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The Dream Ghost
April 05
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August 20, 2007
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About Me

About My Poems:

My inspiration for all of my writes come from the greatest gift man has to offer, his mind.
My writes are all from my imagination, stories of love, tragedy, success, adventures & suspense, horror is a specialty of mine.
I hope anyone who reads my stories can find something valuable in them, & perhaps, even discover a part of themselves they didn't know.

Some Of My Favorite Book's:

A Long Hard Road Out Of Hell (Marilyn Manson Biography)
From The Ashes Of Angels (Theology Book Written By Andrew Collins)
Angels And Demons (Religious Fiction Written By Dan Brown)
A Song Of Ice & Fire (Series by George R.R. Martin)
Edgar Allen Poe: The Complete Collection
Death Note (Manga)
Kami Kaze (Manga)

Poems: 261 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
Would you help me?? (0)The Humble Stumble (0)A Lost Heart, A Fallen Romance (0)
Return To Reality (2)The Black Cloud (1)Fiery Lips, Iced Hips (1)
The Rivival (1)My Eyes, Falter (1)The Black City (2)
Eyes On The Nation (2)Our Cabin, Forever Rest (0)Upon My Flesh (0)
Acid Adventure (0)The Life We Live (1)It was the 4th of July (1)
The Unemployed Become Destroyed (1)In Honor Of You (3)A Soldiers Journey (1)
After The Service Ends (4)For My Fallen Firefighter (2)First Of 64, Politician Fire Storm (1)
Upon My Soul I Shall Conquer (3)When The Pills Run Out (3)Hesitation Of My Heart (2)
My Problems (1)The World We Build (2)Paper & Pen, Make Me Win (2)
The Lady, The Man & The Trance CO-WRITE with Lady D (3)Retake The White House (3)Upon The Mountain Range (1)
A Father's Tale (2)My Writings In The Backyard (1)Bring Forth Prometheus (3)
Take hold of my hand (0)A Cold Day In December (1)Dreaming Of The Way Out (0)
Waiting For The Helping Hand (2)5 Years (1)One Night, In The Spotlight (0)
A Soldier Named Sam (3)6:32 Dream Of You (2)Letting Go, Fly Solo (1)
The Undead Storm (1)Jetpacks (1)Halloween Jack, The Kid In The Pumpkin Patch (0)
I Awoke To An Empty World (2)A Wonderers Sorrow (3)A PLACE WE CALL HOME (1)
Frozen Memoir'es (1)Herbal Admirer (1)My Tragedy (1)
A Dead Man's Tale Part II: An Inferno Entry (1)A Dead Man's Tale Part I: Iced Death (2)44.0 A.M (1)
A Blind Nation (2)Unknown name upon darkness (1)Prayers For Olympus (0)
The End Design For All Time (1)The Curse Of Moonlight (1)Over The Bridge (2)
A Passionate Break In (1)Tale Of The Grand Mafioso (1)Gaze Upon My Mirrored Future (0)
Take My Misery (1)Music For The Dead (2)In The Field (1)
Black Cloaked Saint Nick (1)May I Boggle Your Mind For A Time (1)Dear Mr. Lennon, I Am Chapman (3)
The Music Industry (1)Rivers & Snow (1)Daddy's Barbie (1)
My hands are the instrument of dreams (2)I Dreamed A Dream I Was In A Dream (1)The Echo (1)
Upon An Endless Oblivion, The Mad Scientist (1)It's been 9 years (1)We Are The Survivors (1)
Sacrifical Daughter (1)Blessings Be Upon You Father (0)Laugh & Play Under The Starlit Days (1)
Butterflies & Fairytales, Shotguns & Rainbows (0)You May Call Me Numbers (2)The Lords Weapon (0)
Question Thee (3)The Evil Superman (3)Darling May I Have This Dance? (3)
The Most Harmful Word (0)The Herbal -DE-Generation (1)Spirits Told Of Prophecies (1)
Upon the house of horrors (2)The Coma (2)Tell Me Why (2)
The Man Inside The Mirror (0)SCREAM, FOR PA-MA! (1)The Unknown (2)
When The Lights Go Out (2)Questions 4 A Preacher (1)Leviathan Screams (2)
Relax friend, it's a new day (1)Freak @ Night, Mother By Day (1)A Thousand Glaring Eyes (3)
Oh Teacher My Preacher (1)The World Is Rotting (3)TOMORROW IS A GOOD DAY (2)
This Dream Of Mine (3)Here Comes The Kraken (1)I KNOW A GHOST! (2)
Years Of Horror (1)Underwater Dreams & Hallway Screams (2)Death Of A Legend, R.I.P Dio (4)
The Book Keeper (1)The Wonders Of The Sea (2)The Final Hour (1)
Almighty King Of The Sky (1)Cash Flow & Rainbows (0)Fall Of The Ministry (0)
Oh Mighty King Of The Sea (1)The Drinker (2)TURN US TO ASH!!! (2)
I Found What I Wanted In Japan (1)Dear Lady Of Moscow (1)6 Ye Be, I Take My Knives To Germany (2)
Dear Europe, I Am The Cannibal Lover (3)Oh Pure Victim #4, I leave Your Skeleton On The Floor (1)My Dinner Feast Is Your Flesh Meat (7)
She Is As The Mist (3)Sore Ever Higher Lady D (3)The Second Victim Of My Cravings (3)
I shall eat you while I EAT you (4)CTRL+DELETE=NO EMOTION. (1)With Courage, We Shall Conquer All (3)
The Possession Of A Lamb (2)As I Return Unto The Inferno (2)I Was A Gift (3)
In Disgrace To Your Prayers (3)Your Love Is So Painful (0)Sacrifice To The Martyr (1)
Tomb Of The Hourglass (1)The Cleaner (2)All Because Of You (1)
Dear Mortal (2)Sow You Back Together Wth Sickening Pleasure (1)And I Gazed Upon The Beast, Treachery (1)
The Adviser (1)The Final Push Through Fraud (1)As We Ran Through This Fraud (1)
A Jewel This Rare Never Existed (2)Shed Blood In The Realm Of Violence (1)Nailed Upside Down In The Realm Of Heresy (1)
Life Seen Through The Eyes Of A Drummer (2)Through The Halls Of Anger & Wrath (1)Drowning In The Land Of Greed (1)
Inside The Heart Of Gluttony (2)Upon The Land Of Lust (1)As I Walk In Limbo (1)
My Fall Into Limbo (1)In The Circle Of Lust (2)God Of Greed (2)
Set Eyes Upon The Mushroom Cloud (0)Every Memory Dear Moonlight (1)My Body (2)
The Mortician: Declarer Of Death (1)As A Blood Pond (1)Deception Leads To The Ocean (0)
The Serpentine Spy (1)We Are 3 Beings Of 1 Man (0)Ov Blood (0)
The Horrors Of Full Moonlight (0)Sing The Song Of Sorrow (2)I! (2)
The Blasphemer (1)Feed Me To The Beasts (0)This Is Not The End (1)
Mr. Obama O Mr. Odrama (2)Sacrifice The Government For Freedom (0)The Man Inside My Shadow *Dedicated To Fletcher* (1)
Journey Through My Soul (1)Just Like Weezy (0)Remember The Dead (2)
The One Night Stand (0) The Real Me The Kindest Lesson Has The Worst Bite (1)The Screeching Of My Heartstrings (0)
The Screaming Of My Heart (0)The Mathmatical Equation Of Love (1)Seeking Freedom Across The Sea (1)
I Speak With The Dead (2)Severe The Ties (3)The Nightmares Made By Man (2)
The Betrayal Of A Friend (2)As The Fallen Rise (1)Burn You Down With Nuclear Fire (2)
We Are The Disease (2)The Difference Between You & Me, Us & Them (1)As The Ice Melts The Fire (2)
These Words Are Useless (3)Self Inflicted Hell (1)When Man Made The Sun Turn Black (1)
Deaths Breathe Blows Your Way (0)The Gambler (1)Eating The Living (1)
The Sacrificing Of Souls (2)Becoming The Dead (0)The Return: Visions In Sound IV (0)
For When I Start Killing (0)Fade Away (1)Once Upon A Time (1)
A Path That Death Traveled (1)The Reigns Ov Gods (0)Erased: The Darkened Sun (1)
The Demon's Call (2)Sugar Covered Sadness (3)Dead Men's Deed (2)
My Unhealthy Addiction (0)Bipolar Heartbeat (1)Hidden Shadows (1)
Sickened Child, Don't You Cry (1)The Last Stand Of Man: Visions In Sound Part III (0)Death Dreams Of You: Freddy Tribute (1)
The Anarchist Agenda: Visions In Sound Part II (0)Severed: Leatherface Tribute (1)Stabbed: Hellraiser Tribute (3)
Visions In Sound (1)When The Reaper Calls (1)You Stole Her (3)
Inhuman (0)The Third Reich (0)Gunshot Finish To A Bladed Start (2)
Self Mutilation Is Merely Another Term For Art (1)The Song, The Prayer, The Strife, The Death (0)Sleep Now, My Angel (1)
Melody Of Sacrifice: The Selling Of Ones Soul (0)A Star Created In The Form Of Bloodshed (1)Violence Dream (3)
Speaking Lies: Bullet To The Chest (0)I'm Sorry.... (1)Shed No Tears, Your Time Is Here (1)
Passionate Keys Of A Piano Melody (4)Bleeding Memories Of Screams (0)Swallowed By Light And Chaos (1)
Dechristianized By Lies (4)Questions For No One (1)This Dream Is Over (0)
These Razorblades Scream (1)February (0)The Suicide Cocktail (0)
Selling Out Your God (2)As The Piano Plays (0)Melody Of Insanity The Darkness (1)
Numbing My Pain (1)Melody Of Insanity: The Darkest Color Is Blood (0)Melody Of Despair: The Fading Of Ones Soul (0)
The Angel Of My Dreams (4)Tearing Apart Angel Wings (1)Melody Of Deception: Sweet Lies Die (0)
Melody In Tragedy: The Quest For Enlightenment (1)The Voice Of The Screaming (3)I Will Be There (2)
Rip Apart My Soul (0)The Bled Dream (1)This Shattered Heart (4)

Favorite Poems
The Bloodshed Co-write with The Dream Ghost by FLETCHER


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