)In Love (2)
In Plenitude Of Love (1)In The Mist (0)in this love (0)
Inconceivable (0)infinite love (1)Intertwin (0)
Irrespirable (0)is it possible (1)it is what it is (0)
It Must Be True (0)It's All Good (1)It's Been a Long Time (0)
It's Been Awhile (3)It's Christmas Fuck Your Wish list (0)it's not my fault (0)
It's not over (1)it's not your fault (0)its self (0)
It’s A Little Too Late (0)It’s Angel’s Work (0)It’s the Love That We Shared (0)
It’s the Right Time to (0)It’s Too Soon (0)I’ll Get a Chance to Say (0)
I’ll Never Let You Down (0)I’ll Send You Straight To Poem contains a digital article (0)I’m Sure I'm Going to Look Like an Ass (0)
jigsaw puzzle (1)Journey (0)Just A Thought (1)
Just Another Bump in The Road (0)just can we (1)Just Like Family (0)
Just Poems (0)keep your head up high! (1)kindergarten (1)
Kismet (0)Kiss Me (0)Labor of Love (0)
last forever (2)last words (1)left 2 right (2)
Life In Prison (0)life sucks (2)life sucks (0)
Like Quicksand (0)Lil Nick's Rap (0)Lion Of Love (0)
Live Free (0)Longest Time (1)losing my love for you (1)
Lost Along the Way (0)Lost in a Winter storm (0)Lost Of Memory (1)
love (1)love birds (1)Love Drifts Away (0)
Love Is (0)Love Is Like an Ocean (0)Love Is Not Love Anymore (0)
Love Is Rough When...... (0)Love Takes the Wing (0)lovers' Lane (0)
Mamacita (0)maybe (1)Maybe (0)
me (1)Me and u (1)Mind Your Own Biscuits (0)
missing you (3)Missing You’re Lov (0)Misunderstanding (1)
Mix-up (0)Momma Don't Preach (1)Moonlight Love (0)
mortal soul (1)mother nature (0)moving away (0)
Mr. Marbles (1)my brother is a broken piece of metal (0)my conscious (1)
My Heart Continue (0)my heart is blank (2)My Heart Is Not a Brain (0)
my human young heart (1)My Last Escape to the Missing Piece of my Broken Heart (0)my life # 1 (0)
my life # 2 (1)My Life # 3 (0)my life has been taken away (1)
my life is hell (0)my love (0)My Love for You Has Faded Away (0)
My Love Is Like (1)my mom is the easter bunny (0)my sorrow heart (1)
my therapist (0)my very own (1)mysterious women (0)
Mysterious Women Part2 (0)Negative And Positive (0)never there (1)
New Year (0)Next to Me (0)nicholas (0)
Nightmare (0)No Chance (0)no ifs,ands,or buts about it (0)
no one cared (1)No Way to Reach You (0)no whispering to an intelligent guy (0)
No's (1)Nobody Knows (0)not satisfied (1)
not so good (0)nothing (1)nothing but a memory (0)
Now I know where I must go (1)obsession (0)October (1)
Of Myself (0)Oh My Dear Heart (0)on a random day (2)
On My Mind (0)Once In A Blue Moon (0)one more time (1)
ONight (0)Only A Dad Can (0)Only One (0)
Open My Wings and You'll See (0)open your eyes (1)our (1)
outragious (1)over and over i cried (1)Pain (0)
Pickachu (0)plans (0)please don't go (1)
poems that I wrote (1)Poets In Session (0)poor little heart (1)
pray to thee (2)prayer of hope (2)praying-4-you (1)
precious little angel (1)Prom (0)promise land (2)
protecting a women's heart (1)random (0)random (0)
reclaiming my broken heart (0)Red,Green,and Yellow Light (0)reflecting on love (0)
remembering you (2)revenge (0)Reverse (1)
Rockefeller (0)Rocky Heart (0)Runaway (0)
Sadder Than My Heart (1)save me i am half-way dead (1)Say That You Love Me (0)
school and work (2)scratch n pain (1)searching for a father (1)
seeking for love (0)Self-Love (0)sensual (0)
shadow of a ghost (0)Shake and Bake (0)Shameless (1)
She Better Be (0)She Gets Rowdy (0)she loves me/she loves me not (1)
she was the only (0)She Whispers (3)she's changed me (1)
she's like the wind (0)She's My Girl (0)shes pretty as a picture (1)
She’ll Keep It Together (0)She’s in Love (0)She’s Not Right (0)
Shinning Bright (0)should I (0)Show Me Love (0)
simon says (0)Slap back (1)so here is to all (0)
Sober Up (0)soft (1)Somebody Like You (0)
Someday (1)Something I Can't Erase (0)Sometimes (0)
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming (0)Somewhere in my Broken Heart (0)Sorrow (0)
sorrow's love (1)sorry (0)spread apart (1)
spread your wings (2)spring (2)star's above (2)
staying with your dreams (0)stressed out (1)Stuck In A Residential (1)
Stupid Sign (0)suicide love (0)Summer Sweet (0)
superiority (1)Take (0)take me away (0)
Take Me Back (2)Take Me with You (1)Teardrop (1)
tears for you (0)tears of hatered (0)tears to the bears (0)
tell me (1)Tender Heart (0)That Moment When You Recognize (0)
Thats my time (0)The Day That I lost You (2)The feel of strife (0)
the holocaust (1)the kingdom (3)the last day (0)
the library (2)The One (0)the riddle (0)
The Things I Fear the Most (0)The Way In Poem contains a digital article (0)The Way Out (0)
The Way You Live Poem contains a digital article (0)then I shall (0)There's No Place Like Home (0)
They Can Find Me (0)Think Outside The Box (1)This Cowboy In Me (1)
this i, believe is love (0)This Is Like (0)this is where my heart stands (3)
Thoughts in my head (0)through the sunrise (0)Time for THis and That (1)
to little man (1)To My Valentine (0)Touch (0)
tragic love (0)Trapped In Between (0)Traveling with My Dreams Is (0)
true blue (0)true loves first sight (0)unanswered prayers (1)
Unconditional Love (1)unending hunger (1)Unwanted (0)
upon my love (2)Variety (0)variety part 2 (0)
Waking Up Without You Is (0)Walked on By (0)Was I (0)
we are in love (2)we must encourage (0)We Will Forget (0)
What If I Said (0)what it takes to heal (0)What Ya Gonna Do (0)
When I stand alone (0)When I Think About You (0)When I'm Gone (1)
when I'm long gone (0)when I'm with you (0)When nobody knew who (0)
When There Was Poem contains a digital article (0)when you cry (0)When You Cry (0)
When You Tell Me Not to and I……. (0)Where Does Your Heart Stand? (0)while you were gone (0)
whispering tears (1)whispering to our true love (3)Who I am Poem contains a digital article (0)
why did you go (1)Wildman (0)wildman on crack (0)
Wings of A Prayers (0)Winter Ball (0)Winter Falls (0)
wishing that you were next to me (2)wishing upon a shooting star (1)With A Bullet In My Hand (0)
with my golden wings (2)with patriot love (1)with the family that I love (0)
without (1)Without Even Trying   (0)without love or mercy (0)
Word of Life (0)Words of wisdom (1)Worst Day (0)
Ya’ll Can Be Country (0)Yes Baby I Like It Raw (0)You (0)
You Are the One (0)You Don’t Need Money to Be Poem contains a digital article (0)You Don’t or You Do (0)
You Finally Said Yes (0)You Have Me (0)You Know It’s So Easy That a Caveman Can Do It When. (0)
You Know Karma is A Bitch when…. (0)You Know When Love Gets in The Way When…… (0)You Know When Somebody Knows Me When…………… (0)
You Know When You Just Know That Something Isn't Right When……. (0)You Know When Your Angry When.... (0)You Know You Must Quit When……. (0)
You Know You Think You’re Not Good Enough for Her When……. (0)You Made Me (1)You Must Know (0)
You Should Be More Specific (0)You Took My Angel Away (0)You Won’t Listen to Me (1)
you're (1)Your Drama Is Like (0)You’re My Keeper (0)

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