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About Me

About ME

I am one among all the other persons

As every body I got so many dreams

I have always thought to be a princess

 At the time, I was 10 I was imagining so many a character, but I did never realised why, I did have such a mind. But there once came some poeple who awaken the magi that was buried deep inside of me.

what I write

I write to express my pains and happiness, expactions and dreams. 

As I know such an expression is to make me fly outta the dryness of this world. I enjoy the journey, it is like being a butterfly having such magical wings and flying over the universe with such a beauty.

to whom I write

To a very nice friend I knew, when I was at school. She and I were separated, I have tried to join her anew, but I have never known her sort. I write to remember that she was a glittering star in my life, she was humble and so generous. According to me, she was the prettiest lady on this earth. Your friend won't forget you, you are part of every beat of my heart.

To Grandpa, who yielded the ghost three years ago, his death was a big loss. Until now I can't realise that he is no more among us. I write to keep his smile and meek words.

Grandpa became a star, he is coming in my dreams to reassure me. Your soul is still roaming in my existence.

To my sister Narcissus, she is my little doll. I have always been more than a sister to her and so does she to me. She is the hope and the meaning of trust and tenderness. Do bright still, you are the sun shining my path. 

To the one I named the unique. He is the King of words, what I am doing is stealing those topaz from his realm. He did allow me to collect as much as I want, and I can't be but a greatful one to such a generosity. I became his own museum. Thanks to you I discovered the magi that has always lied me. The strings of my guitar is a melody I am playing to remember you. Thank YOU! 

My Best Writers and poets

Jane Austen

Paulo Coehlo


Oscar Wild

Edgar Allan Poe

Khalil Gibran

Taha Houssine

Jean Jaque Rousseau


William Wordsworth

Lord Byron



May Ziyada

Ilya Abou Madi


Samuel Beckett


My Fav's Verses/expressions

"Don't Think about what you left behind, the fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself."

"Walking Wild with those looks you once had one me"

"A Golden Butterfly, unfloding her wing's to take many flights, even in the darkest days, she is the Golden Butterfly, she spreads her wings with each and every write.

In the Middle of a Godforsaken place by mid june, I sing a sad songs of all times... "

"Rain falls empty, it falls on you-all  as it falls on me"

"The snows of yesteryear will never thaw, as tomorrow will always come true"


"Nobody believes in this vision of mine, silence grow great by the dead harbour."


"This is the Boy you lifed, this is the soul you saved."


"Red and white meant everything to me

and out my life I had to make a strife.

As you see I am brought to life, as you see I am still alive."

"To be or not to be that's the question"


"How do I love thee, let me count the ways"


What I like

I like museums. I like theatre, especially the stage one which players are acting. I like the old houses, especially the ones which are left locked for so many years  I like paying them visits and find the cobweb ropes filling the place. the smell of dust. I like the old books that are aged of ancient centuries. I like Trees, Butterflies and Horses.

I like the rainbow and rain.


My Space

Butterfly will dance to the rhythm of the words sweetness. You all are invited to be part of her Universe.

Be Beautiful and the Universe will be the prettiest
Apologising is the hardest word
The one who is dumb is not an idiot
Do Tell the truth and your path will be full of daffs
Thanks to imagination life is having a meaning


Thank you

Poems: 89 total (0 with awards). View By: Date | Title | Award
To the memory of HIS (2)Dream High (2)Random (0)
Even after ten years.. (1)Spring (0)Have You Ever... (0)
I wish if... (0)You Remind me.. (0)I Have a Dream.. (1)
Death My Companion (1)Don't Let Him Go (1)We Are our Dreams (2)
Be The Best (3)SHE (3)Do You Know (7)
Mirror (2)What Shall You do to Touch the Sky (3)Sweet Hegira Year..Deo Volente (0)
The White Flower (5)Your Existence Inspires Me (2)Companion of Yesterday (1)
Through His Eyes..the Desert is (2)My Heart (3)I Will Be There (3)
A Conversation (1)What is a Birthday (2)The Night Ball (5)
A Riddle (2)I Want (2)Secret of a Butterfly (7)
Make a Bridge to The Soul (7)Poet Link (7)Who are the Stars! (6)
Alphabet Sounds my Inside (3)Rain (7)Shee Dreams (3)
Ghosts in Heavenly Twinkle (5)Hide and Seek (3)The Present (6)
The Album of Memories (2)Torn Soul (3)The Leaf (2)
The Professor (7)My Cat (6)The Letter (6)
The Sea (2)Grandma (2)Effie! (2)
IMAGINE (1)I won't Believe (1)Fear at Midnight (2)
Poor Man (1)a Man of Nothing (1)My Song (1)
Unrealized Dream (2)Dramatic Play (continued) (0)To all The creators (1)
It's a story.. (2)Hurricane (0)All The Best of Your Life (2)
My Dream (2)Dramatic Play (1) (1)Back to The Old Meadow (2)
Withered Years (2)State of Mine (2)Different World (2)
The Flower (5)Tender Mother (1)Hurricane (4)
Brave Woman (1)Destiny (1)The Big Tree (2)
TWIN SOULS (1)Chimney (3) Mary (2)
Silence (2)"There's no Age To Dream" (3)MUM "The very real living" (2)
Dead Land (3)The Magic Word (2)THE ACHING SONG (2)
Aching Years (0)The journey (2)Poor Lady!!!! (1)
Scrumbled words (2)Game of Life (2)The candle (2)
The Ghost (7)Light of life (4)

Favorite Poems
~The Black Butterfly~ by Dawn Marie Kocsis
~*The Dreams (short story)*~ by T. S. Hulse
Talks in Silence by Ann
A Piece of Music by Tia Bayer
Silence by Linda Jo
Sing Along With Me by Linda Jo
Wicked Silence by Winston Taylor
Hope by Toria
The flower in me is dead by Mr Floris Abraham Brown
Two Butterflies by She Whispers
Love of Writing by Lady Dragonwyck
My Friend Hanane by Michelle
A Secret Unfolds by Linda Jo
Blue Skies by Linda Jo
Epic Ink by Michelle
My Stars by Michelle
Another Day Of Grey by Filthy
Stars that Color the Night by Linda Jo
LOVE by David Eagles
THE FRUITS OF LIFE by David Eagles
He Knows the Melody by Linda Jo
Sweet Cosmic Bliss by Michelle
Walk with me my monster by FLETCHER
Why the Secret Tragedy Cries by Michelle
My Heart Is An Open Book by Linda Jo
Black Tide by Michelle
Poverty by Leila
Where the Blue Gentian Bloom by Linda Jo
Random by Hanane
Favorite Authors
She Whispers
Lady Dragonwyck
David Jon Foster
john carter
Cristian Dolon
Linda Jo


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