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Harold Ham McLelland
June 10
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February 24, 2007
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About Me


I was born in June of 1960.  I married in December 11, 1980.

I have 2 grown sons.

NOW, if I can just get them to leave the HOUSE!!!


I was raised in South Mississippi in a small country town.

I am presently living in the same home I grew up in.


My Mother and Father were the best parents I could have asked for!


Along the way I have had many mentors as well.

I have gleaned so much wisdom from these wonderful people!

Notice I didn't say "knowledge".

Wisdom, my friend, is FAR more valuable than knowledge!


"What are the things I have learned in this life?” you ask.

Here are a few of the fundamental principals that I have learned along the way:



Respect for my parents, my elders, women, and everyone else for that matter.

No matter what they look like, what color their skin happens to be, where they grew up,

what ever economic class they may be or what ever religion they may believe.

Now, respect for someone's title goes along with the title.

But to gain my respect as a person has to be earned.  Iffin ya know what I mean?



My parents taught my brother and me by example.

They had all of these attributes that I list here and they were lessons that last a lifetime.

My Dad never raised his hand to my Mom.

And neither ever raised their voices in anger to each other.

However, they did sometimes "discuss" things.  LOL!



My Dad's advice to me was to always do the best job I can do.

If my work wasn't good enough for someone then I should never feel bad.

After all I did my best.

Before I joined the Air Force Dad told me to NEVER volunteer for ANYTHING.

And above all, to NEVER piss off the cook!!!



I was taught to respect the flag, our National Anthem and the United States of America.

The great price that was paid for our freedom should never be taken for granted.

My Father served with the Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force.

He worked Federal Civil Service in the Public Works Department until he retired.

My career is in the fire service and in the service of others, I am a Federal Firefighter with the Navy.

I can see the Well House where my Dad worked from the back porch of the Fire Station.

My Father passed away in 1985 but his presence is always with me.

At age 57, I will retire June 30, 2017.  I will have 38 1/2 years in as a Federal Firefighter.



If I need to expound on this very much, YOU need to seek counseling!  LOL!

To treat others how you wish to be treated is the most important attribute anyone can possess!

And this lesson is learned over the course of a lifetime.



(WYSIWYG) What You See Is What You Get!

I remember this statement my Father told me often!

"Boy, you'll never get away with anything!!! So you may as well be honest!"

A more true statement has never been uttered!



Best not let me know if you have abused your spouse or a child!

We Sutherners' have ways of dealing with your kind!!!  ;)

And you BULLIES and USERS are all in the same boat as the ABUSERS!

I believe in fighting to my detriment in defense of the innocent!



I have but a few things of value in this life.

These are; my dignity, reputation and self respect.

It takes the longest time to build one's character.

See to it that no one is able to tear it down.



Refer back to The Golden Rule!

I still open doors for those who are behind me going into the store.

I still say "Yes Sir" and "Yes Maem" to my elders and to those in authority.

It is truly better to give than to receive.



When is it not a good thing to give of ones self?

When I was growing up, my Dad would tell me to get on my bike.

I would deliver paper bags of fresh vegetables from our garden.

Dad always planted more than what we needed and I had to weed those gardens!!!

I wondered why he planted SO much every year.  He loved giving to others.

He loved doing for those who could not do for themselves.

As I think back on those times, I realize that he gained much more than he gave away.



Through life we find precious gems of truth along the way.

These gems should be tucked away in their heart and protected.

We should be dedicated to these beliefs.



Anything that a person wants to do should be done with as much passion they can muster.

And anything worth doing is worth doing with a purpose.

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