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Randy Johnson
August 20
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December 5, 2006
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Poems: 1271 total (0 with awards). View By: Award | Date | Title
I need a different kind of remote control (3)I don't need a babysitter! (1)The good samaritan (0)
Goodbye Erin Moran (0)James Best - Part 3 (0)Broderick Crawford (2)
I kicked George Costanza's ass (0)Stop washing your dogs in my swimming pool! (1)Brother (0)
Kiss my ass (0)I Wrote The Declaration of Independence (0)The Best Thing That Money Is Good For (1)
Instead of adoring Santa Claus (2)God will take care of you (2)Christmas Eve (1)
The Lone Ranger (0)Many doors are closed (0)Jehovah Killed The Alien Invaders (0)
235 years of independence (0)The Loch Ness monster raped me (1)Don't eat my pickles! (1)
George Washington (1)Jacqueline Hill (0)Records (0)
I Don't Trust Hillary Clinton (1)A Christmas Miracle (1)Ann B. Davis (0)
My wife is a slut (2)God loves everybody (0)I still watch Sesame Street (3)
Maximillian Schell (0)Traitor! (0)You have angered me (1)
Trevor Bannister (3)Ex-producer (2)Married with children (0)
Ignoring God (0)A Scarred and Broken Man (0)I'm a killer (1)
The black cat (1)Trump's Inauguration (0)Goodbye, James Best (0)
Tomorrow may never come (1)Ace up my sleeve (1)Beauty Parlor (2)
You are my flesh and blood (0)He held his son's lifeless body (0)The Lone Ranger and Tonto (0)
Vengeance Of God (1)Streets of Gold (1)The well is dry (0)
The walking preacher (0)America wants to hear your voice 'Revised Edition' (0)Breast feeding (1)
The Importance Of Telling The Truth (1)Melvin (0)Christmas came from Jesus (1)
These damn bills! (0)I gave you a twenty (0)Goodbye Mister Sutton (0)
Every Day Is A Good Day Because I Have God (0)Intervention (2)One year later (0)
A 2nd poem about Anthony Ainley (1)Greatness of the Lord (0)36D (0)
Friends without benefits (1)My Horrible Ex-wife (3)Anne Ramsey (0)
His final breath (0)I didn't fart! (0)Dialysis (2)
Lily Munster (3)Blameless In The Eyes Of God (0)One Hell Of A Woman (1)
Corey Haim (2)It cuts deep (1)Cheating electrician (3)
Scheider (1)Lousy drug dealers (0)Body Parts For Sale (0)
Father Ted (0)Great Granddad (0)Jonah's gourd (0)
The cable is out again (1)John Inman (0)SHAZAM! (0)
Everywhere I Go (1)This noose around my neck (0)Bubble (0)
Dracula (3)Blunderdog (1)P.O.W. (0)
Praise Jehovah (1)PMS (2)Pancakes (0)
Mom and Jesus are in paradise (1)Penny and Brain (2)Mount Rushmore (1)
You Won't Have Relations In My House (0)Wile E. Coyote (1)Happy Mother's Day, Mom (1)
The only republican that made me content (0)Bitten (1)Farewell John Ritter (1)
Pillar of salt (2)Chihuahua - Part V (0)God's promise (0)
I give new meaning to the word nerd (0)The incredible chicken (1)I'll break my foot off in your ass (1)
Satan Is Working Overtime (0)Our Veterans (2)Cruel twist of fate (0)
PBS kicked my ass (0)The new President (2)I like black people (1)
Heaven (0)Goodbye Debbie (0)Live Long and Prosper (3)
He raped my mule (1)The pen is mightier than the sword (0)Eternal peace and happiness (6)
The kitchen sink (0)Suck my balls Part 2 (0)Great Omnipotent Dude (0)
An Eye For An Eye (0)Men of Science (3)I lost a thousand bucks (0)
Minnis Downhome Pharmacy Part III (0)Sculpture of Jesus (0)April fools' (1)
Merry Christmas, Mom - Part VI (0)Ten Reasons Why I Love God (0)Don't flash your cash (1)
Samson and Delilah (0)The Golden Calf (0)Goodbye Michael Wisher (0)
Swastika (0)Worshipping Idols (0)I hate MRS. Oleson (0)
I bought a table that Jesus made (0)Woody (1)Festus (0)
Oh my God, they killed Kenny! (1)The Ransom (0)Horse's patoot (1)
Goodbye Robin Williams (2)In God we trust (0)You're living high on the hog (0)
End of 2006 (0)Moses's Punishment (0)I Sued Because I couldn't Be A Nun (0)
Swiss Army Knife (0)I hit a student (1)Sixty-five (2)
Sixty (0)Get out of my house you bum!! (1)The Baptism of Jesus (0)
Family Is The Best Christmas Present (0)My rotten nephew (0)Please feed my daughter (0)
The love that's in our hearts (0)Childbirth (3)The one and only Curly (0)
The Loss of Adam West (1)Everybody Needs God (2)Good people who feel bad (3)
Ice Cube (0)Debbie and Eddie (1)What I did was evil (1)
Go to Hell (0)Burt (0)Forsaken (0)
This poem is for little girls (0)Where's the damn mayo?! (1)Sweet Little Rosie (2)
Hey, that's my pickle! (0)The final embrace (2)Naked Pictures (1)
Bye Bubba (4)Murder in the operating room (0)I'm not a God (1)
I'll be there to hold your hand (0)Penny in the fusebox (1)Rest In Peace, Mom - Part II (0)
A lifetime of joy (1)Don't leave babies in your car! (0)Brains, brains and more brains (0)
Worship God (0)Orphans money (0)You Will Have Egg On Your Face (0)
Reincarnated (3)So easy a Caveman can do it VI (0)Uglier than sin (1)
Six months to live (0)Buttermilk (1)Ferguson (1)
God's Gift of Existence (0)Tiny Tim's Christmas Carol (0)You gave a little boy a joint (0)
Here's Johnny! (1)There's No Place Like Home (0)Yoda Stole My Soda (0)
My son's suicide (6)Strawberries (1)The terrible black hole (2)
Pennsylvania's voting day (0)May-December (0)Boy's Death (0)
I Can't Believe In Darwin's Theory (1)Don't commit suicide (2)R U thankful? (1)
Santa Claus at the mall (1)Hanna-Barbera (1)I married my sister (1)
Our Future Paradise (0)Farewell Falk (3)Late again (0)
Chihuahua - Part IV (1)God is the best! (1)Watermelon slices (3)
God's Tolerance (0)Let's pray for Charles Johnson Part 2 (1)Arrested for selling weed (0)
Padded bra (2)Motel (0)You're living in paradise (0)
Book of Job (0)The loss of Bob Ross (1)I believe in love a little less each day (1)
Sniffing glue (1)30 minutes or less (0)I puked on George Bush (2)
The True Fountain of Youth (0)Merry Christmas, Mom - Part 2 (0)Brion James (1)
That damn two cents! (1)My Cup Of Tea (0)Please forgive me, God (1)
Womanhood (0)Minnis Downhome Pharmacy Part II (1)I'm going to straighten up (1)
Blackmail (0)Rest In Peace, Mom - Part III (1)I Still Miss You Terribly (1)
God's eternal love (0)Suspended animation (1)Six year old barber (0)
America wants to hear your voice (0)My mortality (0)Jehovah and Jesus (1)
Guns in churches (0)Third degree burns (0)Hell hath no fury (0)
Carrie Fisher (0)I kicked Al Gore's ass (0)Only God Knows (0)
Buying cigarettes for a minor (1)Heart of stone (0)Farewell Fred (1)
Forbidden fruit (0)Hermaphrodite (1)I should've learned french (1)
No Soup For You! (2)Wendy (2)Bumble Bee (0)
41st birthday (3)The scream (0)The Worship of Animals, Plants & Other Things (1)
An Animal's Attack (1)These damn farts (3)Go straight to Hell (0)
We should be thankful (2)Morse (1)Anna Nicole (2)
God Will Not Forget Me Or You (0)A Doctor's Revenge (0)My big buddy (0)
Always wear a helmet (1)PGA (2)Ricky Ricardo kicked my ass (2)
Goodbye Robert Mitchum (1)I Hate The New Doctor Who (0)Memorial Day (0)
You are a punk! (2)40 days and 40 nights (0)I'm Justin Sane, not just insane! (3)
Your grave was slowly being dug (0)You raped my pig (1)The Lord Deserves Our Praise (0)
I went to the Moon (3)Alvin and the Chipmunks (1)Used Car Salesman (0)
Gore was cheated (0)Washington (0)I Love Jesus But I Love His Father More (2)
I committed hit and run (0)Haunted House (1)We're all in a sinking boat (0)
Fast food lawsuit (0)Tears (1)My New Dog (0)
Soulmate (0)Heather III (0)God is wonderful (1)
I met God (0)Goodbye Sherman Hemsley (1)Killed by steroids (1)
Two-Face Bernie (0)Juvenile Child (0)Knighted (1)
V8 (0)I don't sell beer to minors (1)Clown shoes (0)
Toupee or not toupee (1)Mom Thought I Would Be A Girl (0)Goodbye, MR. Baer (0)
He spit in my drink (0)Bulimia (0)Rest in peace, Mom (3)
Batman (2)It's not fair when a child dies (0)Ask Not What God Can Do For You (0)
Happy Mother's Day, Mom - Part 2 (1)Jesus was the greatest hero (0)Serving beer to minors (1)
Tim McCravey, U.S.M.C. (0)You think you can do no wrong (0)Stuck! (2)
Red (0)Jehovah Is Our Friend (0)World War III on Christmas Day (1)
Road Rash (0)R.I.P., Russell (0)God has been good to me (0)
My father (1)There Will Be World Peace (2)Goodbye Albert (0)
I dream that Mom is still alive (0)This damn war (1)Stop putting yourself down! (0)
He's a nut (2)Bernie Sanders (0)You're beautiful just the way you are (1)
Happy Birthday, Mom Part 2 (1)Striking another human being is wrong (1)My wife is a hooker (1)
Ford (0)Trial By Fire (0)I Got A Rock (0)
So easy a Caveman can do it IX: Half Caveman (0)Not a stud (4)If I can't have you, nobody can (0)
Cheap! (1)Don't have the special! (0)A 2nd Poem About Robert Vaughn (0)
Judge, jury and executioner (1)That damn mohel! (0)Old women make me horny Part 2 (3)
Happy Mother's Day, Mom - Part IV (0)Revenge From Beyond The Grave (0)Rabies (2)
Full house (0)Coy and Vance (2)There's nothing left of him (0)
Cross burner (0)Dad Ceased To Be Alive (1)The Thirteenth Day Of July (0)
Strong Faith (0)100 dogs (0)You don't need money to be rich (1)
Begala's insult (0)Selena (0)Grace (0)
High on God (0)DOOM (0)Tank (0)
Estelle Getty (1)You made your bed, now you can lie in it (1)Stacy (0)
I'm An Eleven Year Old Adult (0)Rich snob (2)Accidental Death (0)
Pat Hingle (1)People must be saved by Jesus (0)That poor dog (0)
Greek Mail Order Bride (0)That Damn Wimpy! (1)It's not a dress (2)
If everybody would adopt a pet (1)Symbol of love (0)George Bush has a tiny wiener (0)
Let's Give God A Holiday (0)Santa is Stuck (1)I am Pac-Man (2)
You always treat my brother better (0)Russian Roulette (0)Turn Enemies Into Friends (0)
A 2nd Poem about James Best (0)The Wright Brothers Curse (2)Doll (0)
A monster who ceased to be a man (3)If you want to succeed (1)A 94 year old woman kicked my ass (4)
Politically Correct Freak (0)High School Graduate (1)Leslie Nielsen's Death (2)
Money can't buy happiness (2)I have much less to be thankful for (1)You're on the run (0)
God rewards those who do good (1)I Won't Congratulate You (0)That damn quarter! (0)
The temptations of Christ (0)Over the Moon (0)Cuckoo for cocoa puffs (4)
Broke (0)Satan Rules The World (1)Goodbye Gough (1)
Don't text and drive (1)A train flattened my wiener (2)Miraculous (0)
Electrocuted by a power line (0)Andy (1)Polite Bank Robber (0)
King of Pop (2)You're not fit to wear that badge (1)Amputee (1)
Villechaize (0)I hate guns!! (1)When God Forgives, He Forgets (0)
I Can't Stop The Bleeding (0)Stupid and rude (2)A spring got stuck up his ass (0)
Prerequisite: Murder (0)Valentine (0)My Son Didn't Die In Vain (0)
Rick and Vernie's Wedding (1)Six days (0)An emptiness in my soul (1)
Pepe Le Pew raped my cat (1)Switching brains (0)Goodbye Charles Strange (0)
Palpatine The Emperor (1)Porno movies (2)That's gotta hurt! (1)
Madeline (2)Holy crap (0)The Babysitter (0)
God Is Our Hero (1)Stupid Guard Dog (1)I wish I was a bird (0)
Chihuahua - Part III (0)Bob Hope (0)I'm suing the doctor who delivered me (3)
The Darn Sun (0)You spat in my face (1)I tried to skip out (1)
Racist people are going to vote for Obama (0)The wrong finger (1)Delgado's death (0)
A taste for booze (1)Please don't hit me again (0)Yard Sale (0)
Snuff (0)Daniel Boone (2)So easy a caveman can do it (2)
Twenty-Eight (0)Those Damn Wet Bandits! (0)Large breasts (4)
My guilt (0)I felt a lump (1)The day the little boy drowned (0)
Elvis really is dead (1)God Listens (1)Two Years Ago (2)
Wedding gown (1)Say it, not spray it (1)Goodbye George Jones (2)
Frog (0)It tore my heart out (0)The Big 7-0 (1)
The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Me (0)I married my sister (4)George (1)
Peter Cushing (0)My wife is an alien (0)Jimmy (0)
The Death of Chad Sheets (0)Two Years With Agnes (1)The end of 2010 (0)
Faith in the Lord (1)How do you spell beautiful woman? (2)Obama did it! (1)
Jim Varney (0)Potty Mouth Preachers (0)Saving Vernie's life (0)
Cop without a gun (0)Jerry Reed (1)I can't smile (0)
Are VCRs extinct? (2)Jonah and The Ninevites (0)How will I tell my children? (1)
Heather II (1)God wants us to be happy (1)Road hog (0)
You seduced your student (0)Denial of Jesus (0)Crime Doesn't Pay (0)
Nazi Bastard (0)Tea & A (0)Stanley and Dad (2)
Butterfly (1)Father and son (0)The Bible Is a How-To Book (0)
2014 (0)My baby chick (0)A sore loser (0)
The scar on my soul (0)A cop's revenge (0)Dad's demise (0)
Happy Birthday, Mom - Part V (0)King Solomon's Wisdom (0)Voting is a privilege (0)
My heart is as black as coal (1)Happy Birthday, Mom (3)That poor cat (0)
You cheated on my brother (0)I'd Rather Watch Paint Dry (0)Danny (1)
Why do many people wait until December 24? (0)The hitchhiker (0)No justice in the world (1)
That damn Trix Rabbit (0)Old video game systems (3)The Kingdom Hall (0)
100 (5)DOOM (0)Wal-mart's blunder (1)
I'm doomed to be in misery (0)Killed over bubblegum (1)From Sinner To Saint (0)
Free tooth extractions (1)Goodbye Garner (2)Martin Luther King Junior (0)
I'll send you straight to Hell (1)James Brown (2)Gifts From God (0)
Dick Tracy (0)So easy a Caveman can do it VII: Scientific study (0)Pretty damn old (4)
The woman of my dreams (2)Cain and Abel (0)No more nature!! (0)
Thanks God (0)I'm calling you phat, not fat (1)That damn clown! (1)
You said he should've let you die (0)What A Wonderful Mother (0)Your Boyfriend Isn't What He Seems (0)
Cat (4)Perseverance (0)I'm Rosco P. Coltrane (2)
Taxi driver (0)I'm Ted Bundy's son (0)Solo Is a Flop (0)
Daddy's Little Princess (1)Keep medicines away from your children (0)Color blind (2)
Merry Christmas, Mom (1)Sick twisted revenge (0)I'm Spider-man (0)
What I'm Thankful For (0)Landon (0)2007 comes to an end (1)
Einstein (0)Eddie Murphy messed me up (2)Barry (0)
What Jesus Has Always Wanted (0)Eternal love (2)You'll be sorry if you steal my Ferrari (0)
Roseanne (0)Rape is wrong (0)Jennings (1)
Barnaby Jones (0)Goodbye Mollie (0)I'm eating crow (0)
My new cat (1)I voted against Phil Bredesen Part 2 (1)He fell to his death (0)
Resist The Temptation (0)Stacy - Part II (0)Let's pray for Gary Coleman (1)
Yuck! (1)Children Should Not Go With Strangers (0)You damn bullies (2)
I'll put her on a pedestal (0)Tarantula (3)A load of bull (0)
Those damn pigs feet (2)Pink Rabbit (1)That Crook Stole My Stolen Money (0)
Day of thanks (0)Socks (2)Tragic (2)
April 29, 1988 (0)Nothing can bring them back (0)The Great Teacher (1)
I kicked Bill Clinton's ass (0)The apple of God's eye (1)Mother Nature is wonderful (0)
Ida (1)How to get dumped (0)God Can Take Away Your Pain (0)
Brotherly Betrayal (1)Pertwee's Peril (0)Martin Balsam (0)
Rejection (0)Building a bride (0)Anger in my soul (1)
The Great Depression (0)The death of David Carradine (2)I'm Eric Cartman's father (0)
You'd better return those pets (0)Our vows meant nothing to her (1)When a man walks with Jesus (0)
The Broken Hearts Of Two Tykes (0)I killed my son (2)So easy a caveman can do it Part 3 (0)
Jesus is with me (2)Burger (0)Virgin (2)
The Importance of Saying Grace (0)My Giraffe Neck (0)You owe me $5000 (2)
Egged (0)Minnis Downhome Pharmacy (4)Saint Patrick's Day (0)
I robbed a liquor store (0)Things To Be Thankful For (0)Columbo Isn't On The Case (1)
G-O-D (4)Life is short (0)Together in paradise (1)
Bush (1)You're a dirty rat (0)1948 (0)
Puppy the Chihuahua (3)Everybody deserves a second chance (0)Am I a killer? (0)
Frozen tongue (1)That's not rape (0)Mister Rickman (0)
Scarecrow (0)Bob (0)Bernie Mac (1)
I shot my dog (0)I'll make you pay the price (1)Are You Prepared? (0)
George Lindsey (1)Abraham and Isaac (1)God is wise (1)
Flat foot (1)Sage Stallone (0)You hit the sauce and the floor (0)
Religion Is Dying (1)Heather IV: The Pricking Of A Thorn (2)I work for the IRS (2)
Elmer Fudd shot me (0)The death of Bigfoot (1)Black rights (0)
I loathed that Saint Bernard (1)Going To Church On Christmas Day (0)Cold Turkey (0)
Earl (0)The bomb (0)Christ's resurrection (3)
Fragile (0)Nascar driver (2)Stacy III (0)
As Ugly As A Wicked Witch (1)COPS (0)Father-in-law (2)
We're the Daleks (2)Put on a damn blouse! (1)She murdered her parents (0)
The Late Stan Lee (0)Forty-Four Years Ago (0)Bell (0)
Life isn't always fair (1)Tommy Morrison (0)He looka like a man (0)
Freak (1)Jehovah God Is Real (1)Chef Boyardee (3)
The Deadly Supper (0)Hillary wants Obama to win (0)Sam Kinison (1)
Farewell Jack Palance (1)I Am Proud To Applaud God (1)Prince (0)
Papaw's Passing (0)I wish I could call God (3)Pay for your own repairs! (1)
She poured my beers down the drain (1)Jesus and The Blind Man (1)Sociopathic Father (0)
So easy a Caveman can do it X: The Final Sequel (1)Let go of your hate (0)Murderous mother (1)
Monster (0)Son of a bitch (1)Merry Christmas, Mom - Part IV (0)
I snapped (1)On the run (0)School isn't something that I'd repeat (1)
4 A.M. (0)Roger Moore (1)She Was Sent To The Chair (0)
You're no lady (3)Shotgun wedding (0)Dad's Death (4)
When the sun rises (0)Biggest mouth in the south (2)Happy Birthday, Mom - Part VI (0)
The Greatest Jewish Man (1)Honor thy Parents (1)Guitar Hero III:Legends of Rock (0)
I shouldn't have gone scuba diving (1)Kentucky's voting day (0)A bird shit in my hair (2)
Nothing Will Stop Me From Loving Jehovah (1)Schiavelli (1)Malcolm in the Middle (0)
Mom hated Wednesdays (1)Jesus came to my house (0)I want more caviar (0)
Kaye (0)I'm A Rich Man (0)An eye for an eye (1)
The ultimate sacrifice (1)Sanford and Son (1)Keep your eyes on the damn road! (0)
The plight of 3RD world country children (0)I Killed A Gangster (0)So easy a Caveman can do it IV (0)
I slept with Daffy Duck (5)Life jackets (1)220 volt shock (0)
Give life a chance (1)Remember Jesus (0)XBOX None (0)
I hate tattoos on breasts (4)I was hated because Mother died in childbirth (1)Seventy-eights (0)
I slept with my brother's wife (2)If You Haven't Been Saved (0)Charlotte (0)
Everybody loved Tom Bosley (5)Garfield (2)I'm not a horse! (3)
Neglectful father (0)A sad and tragic death (0)Happy Mother's Day, Mom - Part V (0)
Number One (0)God should be adored (1)Drag racing (0)
Sneedville, Tennessee (2)Gas prices (0)God will make you pay (0)
The Flaming Sword (1)The late James Arness (3)How was God created? (2)
I should've learned CPR (0)Elevator shaft (1)Goodbye Gwynne (0)
How Do You Spell Wonderful Human Being? (0)Giving thanks (2)Brutal Slayings (0)
United Negro College Fund (1)Homeless and alone (0)Sore loser (0)
Eight feet tall man (2)Bankrupt (0)Ed McMahon (1)
Apple pie (0)The man who walked on the moon (2)She's in labor (1)
New Coke (1)Priceless In The Eyes Of God (0)Electricity Is Taken For Granted (0)
You give loneliness a good name (3)Your days of abusing him are going to stop (0)God Wanted You (0)
Quintuplets (2)Crucified (1)Betty Lou (3)
This damn television (1)Coma (0)Thanking God For Each Day That We Live (0)
Christopher Lee (1)Fists of fury (3)I blew his brains out (0)
Git (2)Returning food (1)Five star restaurant (0)
Jehovah's Love (1)Suicide in Wal-mart (1)Nintendo's rainchecks (0)
Morristown Hamblen Healthcare (1)I had to pay with my life (1)Spiked (0)
He Said No To Fellatio (0)My poor Scully (1)Amazing Forgiveness (0)
Today is the day to be thankful (1)Jesus was the greatest man who ever lived (1)Sacrifice (1)
The new vasectomy (1)Bonnie and Clyde (1)World's biggest player (1)
He should've hired a professional (0)Santa Fe (1)I killed a teenage boy (0)
God's Glorious Government (0)One Lucky Man (1)She has a wiener (3)
Shut the damn door! (1)We need four candidates (0)I'm being murdered (1)
My Grandpa (2)Robert Vaughn III (0)I killed the people who built the Batcave (0)
Hell damnation (0)The leaves are falling from the trees (1)Donkey Kong (1)
Sucking that cow's teats (1)Bad behavior (0)Precious Plum (0)
Spending Spree (0)Without God (1)You weren't delivered by a stork! (0)
The homeless are not bums! (1)Womanizer (3)I committed murder (0)
The Ending of 2018 (0)God Is A Scientist (2)Big nose (0)
If Eve hadn't ate that apple (2)Mom loved God (1)It's not Karma, it's God (3)
Obi-Wan has taught you well (0)A Preacher's Prayer (0)I'm going to tear your clothes off (3)
A final poem about Anthony Ainley (0)Democrat (1)I just pulled the plug (0)
Farewell MR.Ainley (0)Overboard (1)I will not give up! (2)
Goodbye Robin Williams - Part II (1)No more grits! (1)I'm at the end of my rope (0)
McGavin (0)Paul and Silas's Imprisonment (0)I Wish Your Death Was Just A Dream (0)
Pull the trigger (0)He took a toke (3)A 2nd poem about Roger Williams (0)
He shot his daughter (1)Go take a hike (0)Only God Deserves To Be Idolized (0)
Goodbye MR. Robbins (0)I have a nail up my ass (1)He burned my bacon (0)
I need inner peace (2)Buster was the best (2)Christopher Reeve (0)
4th (1)Tragic Magic (0)Poor Precious (0)
Rocky VII (0)Silver Star (1)Tossed my cookies (0)
A child's attack (0)PRAISE THE LORD! (1)Michael The Archangel (1)
God loves animals (1)Turned away (0)Chihuahua - Part II (1)
Miserable little brat (0)Don Adams (0)Each Day That We Have Is Precious (0)
Filicide (1)The light of my life (0)Little red riding hood (1)
Driving over a cliff (0)Child killer (1)Elijah, The Prophet (0)
Hippocratic Oath (0)Knocking on Death's Door (2)Barack Obama makes history (0)
F (0)Stone cold heart (0)Two Decades Without Jon Pertwee (0)
Nobody Blackmails Me! (0)So easy a Caveman can do it VIII: Taxi Driver (0)That dreaded call (0)
Decapitated father (2)Burned to the ground (0)Those darn Ebayers!! (2)
Mom's Last Thanksgiving (0)New Year's Resolutions (1)Candy bar (0)
Old women make me horny (2)Farewell Jane (1)A World With No Breasts (0)
We all love babies (1)Deer hunting (2)We're the Duke boys (3)
This isn't a library (0)I'm a little person (0)Return or Burn (0)
This Airplane Is Going Down (0)Gift from God (0)Illegal alien (0)
Tightwad (2)Handicapped (0)That damn principal (0)
Please Don't Kill (0)You treat your wife like a dog (1)Vengeful spirit (0)
If Mom became an angel (0)Life without my son (0)May 28, 1990 (0)
I Will Not Vote For Hillary (1)Ebenezer Scrooge (0)I will not kill those two (1)
Wimpy drinks (1)Very hairy lady (0)Molested by a dolphin (2)
Mom's Reward (0)Boy (1)The bridge (0)
Back from the dead (4)Bluto VS. Popeye (0)Thank God (0)
Throwing Away Bibles (0)You're Fired! (0)Goodbye Gary (2)
The remote (1)The Gout (0)Jesus was a family man (0)
Statutory rape (0)I'm Boss Hogg (3)I believe in you (2)
He grabbed her hooters (1)Ina Mae (0)Cheating In The Old West (0)
Ladder to Heaven (0)My dentist's revenge (0)Playstation 4 (0)
You took a dump in my pool (1)Ambulance sirens (0)The Importance Of Saying Thank You (1)
I owe God (0)I saved Christmas (1)Jack Benny (0)
Shave your damn legs! (4)That pounding (0)Turn Away From Sin And Turn To Jehovah (0)
Halloween Monster (1)Adam's Apple (2)Paul Benedict (1)
OUCH! (1)Half a worm (1)Nutcracker (1)
Tragic Irony (0)Carl (4)I voted against Phil Bredesen (0)
Never reimbursed (1)My life is flashing before my eyes (0)Addicted to gambling (0)
Undeserved Kindness (0)Hustled (1)Intoxicated driving (1)
CIA (2)Aborted baby (0)Black customers (0)
Racist (0)If More Children Went To Church (0)You lousy Pigs! (0)
Serial killer (1)Perverts (0)Goodbye Stephen (2)
To suffer and bleed in Iraq (0)Please don't put me to sleep (1)Merry Christmas, Mom - Part V: The Last Christmas (0)
Colonoscopy (1)Fired for having large breasts (1)It's too late (0)
Smart and stupid (0)Faith and prayers (0)The Train (0)
We Must Get On God's Good Side (0)God hates adultery. (1)Donkey Kong Junior (0)
Tammy (0)Batgirl raped me (4)Five finger discount (1)
You Think You're Not Good Enough For Her (0)Half a man (1)The woman of my dreams (0)
We live better under democrats (2)Got milk? (1)Perkins (0)
We Can Have What Satan Can't (0)I wouldn't take a dive (0)Salt of the Earth (1)
The American way (0)Tortured (1)Frank Cady (1)
Picking up women (2)Happy Birthday, Mom - Part IV: Precious As A Flower (1)Felicity Undead (2)
Connie Hines (0)Married more times than Elizabeth Taylor (2)The Craigslist Killer (1)
The little boy's pet (0)Human generator (2)The Late Carrie Fisher (0)
If you were still here (0)Gene Barry (2)What women want (1)
She looks like Moe! (5)Mississippi's Voting Day (1)Suck my balls (1)
Orville Redenbacher (1)I Want A Beer (0)Preaching against a sponge (2)
Robert Goulet (1)Chihuahua (4)Polly wants your mama's sweet ass (4)
Farley Forever (1)Black Friday At The Hospital (0)Goodbye, Yvonne Craig (0)
A new law in Tennessee (3)Thank you, God (3)Ankle Bracelet (0)
Korman (2)My cat (1)When Mom Is Resurrected (0)
Taking candy from a baby (3)God helps those who help themselves (1)Bush has ran this country into the ground (1)
To err is human (0)Death sentence (0)Why it's so important not to steal (2)
Titanic (1)Doomed to go to Hell (0)I wouldn't have thrown a shoe at Bush (1)
I've paid for those beatings I gave you (1)The love of my life is gone forever (0)Solomon's Sin (3)
The Flying Nun Flies No More (0)I can't spare a square (1)Butter and eggs (1)
Alex Karras (0)Dear John (0)Floyd the barber (1)
Ruth and Boaz (0)The Best Christmas Present That I've Ever Received (0)I only eat dog food (0)
Why do people think I'm dumb? (0)You still live in my heart (0)Maximum security prison (0)
Memories of the past (0)Goodbye Kmart (0)Shirley Temple (0)
You pulled a gun on a boy (1)Buckingham palace (0)Second grade teacher (3)
Stop laughing at me (1)I wish I was a robot (1)Arthenia (0)
Happy Birthday, Mom - Part III (1)God and Superman have one thing in common (0)The stray (2)
Good Riddance, 2013 (1)A1 yeah, it's that important (3)Larry Fine (0)
Merry Christmas, Mom - Part 3 (0)Murdered for eating a popsicle (1)You might as well have cut her heart out (1)
Dad was a fisherman (0)Corporal Capeman (0)Thunder and lightning (0)
I hate Christmas (0)Families Who Pray Together (0)Eternity in Hell (2)
A broken heart that couldn't be mended (0)Leggo my Eggo (0)Princess Diana (0)
Liars! (1)Alcatraz (0)So easy a Caveman can do it V (0)
Antique refrigerator (1)Twister (1)Vegetarian (2)
Erin Moran and Stephanie Weir kicked my ass (1)Jane Webb Needs Our Prayers (0)Every day should be like Christmas time (0)
Our son (1)So easy a caveman can do it Part 2 (2)I'll Put God First (0)
My Hand Is Stuck In My Butt (1)Blood and broken bones (2)Every moment should be treasured (1)
Bad things happen to good people (4)Henson Histeria (2)The scholar (1)
Why I Hope The Jehovah's Witnesses Are Wrong (0)Dutch Treat (1)Anno Domini (1)
Nintendo Wii Part 2 (0)Black Friday Violence (2)I shot Yogi Bear (0)
Crybaby (0)Jesus Doesn't Want Us To Retaliate (0)Friday the 13th (1)
Hot dogs with chili (1)First class ticket to Heaven (1)These damn laxatives (2)
The bitterness of life (1)Satan's Failure (0)Let's pray for Charles Johnson (5)
Dead at 14 (0)Christmas isn't about the gifts (2)You'd better stop stealing! (0)
Johnny Cash (1)Tammy goes to the dogs (0)God is my best friend (1)
Get off the damn phone! (0)The change (1)Electric Chair (0)
My wife is a vegetarian (4)The Ironic Death (0)How To Avoid Overeating This Thanksgiving (1)
I need God (2)Wedding dress (1)America's Most Famous Tomboy (0)
Shoplifting (1)Keep them coming (1)Money couldn't buy happiness (1)
You only live once (3)Cousins in love (0)Papaw's Demise (0)
Jar Jar Binks (0)Help your fellow man (2)Jesus (1)
Back to 2003 (1)On the run (0)Lost (0)
God's Ten Commandments (2)Nicholas Courtney (0)God's masterpieces (2)
365 days of Hell (1)Silver lining (1)I am man, hear me roar! (1)
God Can Give Peace Of Mind (0)Let's pray for Earl King (2)You won't marry my sister (0)
One giant leap for black people (0)God is number one (0)Four eyes (2)
Two-faced mechanic (2)Craptop (0)Lousy lover (1)
KFC (0)I'll always protect her from you (0)You touched me down there (0)
Goodbye Kenny Baker (0)Half Is Much Better Than Nothing (0)50 to 1 odds (3)
I ate that roach (2)Pacifist (2)You are too young to get married (0)
Revenge of the Zombie (2)God Gets More Angry Every Day (0)I will see you again (0)
Smoking in bed (0)Jesus will enrich your life (0)Thomas Edison (2)
Records are making a comeback (0)Radiator hose (0)Count Dracula (0)
I Was Forced To Take His Life (1)The Bible (3)I kissed another girl (0)
Goodbye Geoffrey (1)Ex-best friends (0)Cat the Bounty Hunter (1)
Welcome 2019 (0)Mom's Heart (0)Shame on you (3)
If Jesus was here (1)I hate my PC (1)Drink and drive (0)
That damn dog (0)When Cruelty And Suffering Occur, It Isn't God's Will (1)Trust must be earned (0)
Heather (0)September 11 (4)Transvestite (1)
Goodbye Gleason (0)Happy Mother's Day, Mom - Part III (0)Deadly fall (0)
Womb (0)There's only one God (3)I love rattlesnake (0)
I can't buy you a cell phone (1)Child beater (2)If I Was A Celebrity (0)
I still feel lost (1)Stop sitting on the damn toilet! (0)Service without a smile (0)
Mitt Romney (2)The virgin (0)Bixby (2)
A 2nd Poem About Joe Webb (0)That Damn Electric Blanket! (1)I took a life (0)
It was like listening to music (0)Mom needs our prayers (5)44 magnum (0)
The very talented Moe (0)Curt (0)$50,000,000 Bucks (0)
Paradox (2)Halloween (1)Wonder Woman Broke My Bed (0)
Burned alive (0)I'm not bigfoot! (0)I Voted Against Phil Bredesen Again (0)
The Great Jehovah (1)Frankenstein's Monster (1)That damn beard! (1)
I didn't have to outrun the lion (0)Stratford Johns (0)You killed my son's cat (1)
Proof Of God's Name (1)The big 4-O (4)Heart of Gold (2)
McCain only cares about the rich (1)Sometimes I feel like screaming (0)Pryor (1)
I'll Kick Your Butt If You Pinch Me (0)The punishment doesn't fit the crime (1)Jackie (1)
Racist on election day (0)Only a monster could do that (3)Don Knotts (2)
I Took The Bullet (0)I'm Not A Gorilla-Man! (0)This poem is for teenagers (3)
72 hours (1)The late Roger Williams (1)Seed (0)
Don't judge a book by its cover (1)Vaughn (0)


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