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William R. Sullens
July 12
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October 14, 2003
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About Me
I have been here over two years now and have thoroughly and completely enjoyed CP and the many wonderful friends/ poets, I have had the opportunity and privilege to meet and visit with. Not only do I consider them good poets, but many of them very good friends for which I am grateful. I appreciate the time and feedback all the artists put in, to share their work and make their comments for all of us to share. I have gained much in poetic appreciation through my association here and hope the time others spend as an active part of CP is as productive and fruitful as mine has been. Over the last three years, my thoughts haven't changed and I still thank you so much for such wonderful friendships and an educational experience. Bill

Poems: 225 total (7 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
If Ever I Find (7)Storms In Life (1)For The Sake Of Others (3)
Time Is Just A Junction (4)MISTY EYES (5)Victory (1)
Flower for Life (3)Lovely With Time (1)(Haiku) Flourish (4)
(Haiku) Forgotten (0)(Haiku) Visions (0)(Haiku) Iced Fishing (5)
(Haiku) PARROTS (1)(Haiku) Spectacle (2)REMEMBER! (0)
(Tanka) Challenges (2)(Haiku) Glory (3)(Senyru) Beacon (1)
(Haiku) Silhouettes (0)Breath Of Angels (1)(Haikus) Bears (0)
(Senyru) Politics (5)Honeymooners (6)(Haiku) Pleasures (5)
(Tanka) Windows (2)(Cinquain/Acrostic Combo) TRANSITION (5)(Cinquain/Acrostic Combo) ACCEPTANCE (3)
Lady of Light (6)(Cinquain/Acrostic Combo) GEMSTONES (4)(Cinquain/Acrostic Combo) MIRACULOUS (14)
(Tanka) Ancient Days (1)(Haiku) Shadows (3)(Tanka) Winter Begins (1)
Our Life's Challenge (1)(Cinquain/Acrostic Combo) MONUMENTAL (4)(Haiku) Flight (6)
(Haiku) Before Night (4)Life (4)(Cinquain/Acrostic Combo) Sunup (4)
(Haiku) "The Nest" (5)(Haiku) Forest (6)(Tanka) Tree of Life (3)
(Haiku) Light Spikes (5)(Haiku/Acrostic Combination) JOY (4)(Cinquain/Acrostic Combination) UNDERSTAND (4)
Kindness (1)(Haiku) Espresso (3)Journey (6)
(Haiku) Cool Water (6)(Haiku) Flowers (7)(Tanka/Acrostic Combo) Sweet Rose (2)
(Tanka/Acrostic Combo) PRIDE (2)(Haiku) Sweet Rose (6)(Cinquain/Acrostic Combo) MOTIVATION (15)
SHE Has Wishers (6)(Tanka/Acrostic Combination) LOVED (5)(Extended Allitera-Ku) Slither (7)
(Allitera-ku) HOPE (5)-Extended Tanka/Acrostic Combo- DETERMINED (11)(Haiku) Colored Reflections (4)
(Double Cinquain/Acrostic Combo) GENEROSITY (12)(Haiku) What Hides Beneath? (4)(Haiku) Blooming Again (7)
(Tanka) Evening Time (4)(Haiku) Son Shine (8)(Cinquain/Acrostic Combination) INTEGRITY (8)
(Double Cinquain/Acrostic Combination) COURAGEOUS (7)(Tanka) Rewards (9)(Condensed Haiku) Rainbow (6)
(Condensed Haiku) RAIN (4)(Tanka) Balloon (5)(Cinquain/Acrostic Combination) VALOR (6)
(Tanka) The Reef (4)(Condensed Haiku) Sunlight (8)(Cinquain/Acrostic Combination) AGAPE (5)
(Haiku) View Points (4)(Condensed Haiku) Harvest Moon (4)(Cinquain/Acrostic Combination) MERCY (4)
(Cinquain/Acrostic Combination) GRACE (2)(Haiku) Mighty Oak (3) Storm (11)
The Seed (8)(Cinquain/Acrostic Combination) BIBLE (7)(Haiku) Bear Cave (3)
(Cinquain/Acrostic Combination) PEACE (2)(Rondelet) Sunshine (3)RED Eagle (7)
(Cinquain/Acrostic Combination) FAITH (4)(Condensed Haiku) Reflector (5)(Haiku) New Day (6)
(Haiku) God's Handiwork (7)(Haiku) Snowflake (6)(Haiku) Seascape Artisan (4)
(Tanka) Cold Feet (4)(Extended Tanka) Poetic Value (13)(Tanka) Spectacle at Eve (5)
(Haiku) Spring's Touch (3)(Haiku) Whirlpool (5)Precious Journey (9)
(Tanka) Eagle's Domain (4)(Haiku) CROCK (4)(Cinquain) HAIKU (4)
Ludwig's Place (5)(Mondo) Night's Creature! (4)(Haiku) Feathered Horn (3)
(Haiku) Lenny's Ho Down (5)(Tanka) Rapid's Test (3)(Tanka) Spring's Rebirth (5)
(Haiku) His Love (4)(Haiku) CONFUSION (8)(Haiku) PARADISE (6)
(Tanka) Maestro (2)Setting Sail (6)Barbie and Ken (Clerihew) (3)
(Tanka) Desert Guardians (3)(Cinquain) ROCKET (4)(Palindrome/Acrostic Combination) Friendship (3)
(Palindrome/Acrostic Combination) AMBITION (2)(Mondo) Dedication (3)(Haiku) Untold Stories (2)
(Haiku) Vanishing Time (6)(Tanka) Thank You! (4)(Tanka) The Storyteller (7)
(Tanka) Beauty (7)(Haiku) Grace (5)A Twilight State (7)
(Tanka) Waves (5)(Tanka) Smaller Steps (5)Flying Free (5)
(Haiku) Views of Life (4)(Haiku) Marriage (4)(Triolet) Thanks for the Memories (5)
(Haiku) Prayer (6)THE DATE - Palindrome/Acrostic Combination (6)(Haiku) Sanctuary (2)
(Haiku) What is a Haiku? (3)(Haiku) The River's Life (3)(Triolet) Surfer's Waves (4)
(Haiku) Happiness (7)(Haiku) The Meadow (5)(Haiku) Creation (6)
(Haiku) Scarecrows (3)(Haiku) SOARING (2)The Clocks in My Life (7)
Echoes of Life (7)(Haiku) Rainbow's End (5)(Haiku) Mountains (3)
(Haiku) Evening (2)(Haiku) My Valentine (7)Something Grand (6)
The Lion's Roar (8)(Haiku) Fancy a Daisy? (4)(Haiku) Candle (2)
(Haiku) Lost Love (0)His Call (4)(Haiku) Wrinkles (4)
(Haiku) Beauty Is The Mist (1)(Haiku) Black and White (2)(Haiku) Lion Heart (2)
(Haiku) Tunnels (3)Reading Time (6)(Haiku) Afternoon's Delight (2)
(Haiku) Life's Joys (2)(Triolet) In Winged Flight (4)(Haiku) Nature's Stage (5)
(Haiku) Neon Lights (4)(Haiku) Time (4)(Haiku) The Cycle of Life (4)
(Haiku) Starflakes (5)(Haiku) Hourglass (4)Tail OF The Velvet Panther (11)
Night's Reprieve II (3)(Haiku) Clouds (4)(Haiku) The Master's Flowers (3)
Diamond Hearts (5)Nature's Lament (3)(Margaret) "Our Bag Lady" (5)
Joys of Christmas (4)(Haiku) Waterfalls (2)Feelings (3)
Waterfall (7)Thanksgiving (3)(Haiku) At Sunset (7)
(Haiku) Sunshine (1)(Haiku) JUSTICE (3)Giving Hands (4)
To Say Good-Bye (3)Memories (3)Silence And Me (2)
AFTER THE RAIN (2)Our Gift (3)(Haiku) RENEWED (3)
(Haiku) Evening's Star (4)OPPORTUNITIES (2)Night's Reprieve (4)
What About These Words? (2)What Rules Your Life (3)The Beauty of Silence (3)
Our Giving Friend (1)Time Has A Way (6)With Time (2)
What Is Citizenship? (3)This World (2)Together (4)
Lollipop Fields (4)A Vagabond (4)Reflections (2)
Understanding Others (4)Superstitions (3)Game Of Life (2)
STRUGGLE (3)Sharing (2)The Voice Of The Heart (2)
Never Just A Memory (3)In Times Of Need (1)Just Thunder (3)
This Is Friendship (2)Teachers Are (2)The Marriage Garden (4)
Forever (2)A Child's Love (1)A Mother's Wish (2)
The Writer's Quest (4)Still Here Waiting (3)Keepsake Shadows (9)


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